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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Floral Explorer

Hey there! I am so glad to be posting on House of Jeffers again after another hiatus. Again, I want to thank those who reached out to me and noticed my absence. Trust me, it wasn't an easy decision to have to take a break from blogging, but, I had to do so to take care of some things beyond the blogosphere.

And since my time away, the weather has drastically changed. I'm back to being chilly again. I can't say the weather in NJ has been too bad - but we have had a lot of rainy and windy days. I'm pretty sure my skirt and dress-wearing days are behind me for a while. 

Always looking for alternatives when it comes to pants, I am praising the floral legging as it lets me pull from multiple colors in the print to wear with my sweaters, like this one from Tommy Hilfiger. 

Floral leggings are also becoming my go-to for dinner dates with my husband. Besides for being comfortable, they just look fancy enough to make it appear as though I put a lot of thought into my outfit. You will probably see me wearing em a lot this winter since I already own 3 pairs.

Now, while I can get away with wearing just sweaters... let's hope the weather stays this way before it turns into coat weather. Not. A. Fan.

Outfit Details:
Knit Sweater - c/o Tommy Hilfiger / Floral Leggings - Forever 21 / Grey Satchel - River Island / Black Suedette Booties - Target / Incoco Nail Wraps

Monday, October 13, 2014

My Unexpected Absence

So, you might have noticed that I haven't updated my blog in two weeks.

I haven't really been as good as I normally am about updating it, especially since I am typically on top of creating new posts 3x a week. And I also haven't been on Twitter too much either...

While it might seem like I'm neglecting my blog in an attempt to shut it down without making a big deal - I'm not. I don't have plans to quit on my blog, although my lack of updates might look like I am.

The reason I've been missing in action is because I've had to take some time to take care of myself. I haven't been feeling 100% like myself, and I've been extremely tired after work, which is when I work on House Of Jeffers. I come home and all I want to do is sit on the couch with the dogs because I'm exhausted from the day.  I just don't have the energy to go outside and pose when I'm feeling sick. So, the blog took a backseat, and it really makes me feel so guilty that I've let it go like I have... But I really can't control how much energy I have in the day. On the days I feel well, I might not have time to take photos. On the days I want to take photos, I barely want to get off the couch. So, I've had to let my body tell me when I can do things.

But, my spirits are up. Way, way up! Trust me, I miss talking to you on Twitter. I miss finding places to take photos, especially now with fall giving me a chance of scenery. I don't want people to forget about me - even though I know I'm just a small blip on the fashion blog radar. My blog does mean so much to me, and I want to get back into posting again  - even if it's once a week until I get my strength back.

I'm not gone forever. I'm just trying to ease my way back into it when I feel my best.

And for those who have asked and shown concern, I sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks for being so patient with me! I'm hoping to get back into posting this week, but if I don't... just know that I am coming back sooner than later!