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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Technicolor Overload

Button front technicolor printed top - Forever 21
Jersey skirt - Forever 21
Gladiator Sandals - Nine West
New Jersey necklace - Maya Brenner
Leather cuff - Etsy 

As summer winds down, I still have clothing I haven't worn. There's no time better than now than to cut those tags off and wear em because as soon as Fall arrives, I'll probably be donning jeans.

My outfit somewhat loud, but I think I needed a printed top to break up the skirt. A solid top looked dull, and the blue was a tad loud. Oh, and I haven't stopped wearing my New Jersey necklace from Maya Brenner, by the way. NJ pride!

I usually start purchasing seasonal attire two months prior to that season's weather arriving. You know the feeling - seeing a new item hanging in your closet, just waiting for the appropriate weather to arrive so you can finally wear em. Money saving tip: For me, I keep a handful of newly purchased shirts in my closet longer; makes me less prone to shop because a.) Guilt kicks in that I haven't worn these items and b.) You might forget you had em!

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