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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

House Of Jeffers 2014 Year in Style

2014 was a big year for me... because it marked overcoming some personal adversities. From my surgery in April, to finally being pregnant, I can say that while there were tough times for me personally, they all brought me closer to the dream of becoming a mom. Without a doubt, finding out I was pregnant with twins is my happiest moment of 2014 - and one that continues to fills me and my husband with excitement, mixed in with a little bit of fear of what it'll be like to be parents to two little ones at once, and of course, eagerness to welcome our babies into the world!

And then there is House Of Jeffers. At times, I had to leave my blog behind to take care of myself - a decision that always weighed heavy on me because my blog really does mean so much to me, and I know that once you skip a week, it turns into 2... and people forget about your blog. I knew I would return to it whenever I could, and I appreciate all the patience everyone has shown me this year as I tend to my personal life in what is probably the biggest year of my life.

Of course, style continued to play a big role in my world, too. Personal expression through fashion is utterly at the top of the list of things that I love spending time investing my creativity in. It truly defines me, and I look forward to growing my sense of self through the clothes I wear and questionable fashion choices I often make.

Looking back on my year in style for 2014 there was:


My obsession for NARS' pink lipstick meets its match with this sequin lips sweatshirt.


Embracing my inner geek as I experimented with non-prescription glasses - a look I've always loved - and participated in Rivet & Sway's Chelsea Hall Girl Campaign.


... mixing loud colors and trying on new hues for size.


Reviving my "Smells like Teen Spirit" days with a 90's-inspired baby doll dress


Carrying on my obsession with Kate Spade New York by rocking a bright handbag as the warm weather set in. Pink became a staple in my closet as for years, I truly disliked the color.

Falling love with crop tops - another 90s trend I favored. Plus, again, funding my affliction for Kate Spade bags with this lilac colored beauty. 


The year of stripes. I don't care what season it is - you HAVE to wear stripes on the weekly. I love them so much, I declared it Stripes Week, sharing my tips for wearing stripes with prints and more.

Dipping my toes in the metallic heel trend with these legit Call It Spring heels. It is summer yet so I can wear them with everything? 


Having a Carrie Bradshaw moment wearing this whimsical tulle skirt gifted to me by The Girl That Loves! This is probably one of my favorite outfits of the summer. It's girly. It's purple. And it just epitomizes classic chic style with a nostalgic feel.

Also in July, I learned that you should put your hair up when it's projected to be almost 100 degrees... even if you are attending a Hot Air Balloon Festival and are more concerned with taking "really cute outfit photos" than your own comfort.


Trying on patterns and prints other than stripes with this Eiffel Tower Print Dress from Modcloth. I also borrowed this vintage off-white bag from my mother's closet... and conveniently, forgot to put it back for a while...


I learned the art of covering up a baby bump before announcing you're pregnant. I was a couple of weeks pregnant at the time, and if I stood at just the right angle, you could see a little bump. My solution until I could share the news - busy prints that distracted you in more ways that one.

Oh, and pink lipstick makes another appearance... Shocker.


Paying homage to the skinny black pant and plaid as my fall uniform - as I started to bundle up in October. Plus, I invested in a pair of chunky heeled ankle boots from Steve Madden in anticipation of colder days ahead.


November was my favorite month of all. I finally shared the news that I am pregnant on House Of Jeffers! This is from my first maternity style #ootd. I love this dress because it shows off my bump. I wanted to wear something that conveyed how proud I was of my growing tummy. 


The journey of discovering my mommy style by going for a chic look with this uber fuzzy grey faux fur vest and a pair of floral leggings. At four months pregnant, I was still able to wear pre-maternity pants... Um, not so much anymore. But, nonetheless, I feel like a proud mommy-to-be in this outfit that exudes posh preggo on a budget.

I hope you enjoyed following my adventures this year on House Of Jeffers.
2015 is going to be a wonderful year, and I can't wait for all that lies ahead.

Thank you for continuing to all my readers and the fabulous brands that support me and House Of Jeffers!

With warm, wild and whimsical wishes for a Happy New Year,


Monday, December 22, 2014

Get It. Gift It Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts Because You Procrastinated

Holiday Gift Ideas Because You Procrastinated

Admit it - you are a total slacker who waits till the last minute to do everything. And Christmas shopping is no exception.

Now, you're completely lost on what to get people for the holidays... All your fault. Take a minute to let it sink in that you're f*&^$#. With 4 days left before Christmas, you need presents - STAT.

If you've accomplished nothing (congrats) as far as your holiday gifts are concerned, you can still bail yourself out with my cheap and cheerful gift ideas:

1. DIY something.
Making something from the heart has meaning and impact in terms of a gift. It shows that you put your time and effort into making something special and unique. Something you can't just find at a store.

You can fill a frame with photos of your travels together, or special times from 2014. Use photos from each month, or special dates that represent cherished memories.

Or, head to the craft store, get some chalkboard paint, slap it on a mason jar and customize it with chalk. Super cheap. Super easy.

2. The art of disguise
Wrapping a gift inside another gift gives the illusion of a bigger gift. Drugstores are a great place to find quirky gifts like nail polish sets, makeup brushes or perfume sets. Find one that you can take apart, and place everything inside a makeup case. She'll get use out of everything!

