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Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Pregnancy Experience - An Update

Finally,  an update! And my apologies for taking so long to get back to House Of Jeffers, but I have good reason...

I am just 4 days away from my scheduled C-section on Monday when I'll finally get to meet the little boys who have kicked my stomach for months... who I never thought would actually become my children. It was a hard, long road to dream about having a child, and with each year that passed, I recognized that I wasn't going to be a mom that year. So in every sense, the boys are my miracles.

People talk all the time about how much joy being a parent is, and for a long time, I didn't think that was going to happen for me and my husband. Being pregnant has truly been one of the most eventful and amazing experiences of my life. I know some women hate it - and I'll admit that overall I'd had an awesome experience and would never say I hate it, my body is ready for a rest - I will miss looking down at my bump every day for the last 9 months and seeing a part of my stomach reach out to me. I say this now, but I think this will be the only time I'll be pregnant, so I'll miss experiencing this again in my lifetime.

The first 3 months were the most difficult - I had textbook morning sickness that didn't stop till around 15 weeks. But then, at 16 weeks, I think I finally experienced what pregnancy is supposed to be. I wasn't sick anymore, I could sleep, some minor pains came and went and my stomach started to show.

Once I hit 7 months, the heaviness of carrying two little people caught up with me. Fatigue set in more, my clothes became too tight, and each week that passed that the boys continued to grow meant that I was hopefully doing my part to keep them healthy and safe. Decorating their nursery really meant that this was real - that in a short time my home and life would be changed forever. The dogs would wander in their room and sniff around, and I'd sit in my glider and look at their cribs. We washed their clothes. We rearranged our home. We planned coming home outfits. Total strangers started stopping me more and more and asked when I was due. And every time I said, "I'm expecting twins", the look of surprise, and I think perhaps shock, that I'd get made me excited.

This week, I've finally reached 37 weeks, which is considered full term for carrying twins. My doctor did not expect me to get this far, and actually, I've been out of work since I was 35 weeks since I was at risk for pre-term labor. Daily activities were starting to become more and more difficult - from driving to just sitting at my desk for 7 hours, to sleeping. I can't tell you when the last time I slept through the night completely.

My stomach is huge, and I don't mean that as a negative. I'm happy to report that the boys are estimated by the time they arrive to be around 6 pounds each - which is a blessing given that they seem to be healthy little guys with each ultrasound and doctor's visit. I have been extremely fortunate that they have stuck it out this far, and decided not to arrive early even though I'd love to meet them. I wanted them to stay put for as long as possible because it's better for them. Plus, the thought of my water breaking in the middle of the night or out in public was my biggest fear.

My pregnancy hasn't always left me feeling physically my best, and I've had to put myself and their health first, which meant House Of Jeffers got left behind. To be honest, I don't know what's going to happen to the blog when the boys get here. I think they will probably change my blog and what I decide to share dramatically. My life isn't just what I decide to wear. I'm going to be a mother now, and my priorities are shifting dramatically. I think I want to talk about what really goes on in the House Of Jeffers, and not just what I decide to wear. Style will always be a passion of mine, but I want to expand myself further beyond just what's on the outside.  The boys have already become my world, and I want to be able to talk about my experiences as a mom juggling life, work and having a family. Changes are coming, and I hope that you will return to House Of Jeffers to see all that's new and exciting for me.

So for now, I'm taking a break so I can spend the last 4 days of my life getting used to it not being just me and my husband, and getting ready to welcome the biggest and most rewarding change I'll ever experience.

I'll be back, but until then...


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bumped Up in Blue

#stylemybump Destination Maternity Leggings, Henri Bendel Bag | |

My style has absolutely changed since I've been pregnant. Now at 34 weeks, I cherish the time I have to pamper myself in the morning, or the moments where I can stand in my closet and mull over what to wear. But, I've come to realize that those times will be fleeting once the boys are here - and I'm completely ready for it!

My time will be devoted to tending to my little dudes - and to say that I'm excited to see their faces soon would be a gigantic understatement. As I prep for my new role as a mother, I've been looking for style that can be summed up as effortless.

Maternity Style tips on House Of Jeffers, a fashion blog |

House Of Jeffers wearing a Lulus Coat, Destination Maternity Leggings, and carrying a Henri Bendel Bag |

That's where this West 57th Satchel from Henri Bendel comes into play. Not only is it a beautiful shade of blue, the shape is modern... and effortless! I love that I can still be a funky mom with a bold and vibrant bag that is the perfect carryall for all my necessities. It makes the perfect statement for me as an accessory that let's me celebrate my sense of style, while being fun, luxurious and practical. 

Plus, as I warm up to the idea of there being more blue in my future, this gorgeous satchel will become my go-to for being a stylish mom that still loves fashion and eccentricity. 

Outfit details:

Faux Fur Collared Coat - LuLu*s / Pink Sweater - Liz Lange Maternity for Target / Floral Print Leggings - Destination Maternity / West 57th Satchel - c/o Henri Bendel / Lilac Knit Scarf - BCBGeneration / Black Wedge Ankle Booties - Modcloth / Alex and Ani Bracelets

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Baby Shower - 3/15/15

This past weekend was my Baby Shower! At 33 weeks pregnant, I was a little worried about attending since I've been feeling a little under the weather. But showing up and seeing my family and friends gather in celebration of the boys really made me feel so loved! I am completely overwhelmed by their generosity, and it's so amazing to know that the boys will be surrounded by such warm, giving and loving people for the rest of their lives. Mike and I were really touched, and I'm still in awe of the day!

I knew about the shower since I really did not want to take a chance of the kids dropping out of me if I were to be surprised. With this in mind, I of course searched for the perfect maternity dress to wear. I found this navy blue mod-inspired dress from ASOS - it has an empire waist and a simple white collar that reminded me of a 60s-inspired look. Cozy, comfortable and of course, blue! 

My mother put so much time and effort into planning it, and she really made me feel so special. From the twin elephant diaper cake, to my table centerpieces, games and decorations, everything was just perfect. I really couldn't have asked for anything better. I'll admit - I can be picky when it comes to certain things, but she put so much of herself into planning the shower just because I know how much it meant to her to see me happy. I can be difficult lately since I don't feel 100% at my best, and she took on the burden of dealing with my cranky pregnancy tendencies all because she wanted the day to be the best it could be. And it truly was.

The centerpieces are from Etsy, and feature baby washclothes wrapped like lollipops! We added real lollipops for a little contrast. I'm telling you - Etsy is the mecca for unique baby shower decorations!

As for my favors, it's a pen and notebook set. Since my invites had a chalkboard theme, these little twin-themed favors were perfect. I'm a big fan of practical favors so hopefully, everyone will use em!

My very, very talented best friend made these uber tasty onesie cookies, too! They seriously are too cute! Guests took these home in addition to my favors, but of course, I kept my own stash of cookies as I'm still eating them at work! 

My husband, Mike, was also there. In the past, I think baby showers were strictly thought of as a "women only" event. But I wanted Mike to be a part of it because this is an important part in his life too, and he has gone above and beyond for me during my pregnancy taking care of me, and really keeping our house in order. I'm so very lucky to have him as my husband, and he really doesn't get enough credit for all that he does for me.

And of course, there were lots of presents! I truly was shocked by the amount of gifts on the table. Again, my family and friends are just wonderfully thoughtful people and because of their absolute generosity, we'll be able to make our home warm and welcoming with everything we need to take care of our little dudes. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Punk Rock Mom

Blank NYC Jacket, River Island Bag, Reebok Sneakers, Destination Maternity Leggings, as worn by Jen of House of Jeffers, 8 months pregnant.

While I don't style too many outfits with sneakers, I do have a pretty extensive collection of kicks. Converse are a must... My Air Force 1's are considered more of a collector's item than footwear (but I do wear them), and the hightop Reebok's I'm wearing are considered more fashionable than functional. I like sneakers that don't look like running shoes. 

And I'm gunna be honest - the day I took these photos I absolutely felt so pregnant. Oh, and I've officially hit 8 months!

I've been thinking about putting together a look that gives a nod to my days when my life revolved music. When I was a writer for music magazines. Although I'm not attending many concerts these days, I still love music culture. So when I found this baseball tee with The Beatles on it, the first thing I thought was:

"This is so punk rock mom."

Pregnancy Style - How to dress your bump |

I've been very lucky that many typical pregnant symptoms have just started to catch up to me now.

My hands have recently started to swell... so my wedding ring will have to be put away for a bit. 
And my feet... thank God it's not summer. 
My belly button - it's officially an outie.

All in all, I still feel like myself. But carrying around two human beings is absolutely a reality now that I feel the weight in my tummy. Walking is a little difficult. Driving can be uncomfortable. But to be honest, I have been so unbelievably blessed that I have had no complications throughout my pregnancy that I roll with the minor aches. It just means that I might have to put those heels away, throw on leggings and add a little extra lip gloss to my style routine... 

Maternity Style post by mommy blogger House Of Jeffers |

Outfit details:

Blank NYC Vegan Leather Panel Jacket / The Beatles " Good Day Sunshine" Baseball Tee - Forever 21 / Black Leggings - Destination Maternity / High Top Sneakers - Reebok / River Island Satchel / Henri Bendel Spiked Cuff & Henri Bendel Leather and Crystal Bracelet / Roman Numeral Cuff via Etsy

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Preggo Is The New Black

Preggo Is The New Black Sweatshirt from Preggo Leggings, as worn by fashion blogger Jen Jeffery of House Of Jeffers  |

I'll be honest with you: I spend the majority of my free time lately upstairs in my bedroom. My pregnancy has absolutely started to catch up to me. I feel bigger, heavier and tired more often, and after a day of work, I usually head upstairs with a book or pop in a DVD and just straight up relax or fall asleep. So, the amount of snow New Jersey has been hit with, combined with the freezing cold, inspired me to take outfit shots in my current favorite indoor place.

But even on days when I'm feeling a little under the weather, one thing I always do is get dressed in something that makes me feel like I'm... me. 

I couldn't feel more like myself in this "Preggo Is The New Black" Mesh Insert Sweatshirt that Preggo Leggings gifted to me, along with these ridiculously stretchy and comfortable red maternity leggings. The mesh panel has a "peek-a-boo" shoulder that allows me to dress it up with skinny jeans, or throw on a pair of leggings and heels for dinner with my husband.

Preggo Is The New Black Sweatshirt from Preggo Leggings, as worn by fashion blogger Jen Jeffery of House Of Jeffers  |

Stretch maternity leggings from Preggo Leggings, styled by fashion blogger House Of Jeffers |

There is nothing more prideful for me than celebrating my growing belly when it comes to putting together an outfit. Maternity clothing tends to have a stereotype that it's dowdy and bland. Totally not the case! Even if I wasn't a fashion blogger, being stylish while pregnant was important to me because I always wanted to maintain my sense of self - but just a different part of myself in a different stage of my life. 

So for me, preggo really IS the new black!

New Jersey fashion blogger House Of Jeffers styles her 7 month baby bump in Preggo Leggings' Preggo Is The New Black Sweatshirt and Leggings. See more at

Outfit details:

Preggo Is The New Back Mesh Insert Sweatshirt - c/o Preggo Leggings / Red Leggings in Kiss Me Hello - c/o Preggo Leggings / Bobby Brown Lipstick in Old Hollywood / What To Expect When You're Expecting (aka - the pregnant lady's bible) / Chunky Heel Combat Ankle Boots - Steve Madden