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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Preggers in Purple

Fun ways to dress your bump | House Of Jeffers |

I can't believe I'm already 6 months (26 weeks to be exact) along in my pregnancy!!!

I remember a time when I wondered when my stomach would start to show... and now, I'm sporting a significant bump as my boys continue to grow. I can honestly say that I have more good days than bad days in terms of how I feel physically in my pregnancy. I know some women who didn't enjoy being pregnant, but when I'm not anymore, I will absolutely miss it. There comes a big sense of pride in looking down at your stomach, and seeing a flicker of movement from a foot or hand pushing out towards me. Simply amazing....

Fun ways to dress your bump | House Of Jeffers |

As my bump gets bigger, so does the challenge of being comfortable in my clothes. I want to wear things that are fun from my pre-pregnancy days, but it's not happening. Styling my bump has been interesting, and I have a whole new respect for women who have had to struggle like me to find clothes that make them feel like themselves during pregnancy. 

So, what's on the top of the list I don't want to wear?

Jeans. I finally managed to find a pair of dark wash skinny jeans after outgrowing my first round of maternity jeans, and I sort of want nothing to do with them. Anything tight is out of the picture. 

And what's on the top of the list of clothing I live in most?

Leggings. Hands down they are comfortable and versatile. Sure, you might be sick of seeing me in them, but can't please em all. I changed up my normal top and bottom pairing by adding this Tommy Hilfiger flannel over a Gap Maternity sweater for contrast. Layering 101 - mommy style. 

Gap Maternity, Forever 21, H&M, Mia Shoes - as styled by House Of Jeffers

Outfit details:
Purple Flannel with Seersucker Striped Cuffs - c/o Tommy Hilfiger / Purple V-Neck Maternity Sweater - Gap / Knit Leggings - H&M / Grey Wedges - MIA Shoes / Burgundy Duffel - Forever 21 / Purple Leather Bracelet - Lia Sophia / Urban Outfitter Sunglasses

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shopping Social: 4 Instagram Accounts You Need To Shop

Sure, shopping at local stores and malls is great, but one place that has been leading me to shop online elsewhere is Instagram. While I can head downtown and surely find something I have to have, searching on Instagram for the unique and different has led to me to purchasing some of my favorite jewelry pieces, gifts for family, prints for my home and all things in between.

The thrill of the hunt gets me every time. Logged into my House Of Jeffers Instagram account, I come across an image that I double tap, and then, read the caption, which often makes an announcement about a certain item being for sale. Into their profile I go, click the link, and BAM, I'm adding something to my cart within minutes!

Check out these stores I found on Instagram that you should not only follow, but shop in, too!

The Instagram photo that piqued my interest:

The shop:

Run by shop owner Alex, Twinkle Twinkle Lil Jar features glitter-dipped tumblers and mugs that are quirky and full of girly sass. Her Etsy shop is loaded with mason jars, coffee cups and mugs that feature witty slogans that can be customized. Bring this "The Only BS I Need is Bags & Shoes" mug to the office, and make your co-workers jealous. 

The Instagram photo that piqued my interest: 

The shop: 

If you're a fashion blogger or a photo junkie, you need a sequin camera strap made by Sam and Kate Design. Afterall, the camera is your best accessory when running a blog. Why not sparkle out your camera with one of Sam and Kate's camera straps? 

The Instagram photo that piqued my interest:

The shop:

With Valentine's Day coming up, I always love finding things that have that lovey-vibe to em either as gifts for my husband... and now, for my twins. Indienook's adorable Best Friends T-shirts are perfect for a mother and child, two little besties or in my case, my twins. Based out of Phoenix, they offer a variety of shirts with catchy phrases on em, too. 

The Instagram photo that piqued my interest:

The shop:

olive + piper is an accessory heaven filled with all things that sparkle. Us fashion bloggers love a statement necklace, and if you're a fan of boutique shops that cater to jewelry and accessories that have serious wow factor, this is the store for you. The Gem Bracelet in the picture above need a permanent place on my wrist - immediately!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Denim Daze - Finding the Perfect Pair of Maternity Jeans

Gap Maternity Jeans, as styled by Jen of House Of Jeffers |

Disclaimer: I am not being endorsed by The Gap in any way for this post. This is my own personal opinion, and I have in no way been asked by The Gap to create a post to promote their products... I'm doing it anyway.

The Gap, hands down, makes THE BEST maternity skinny jeans. I have been to countless stores looking for jeans that mimic the look and style I wore pre-pregnancy, and tried on almost every brand of maternity jeans, and none even come close to what the Gap is offering. Their 1969 Demi Panel Always Skinny Jeans really fit how they claim, and have helped me tremendously in terms of making me feel more like myself on days when getting dressed has been an absolute struggle.

Gap Maternity Jeans Review | House Of Jeffers |

Maternity Style | House Of Jeffers |

I love the jeans so much I bought 3 pairs - grey, blue and black. The Gap's maternity jeans fit right in all the places they should. The leg is a true skinny, (right down to the ankle); the seat is snug but not constricting, and their variety of full panel, elastic insert and demi panel waistlines gives me options that don't suffocate my growing belly. The make, without a doubt, the perfect line of maternity denim.

Amen for the Gap!

Henri Bendel A-List Bags | Styled by House Of Jeffers |

Outfit details:
Mirror Print Sweatshirt - Missguided / 1969 Demi Panel Always Skinny Maternity Jeans - The Gap / Knit Beanie - Zara / Gold Buckle Ankle Booties - c/o LuLu*s / A-List Grommet Satchel - c/o Henri Bendel /
Rhinestone Bar Bracelet - Henri Bendel

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dynamic Duo: The Art of Wearing Two-Tone Gold and Silver Jewelry

Dynamic Duo: Gold and Silver Two-Tone Jewelry

I used to be a strictly silver girl, and for the most part, I still am. Gold jewelry, to me, had a tarnished reputation of bad 80s memories of gawdy jewelry that overdressed guidos wore. And the thought of myself wearing it made me scared to even try a piece on - even if it was part of my mother's jewelry collection, or how much I really liked the piece.

Eventually, I warmed up to the idea of wearing gold. So much so that I think I now wear more gold on a daily. However, there was always this rule that you can't mix metals. "Don't wear gold and silver together." Um, why? Clashing metals actually bring the best of both worlds to your outfit. If you carry a bag that has silvertone hardware, but love that treasured gold necklace, two-tone jewelry is one way to meet in the middle.

With more designers like Kate Spade and Tory Burch making two-tone jewelry a part of their collections, its easy to get your fix of both metallics all in one. 

My style tips for rocking gold and silver jewelry:

* Pile on gold bracelets with silver bangles of similar kin. The contrast of the Giles & Brother Pied de Bieche Bracelets together looks really polished and chic.

* Midi rings stacked up on your digits - talk about a boho vibe that's worthy of Coachella.

* Make a statement with one bold two-tone piece, like the Rebecca Minkoff pyramid ring, that draws attention to the accessory in a bold way.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Boho Bump

Maternity Style Blog | House Of Jeffers |

There's two reasons I'm smiling in this picture. First, well, obviously - when do I not love taking pictures of my bump?! And two - it was strangely warm the day that I took these pictures that I didn't have to wear a coat. It's the small things, people.

How to style your bump | House Of Jeffers |

Destination Maternity leggings, LuLus*s top, Modcloth Shoes - Maternity Style on House Of

At the moment, I'm really into boho style. I know it's more of a spring-style trend, but the appeal of 70s-inspired clothing seems to be speaking to the part of myself that missed out on being born in the 70s by one year. 

My polka dot/floral button up combo from LuLu*s gives a nod to my inner flower child, while the fringe bag from Steve Madden screams "festival chic"! 

And since my stomach is growing at a ridiculous, I'm living in leggings as much as possible. I bought these grey leggings from Destination Maternity in October, when I was about 9 weeks pregnant, and honestly, the investment was sooo worth it. They have a stretch tummy panel that I can pull over my bump, or fold down. Even when I'm not #preggers, I can wear am. At this point in my pregnancy when I pretty much hate every pair of pants I own, leggings are a lifesaver. 

And speaking of pregnancy, I'm so excited to reveal the sex of the babies via my new Alex and Ani bracelets that my husband bought for me...

So, the twins are....

Alex and Ani bracelets for mom, as featured on House Of Jeffers

Two boys! 

The more I think of all the things I'll get to share with them, and how I'll grow into the role of being a mom to two little dudes... It's pretty amazing. Since finding out their sex, we've been shopping like mad. I'm so used to looking at girl things that I've had to get used to learning more about styling little boys. We're just so happy that the boys will always have each other, and I know I say this all the time, but I really can't wait to see their faces and meet the little ones who kick me all day!

Outfit details:
Polka Dot and Floral Print Button-Up Shirt - c/o LuLu*s / Secret Fit Belly Maternity Leggings - Destination Maternity / Fringe Bag - Steve Madden / Alex and Ani Special Delivery Charm Bracelet / Alex and Ani "Mom" Bracelet / Black Wedge Shoes - Modcloth

Monday, January 5, 2015

Pregnant in Paisley

Now 5 months pregnant, I'm starting to not only show... but the struggle to dress myself is real. I've clung to my pre-maternity clothes for as long as I could... but the reality of waiting till next year to wear my many of my winter dresses is setting in. 

I purchased this paisley print dress when I was pregnant, knowing that it would give me some room for a couple of months. I ended up wearing it to a family function, and surprisingly, it wasn't strangling my stomach. The cardigan I'll get plenty of use out of, but those purple tights - no way. I haven't really seen many stores carry traditional "maternity pantyhose", so I've bought size Large in some cases... 

If I'm being honest - shopping for maternity clothes is kind of a bummer. Tops are fine, but pants, especially jeans - there aren't that many options. I wear a lot of black and grey, which is making me feel limited. I think this is why I'm trying everything I can to be as bright as I can with my outfits before I reach the point where I can give a s^&* about style and am more concerned with my comfort.

Regardless, I have to say it's really crazy to watch all the changes your body goes through when pregnant. These pictures are a couple weeks behind what I currently look like, but still, you can see my twin bump making its way out. I miss my waistline... and not seeing my feet when I look down has finally happened!

Outfit details:
Paisley Print Dress - Forever 21 / Knit Cardigan - Forever 21 / Purple Tights - H&M / Grey Wedge Booties - MIA Shoes / Rebecca Minkoff Bag (won it 2 years ago at a South Moon Under opening) / Gold Necklace - South Moon Under / Alex and Ani Bracelets