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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reasons I have a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel

Photo via

1. Homegirl has bangs. DONE.

2. Ms. Deschanel is a Jane of all trades - Besides for being a talented actress, she sings, plays the keyboard, percussion, and ukulele.

3. Zooey is a co-founder along with Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer to one of my favorite sites, Girl power!

4. Zooey is a fan of nail art... and any lady who works some serious nail art on the red carpet is cool in my book. Even features "Nails Of The Day"

5. Her style is adork-able (I wonder if she's sick of people saying that)! I love how she can switch between girly girl chic to effortlessly cool to red carpet glam. Definitely a hipster sister.

6. Did I mention she has bangs?

7. She was born in 1980 - just like me!

8. She is her own person. While there are so many talented actresses, Zooey definitely has her own actress swag. 

I love this quote from her:
"I don't want to be a babe. I don't want vanity to ever get in the way, because I think to maintain that, you have to be aware of yourself all the time, and that gets in the way of acting. My job's not to be the beautiful person. My job is to be the best actor I can be." Zooey Deschanel
9. Glamour Magazine loves her too... and put her on the cover of their February 2013 issue!

10. She considers her hair to be part of her brand. And I'm guessing she's talking about her bangs!?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wear Your Heart On Your Sweater

J Crew Tippi Heart Sweater House Of Jeffers

My personal collection of graphic print sweaters exploded this year. From animals to hearts, this J. Crew Tippi Sweater in Heart Me is totally apropos since I'm the type of person who wears their heart on the sleeve... or in this case, my sweater. 

I managed to track this sweater down at a J.Crew outlet in Tinton Falls, NJ on sale!

I paired it my snakeskin print Gap 1969 jean that I purchased last year, Sorrelli's Peek-A-Book Sparkle Cuff (which yes, is as awesome as it looks... and then some) and my uber old school Jeffrey Campbell Evades. I've actually had the sole replaced on these shoes twice since I can't bare to let em go.

Sorrelli Peek A Boo Sparkle Cuf House Of Jeffers

nj fashion bloggers

And even though getting dressed is something people don't give a second thought to, my mood absolutely sets the tone for what I wear. This outfit says something along the lines of "Awe snap, it's the weekend!" It's sorta like doing a psychic reading on people through their clothes.
Gee... do I smell a new life's calling for me?

jeffrey campbell evade | house of jeffers

NJ fashion bloggers | House Of Jeffers
Outfit Details:
J. Crew Tippi Sweater in Heart Me (sold out) / Gap 1969 Snakeskin Jean / Jeffrey Campbell Evade shoes / Gold Studded Leather Duffel - Primark / Sorrelli Peek-A-Boo Sparkle Cuff (c/o) / Urban Outfitters Round Sunnies / Gold Rhinestone Ring - Forever 21

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mini Handbags With Big Appeal

new chic

The little black dress is without a doubt the most traditional wardrobe staple you could ever own. It's like Wonder Bread for your closet. Black goes with everything, and a black dress lends itself to being played up with accessories, jewelry, and handbags. While the LBD dress trend isn't new, mini handbags are the latest handbag trend to be born. They're just so damn cute. 

If you opt to get in on the mini handbag trend, I say go with something that really stands out among your other handbags. We all own a black handbag, but why not  let your wardrobe taste the rainbow, too?

You know I don't like to do anything normal… so if I'm going to invest in a mini handbag this year, it has to be bright, bold and look dope against my manicures.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm Just A Girl

I wasn't always this girly. In my teen years, the idea of wearing pink used to make me dry heave, and skirts were reserved for family functions. Eventually, I went into estrogen overdrive and realized that a little eye-liner never hurt nobody. 

Being uber girl is so much fun. Nail polish. Flat irons. Purse shopping. Wearing a pea coat with leggings and grey wedge shoes to a park. I'm sorry, but boys, you're missing out on some fun s#$@. 

zara leggings house of jeffers

Outfit Details:
Black Peacoat - Old Navy / Twiggy Shoulder Peep Dress - c/o Urban 1972 / Grey Double Knit Leggings - Zara / Pampa Wedge Booties - Mia Shoes / Black Satchel - Zara / Riveting Romance Cuff Bracelet - c/o Sorrelli

Lately, I've been excited at the thought of starting my own business. I'm a huge believer in "be your own boss", and while my idea might not make me Man Repeller money, it'll let me take my knack for nail art in a new direction. Speaking of which, the bows on my mani are not stickers (totally bragging, btw). Yours truly whipped those up herself.

Riveting Romance Cuff Bracelet Sorrelli

jen of house of jeffers

black peacoat old navy

Monday, January 21, 2013

One Can Dream

So, let's talk about how this tweet from Lucky Magazine made my Sunday... and year pretty much.

It all started when they created an app that lets grown-ass women like me create your own 15 minutes of fame a la an app where you put yourself on the cover of their magazine. Don't act like you haven't thought about it. What ensues next was me sitting on my iMac on Saturday afternoon, obsessing finding a photo to upload.

I make my decision, upload my photo and BAM - my very own Lucky Magazine cover. My mother would be proud... I hope.

House Of

Sunday arrives. I check my House Of Jeffers Twitter page, and see I have a tweet waiting for me. From Lucky Magazine... "ummmm @houseofjeffers is killing it" it reads.

I lose my s%#.

I am so completely flattered and just wowed that Lucky Magazine enjoyed my photo, and then took the time to share it with their plethora of followers. Sometimes, it's the little things that mean the most, and in this case, I appreciate the compliment so very much.

HUGE love and hipster hugs to Lucky Magazine for making my day. As a blogger, we all strive to make a dent in the blogging world... And even though all I did was upload my photo to their app, it just feels really good to have a magazine that I absolutely respect for their commitment for giving so many bloggers a voice... share some of it with me.

Pass the Kleenex, for reals.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Leather, Oxblood and Lace

So this is my idea of "casual". You know... Skinny jeans, a leather jacket, sky-high wedges and a small handbag so I can run errands. No big deal.

lucky magazine contributor house of jeffers

House Of Jeffers personal style blog
Outfit Details:
Leather Motorcycle Jacket -c/o Black Sheep Clothing / Sheer Button Front Lace Top / c/o Black Sheep Clothing / Skinny Ankle Jeans - Forever 21 / Oxblood Wedges - Forever 21 / No. 7 Quilted Camera Bag - Henri Bendel

While I adore a giant handbag both in it's functionality and stylish appeal, I can't stand having a heavy, 10 lb. pound strapped to my shoulder every day. Might as well put my dog in my bag and lug his ass around.

Salvation was found when I picked up this No. 7 Quilted Camera Bag from Henri Bendel bag back in December when I hosted a VIP shopping event at their Short Hills store. I couldn't resist. The gold chain. The pink stitching that made the leather look chic and slick. It was the perfect fit into my collection of smaller handbags.

Henri Bendel handbags

Turns out I picked a winner since it's big enough to fit all my essentials. Plus, it's shoulder strap converts to pull double duty as an even smaller bag. Yahtzee!

Henri Bendel handbags

how to wear a leather jacket and skinny jeans

Oh, and if you aren't doing anything this weekend, feel free to swing by Facebook and check out the House Of Jeffers Facebook page!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top Nail Polish Picks For Winter Manis

Not all DIY manicures are created equal.

I'm sure you have your go-to summer nail polish colors, which may include pink nail polish, neons, and more glitter pots than Martha Stewart. But when the cold months kick in, don't neglect your nails by panting them in drab browns and ordinary reds.

Painting your nails with neons doesn't have to stop once winter sets in. You can still incorporate your favorite bright shades, and alternative between matte colors in classic shades such as green, red and purple.

Some of my picks for nail polish must haves for winter manicures include winter brights like Essie Leading Lady, butter LONDON Bossy Boots (an opaque green), and Deborah Lippmann Girls Limited Edition Nail Polish Collection inspired by the HBO series.

essie leading lady nail polish

Monday, January 14, 2013

Subtle Hints

"Has some type of leather accent, will wear it." That's pretty much my mantra when it comes to leather, or faux leather, really.

house of jeffers blog

house of jeffers blog

forever 21 fashion bloggers

I had my eye on this sweater during the holidays due to it's faux leather panel on the shoulders. I guess my over enthusiasm and squealing in the store made my mother go back and purchase it for me. Dropping those subtle hints like a pro.

And leather is my Achilles heel. I don't care how old you are - leather just makes you feel like a badass... even if you are wearing polka dot skinny jeans that scream "I'm a girly girl."

house of jeffers nj fashion blog

2 bandits naja cuff worn by house of jeffers

Outfit Details:
Faux Leather Panel Sweater - H&M / Forever 21 Polka Dot Skinny Jeans / Black Leather Wedge Booties - Forever 21 / Naja Bangle - The 2 Bandits / Rhinestone Bracelet - ? / Two-Tone Retro Satchel - Primark UK / Pearl and Crystal Necklace - Forever 21 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wardrobe Misfits: Croquis

I have to admit that at times, I can be an impulse shopper. Last year, I absolutely did my fair share of damage buying clothes I wasn't 100% in love with - it was more of the "idea" of being able to turn something into an outfit. And as a result, some of these clothes are sitting in my closet collecting dust, or, were donated in my latest wardrobe clean out.

I can't shop so much for House Of Jeffers.... like I did at times.

Have any of you ever done that? Bought something on a whim because you could imagine yourself taking outfit photos in it for your blog, or thought you could work it into your closet somehow? Sure, you liked the piece, but you could have lived without it. I'm guilty of it, and this year, I won't be doing it. To say I have a little pang of guilt about it would be true... but, you live and learn.

However, I have clothes in my wardrobe that I can't return, and still want to hold on to. This led me to think about those nifty fashion sketches....

Enter the croquis = the fancy way of saying "those adorable fashion figure drawings".

Drawing Fashion Croquis Sketches
Instead of standing in front of your closet, pulling out clothes, and looking in the mirror frustrated at changing yet again in the pursuit of stylish outfits, try drawing it out with a croqui. Can't sketch a stick figure to save your life (me neither)? You can find croquis templates online.

Drawing croquis has helped me like whoa. It let's me be creative, saves time picking up after myself and allows me to visualize a look in a new way. Plus, you can save the ones you like and frame em up as fashion art after you're done!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Headphones As A Fashion Accessory

Headphones are the new earmuffs. Don't believe me? Take a look at the headphone industry last year. Sure, ear buds are great, but headphones just look so much cooler than a white cord hanging from your head. These pink Urbanears headphones not only sound fly, but they make a perfect fashion statement for a hipster like me.

 Outfit Details
Urbanears Plattan Headphones - Urban Outfitters / Striped Dress - / Black Blazer - H&M / Knit Black Leggings - Target  / Patent Leather Wedge Booties - Modcloth / Tuxedo Collar Necklace - c/o Henri Bendel / Buckle Bracelet - vintage / Red Enamel Bangle - c/o Sequin NYC / Gold Shell Ring - Forever 21

I was pining over a pair of old-school headphones to rock with my outfits for months - in this case, the Plattan by Urbanears. Music culture has always lent itself to fashion, and I listen to music every single day at work. Combing the two is natural for someone like me since my first love was music. Can't say I had a pair of headphones as cool as these back in the 90s, though. Ever since I saw Jay McCarroll's models work headphones on the runway from Season 1 of Project Runway, I loved the pairing.

Urbanears headphones remind me of the type the guy from the Gorillaz wore. He looked cool wearing em... and he was cartoon. Oh, and if you're wondering what the Gorillaz actually look like, solve the mystery by clicking here.

I highly recommend investing in pair of headphones as a fashion accessory. Go ahead, increase your cool factor... No pressure.