3. Brave the elements... and just go to the damn store.
No half-assing this gift. The person you are shopping for will know that you procrastinated if you show up with a janky gift. One of the things I do love to recieve every year is a new scarf and glove set. I tend to lose lose the gloves anyway. This combo gift is practical, stylish and will be put to a lot of use in the winter!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Get It. Gift It. Holiday Gift Guide #2: Gifts for the Office Bestie

Holiday Gift Guide For the Office

My second Get It. Gift It. Holiday Guide fills the need for buying your office bestie a fun and quirky gift as your way of saying "Thank you for being the only sane person in the office."

The office bestie becomes your work husband, your cube partner in crime... the person who helps encourage your addiction to caffeine with afternoon runs to Starbucks. Thank him or her for always being there to vent about the fish so-and-so microwaved for lunch today or show your gratitude for the helping hand they always offer you when they know you're about to scream.

Being at work is part of your life, and surrounding your office with things that stimulate the senses and make going to work fun can make a difference. Your desk becomes an extension of some of your interests outside of your 9 - 5, so throw a little flair in their cubicle during the holidays, and they are sure to appreciate the gesture!

My top picks are:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Totally Bumpin': Cozy and Comfy Maternity Style

Faux fur vests Forever 21 | House Of Jeffers fashion blog |

Can we talk about this faux fur vest? The twins had something to do with me buying it since I have a major need to keep myself cozy this winter. Plus, I was going for a posh mommy vibe when I bought it... and I think I achieved the look I was going for at 19 weeks.

Maternity Style: Faux fur vest, maroon sweater and comfy floral print leggings, as worn by Jen of House of Jeffers, a fashion blog  |

This outfit is full of cozy comfort:

The leggings are pre-preggers.
The Charlotte Russe sweater still covers my tummy, and accentuates it all at once.
The faux fur vest... Well, it's just all types of fab.
Add in the fact that it was 34 degrees and the curls that took me an hour to do came undone after 10 minutes of standing in the wind for these photos - but I still felt like a stylish mommy-to-be!

For 19 weeks, I feel great. I'm officially out of the morning sickness stage, and I finally feel like you notice that I'm pregnant. Right around 15 weeks is when I started to pop. And now that I have my energy back, it's allowed me to go shopping for the twins! Let me tell you - if you think shopping for yourself is fun, wait till you're pregnant and get to buy things for your children - it's the absolute best. The pressure to dress my babies as stylishly as possible is something that I don't take lightly. It's important that clothing give them personality - and of course, I'll have to wait for their individual character's to really come out. But if I can dress them in bold colors colors and patterns that are whimsical and oh-so-cute, than I'm happy to do so!

Maternity Style - Dressing your bump for winter months | House Of Jeffers |

Outfit Details:
Fuzzy Faux Fur Vest - Forever 21 / Marled Maroon Sweater - Charlotte Russe / Floral Print Leggings - Forever 21 / Square Heel Ankle Boots - Steve Madden / Blottie Bag - Steve Madden / SmashBox Cosmetics Be Legendary Lipstick

Monday, December 8, 2014

Get It. Gift It. Holiday Gift Guide #1: Quirky Gifts For The Friend Who...

Quirky Holiday Gift Guide

River Island pattern iphone case
$13 -

Forever 21 lip care

With the holiday season fully in effect, I've started my Christmas shopping. Being the non-traditionalist that I am, I love to find gifts that have serious personality and are way off the beaten path. Giving a gift that matches someone's personality makes a big impact on them, and shows that you really, truly, thought about what they would love to receive.... versus those taco socks you thought were "cute", which are tragically not. 

In the first of my Get It. Gift It. Gift Guides, I'm kicking things off with a holiday shopping guide for the friend on your list that has, shall we say, a unique interest that can be annoying and awesome all at once.

From the friend who has to #selfie everything, to the the Instagram-obsessed buddy who likes every single damn macaroon photo, these gifts are right up her alley, and are on the cheap and cheerful tip.

You never know - you just might end up buying these gifts... and keeping them for yourself! Personally, the Designer Tee from t + j Designs is going on my wishlist - immediately. Sorry blogger bestie, you'll just have to envy my shirt or get one of your own! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Maternal Instincts

Maternity Style | House Of Jeffers |

My very first official maternity post! YAY!

At 18 weeks, I'm sporting a bump that I love dressing up and showing off. 

As someone who is still in love with fashion, it's important that my maternity style be an equally interesting representation of myself and all the things I love to wear. I want to feel like me... just a pregnant version of myself. 

Of course, shopping for clothes does come with limitations, but I'm finding that empire-waist dresses are my absolute favorite to wear since they accentuate my tummy. Luckily, I'm still able to shop in non-maternity stores, and this dress from Forever 21 was the perfect holiday-inspired dress to wear during the cold months. The leggings were from my previous wardrobe, and I'm able to wear them below my belly and still be comfortable.

Pregnancy style by House Of Jeffers |

Pregnancy style by House Of Jeffers |

Although I will say wearing shirts that fit around my stomach do make me giddy. Not everything hugs my curves now, but when I do wear a more fitted shirt, it makes me proud to show the progress of my little ones growing each week.

Plaid dresses for the holidays | House Of Jeffers blog |

To accessorize, I'm rocking this AMAZING bag I scored during a Black Friday Sale on The combination of it being a saddle bag, plus, the fringe, makes it totally boho... a style that I'm wearing more and more in my pregnancy.

Steve Madden Blottie Bag, as worn by fashion blogger Jen of House of Jeffers |
Outfit Details: