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Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow Vs. Cougar Boots

Although I was expecting snow, the 5 or so inches that fell on New Jersey came as a surprise. Just last week I was taking photos in skirts and short sleeves, and now this? Luckily, it didn't interfere with the hair appointment I had ... As you can see, my hair is a bit darker and a touch redder now.

While the weekend was a white-out, at least I had the right shoes to trudge through the snow the morning after. The lovely folks over at Cougar Boots and Matchstick asked me to review a pair of boots of my choice, mine being Marla. And since Cougar Boots are known for their booty-kicking, weather wear-ability, I figured Saturday's weather would be the ultimate test.

The first thing that drew me to the Marla boot was the heel. Sometimes, snow boots aren't the most fashionable, but this ankle boot has an adorable, rugged dressed-up edge great for jeans and skirts. Plus, I loved the shearling details on the tongue and ankle. An extra set of matching shoe laces came with em', but I opted to keep the blue ones!

But what sold me on the boots: They're warm and waterproof! The insulated, plush insoles kept me toasty, and the exterior leather handled the slushy snow perfectly - even when snow fell on me (as seen in the photo below). Not a drop of moisture got inside them. And although it has a heel, I didn't feel unbalanced in the snow at all. Work that snow runway, ladies!

Purple pea coat - H&M
Striped sweater - Forever 21
Crochet grey scarf - Homemade! DIY!
Jeans - Forever 21
Marla boots - gift from Cougar Boots

I'm so glad I have boots like this for the winter! No doubt they'll take me through the weather comfortably and in style! A huge thank you to Cougar Boots & Matchstick!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bangles By The Bundle

My obsession for bangles started recently when I visited my local Henri Bendel store in NJ. Something about the way the store is delectively sprawled out in baubles that shine to the guild... I'm an absolute girly girl, so naturally, sparkling jewelry speaks to me.

Bangles used to be limited to thin, stacked rings that left nothing to be desired. And those are still good, but with all the options out there - enamel, stamping, crystals - I'm upgrading to pieces that can become everyday signature pieces in my wardrobe. And hopefully, one or two of these will be in my collection by my birthday next week... hint hint.

Stack 'em up and pile on 'em!

Bangles By the Bundle

From left to right:

1. Buckle Up Baby Bangle - Henry Bendel - $78
2. Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian cuff bangle - - $59
3. Spiked Bangle Set - Pree Brulee - $32
4. Mod Bangle Duo - Bauble Bar - $22
5. 14kt Gold/Leather Aztec Bangle - House Of Harlow - $79
6. Crystal Confetti - - $88
7. Rainbow Stacked Bangles - Forever 21 - $11
8. Lulu Frost for J.Crew Wide Deco Bangle - J.Crew - $118

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Style You Wish Your Guy Had

I often thought men think of fashion as throwing on a T-shirt and jeans... Oh wait, that's pretty much what it is for many. But I'll hand it to my husband, he's got his own sense of style that I like - he always looks put-together and coordinated, and British.

Sometimes, giving your guy style suggestions to your fashion inclinations can be tricky. My advice, give up... Let them do their thing just as long as they don't look homeless. But that doesn't mean you can't dream about well-dressed men...

Here's my list of dudes with style that you wish your guy dressed like.

1. The Hot Music Guy - Adam Levine 

I am not shy about my love for Adam Levine. He's confident, hot and has the best-looking five o'clock shadow I've ever seen. For me, he optimizes the T-shirt and jeans look. Oh... and add tats to the list of things you wish your guy had.

2. Well-dressed Funny Guy - Robert Downey Jr


I like that he can pull off a suit without making it look stuffy, and, while giving a nod to the sneaker/suit trend. This look might be something your man would be willing to try.

3. Hip Hop Skater Guy - Pharell Williams

Photo courtesy of
I admire Pharell's style because he changes it up constantly. One minute, he's got hip-hop skater edge with his BBC Ice Cream line, the next, he's dapper in designer sport jackets.

4. Serious Professional Guy - Anderson Cooper 

Photo courtesy
Anderson Cooper's clean cut style is always polished. While he's a journalist, he often looks casual, yet professional and can make even a polo looked dressed-up. Oh yea, silver fox. 

5. The Trend Follower Guy - Justin Timberlake

Photo courtesy

While the curly-haired fro he had in NSYNC was unforgivable, Justin Timberlake has redeemed himself with a mixture of edgy suits and swagger-esque casualness. I like that he's not afraid of a slim-fitting suit, but will also rock a fedora and a geeky cardigan. Just don't bring back the fro, Justin.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daily Buzz Style 9x9: Bright Fall Pants

Me? Up for a challenge? Always!

When Daily Buzz Style put me to task to create a look with colored pants for fall, I knew exactly which pants I'd style: my newly-acquired red jeans. 

Button front cotton chambray shirt - Old Navy
Folded ankle cuff boots - DSW
Owl pendant necklace - Forever 21

Red jeans really are a go-to for fall - and I'm not complaining. I live in jeans, so any chance to wear them with a little flair is welcoming, even if this color does resemble a hyper-colored tomato. For me, I found it best to play it minimalist - a solid blouse or top is all you need. Too much print and your outfit will resemble a confused hipster... and I happen to like hipsters.

My button-front top came straight out of my closet from Old Navy. But the pants I scored at Forever 21 for $22! And the boots, DSW had these Jack Sparrow-esque shoes in my size...  I normally wouldn't like a rolled cuff, but since I can tuck any pair of jeans into them, their staying put. 

Tucking my shirt in isn't even an option as I don't want my pants giving off the appearance that I have on mom jeans... until I'm at least in my 50s. Then again, if I saw a mom rocking some bright red pants, I'd have to high-five her.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clinton Kelly Gives New Jerseyans Fashionable Advice

If you're going to get fashion advice, then Clinton Kelly is the guy to deliver the possible bad news.

Last week, I headed to Macy's at the Short Hills Mall to check out a runway collection highlighting key looks for Fall presented by Clinton! Considering I've been watching What Not To Wear on TLC for years, I was excited to see him work his fashion magic. Plus, what's not to love? He's a beacon of fashion knowledge who's not afraid to tell it to you straight (and humorously) all while looking stylish.

During the presentation, Clinton spoke about the psychology of getting dressed and that throughout his career, he's heard many women say discouraging things about their body. He encouraged the crowd to take style into their own hands... and not compare themselves to what you see in the media. Great advice, hands down.

A fall fashion show, highlighting this season's top three trends showcased outfits from every price point.

1. Faux Fur

2. Sheen, sparkle and sequins

3. Sweaters & knits

His work is never done. Clinton, putting the finishing touches on a model.

 Some of my favorite Clinton quotes:
  • Clinton's take on leggings: "Cover your darn toosh! They aren't pants."
  • On white after labor day: "You can do white after labor day. It's all about the weather."
  • Guys, listen up: "Every guy needs a velvet blazer." I agree with this one!
  • On his look: "Someone told me I look like the love child of Daniel Radcliffe and Barry Manilow." 

Guests also had the opportunity to schmooze with him after the show, and get a copy of his book, "Oh No She Didn't" signed! It was a great event made even better by Clinton's witty charm and of course, his fashion sense!

*House Of Jeffers received a gift from Everywhere in exchange for this post in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

House Of Jeffers' 1 Year Blog-aversary!

Today marks House Of Jeffers' one year anniversary! It's been an adventure in every sense.

A year ago, I wasn't sure where my blog would take me or how long I'd even last in the blogsphere. I've always had a love for writing and even though this isn't my full-time job (yet), I have to say that I am very grateful to be able to work as a writer as a career. And having a blog was something that I didn't know if I'd be able to pull off, honestly. I came up with the name because I originally shot my outfit photos in my house... But, House Of Jeffers has really become a creative outlet to share my fashion soundtrack with anyone who's willing to read it... and hopefully, you've enjoyed it!

Black jersey blazer - Mandee
Smocked tunic - Mandee
Fleece tights - H&M
Jeffrey Campbell Evade Oxfords - First JC shoe I ever bought!

This blog has really given me a reason to push myself in many ways - to be the craftiest writer I can be, to push my style in diverse directions, to dream a little bigger, and, given me hope when I had some dark days (losing my job, life's troubles). 

Bracelets: (from top to bottom)
Leather studded bracelet - The Gap; Silver pyramid stud & chain/rhinestone bracelets - Forever 21

But mostly, I have to thank anyone, everyone, who has even taken a moment to read my words, leave a comment, visit the site... To all the awesome people I've met....There would be no blog without an audience, so THANK YOU for supporting me. Don't doubt for a second that I'm not appreciative of ya'll! Plus, thanks to all the sponsors, brands, advertisers who think enough of me to work with me! I'm a lucky gal!

Oh, and my husband, too, for taking my photos!

I look forward to another year of posts, shopping for clothes and fashion!

P.S. While the balloon was fun, sadly, it flew the coup. The wind was crazy... and ripped it right off the string... 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hearts and The Arts

Fall isn't my favorite season, but when the temperature abruptly changes to 88 in the middle of October, you adapt. Besides, any signs of a sun-kissed glow on my skin are gone. Enter pasty white legs.

And no, this isn't the normal brick wall I take my pictures in front of. This mural happens to be located in a walkway in Montclair, one of my favorite towns in New Jersey. It's filled with adorable shops, great restaurants, and the bar I met my husband at... Egans. Plus, this alleyway leads to my latest obsession: The Gap.

So as the weather turns cold, I still wear my summer clothes and accessories, especially this dress. Perhaps it's not so age appropriate for a lady of my age (am I too old to be wearing a dress with hearts?), but I still love it. Plus, that's what my big girl bag is for aka. my coveted Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel - the first major designer piece I ever bought!

Heart print dress - Forever 21
Bombay Satchel - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Patent leather tassel loafers - Zara
Arm Party - studded bracelet from Forever 21/ my grandmother's vintage watch
Tortoise shell wayfarer sunnies - Forever 21

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Jersey's Fashion & Beauty Week

"It's very Jersey in here."

Being my first time attending Fashion & Beauty week last Monday, I wasn't sure who or what to expect. But one thing I knew was a sure-shot - the style that New Jersey has become known for (and whether or not it's a good thing all depends on your personal opinion) was in full effect.

Over the top hair and makeup, big personalities and a lot of character...

Held at the gorgeous Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, the event welcomed local New Jersey celebrities like the Real Housewives of New Jersey, cast members of Jerseylicious and a slue of fashion industry folks and spectators to view collections from a variety of designers including menswear, womens ready to wear, resort and evening... and to raise money to support the Diabetes Research Institute.

There was also a silent auction for Yanina Jewelry, hair and beauty treatments and food and wine!

Admittingly, I felt a was in the middle of a "Which one of these does not belong" game, and I was the one out of place. One the one hand, I'm glad that NJ is starting to have events like this. But on the other, people such as myself who don't exemplify typical Jersey fashion, have to hold their own among the Garden State's ideals of style. And I'm okay with that. After all, it's all about variety, right?
Of course, the focus was the runway previews from Dolce Vita, Bound & Tide, Poland-based Teresa Rosati, Ari, and my personal and crowd favorite, Devon Thomas.

Dolce Vita

Devon Thomas


Bound & Tide

Teresa Rosati