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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Guess what....

I'm pregnant!

My husband and I are beyond blessed to be expecting twins!
I'm due May 3, 2015, but the little ones are anticipated to arrive early.

It's hard to really explain how excited I am to be pregnant. With every week that passes, it's a little bit closer to meeting our babies. As I watch my bump grow, I become more and more giddy to be able to show off my stomach because I am so proud. I can't wait to finally meet them... and there is so much I look forward to sharing with them. It's just amazing, and I love being pregnant so much.

What a surprise, and one that makes this chapter in our lives extra special. I'm 4 months pregnant at the moment, and starting to feel more like my normal self...

Which explains why I've been missing in action on House Of Jeffers since the end of summer. I didn't really have a choice since your body, and hormones, take control and does what it wants, when it wants.

In case you were wondering:

Did I get morning sickness?
 You have no idea. Which is why I've had to take a step back from my blog. I was sick in the afternoon a lot, and my motivation to stand outside and look pretty when I felt nothing but the sort meant forgoing outfit photos and going straight home after work (which was a real struggle on the days I could barely eat). I simply couldn't stand around and put a smile on my face. Plus, fatigue takes its toll on you when you have morning sickness.

Any cravings?
Well, for the first 3 months, my diet was extremely limited to fruit, cereal and pasta.
But, now that my appetite is back, I'm just happy to be able to eat a variety of foods again.
As of late, I've been making many trips to Chipotle... God bless their chips and guac. 

Am I feeling hormonal?
At times. I've cried watching commercials or listening to a song. I've cried out of nowhere, too. It's kind of funny, actually. I can't say I've been a moody bitch (unless you ask my husband), but when I was sick, I was cranky.

Am I wearing maternity clothing yet?
Yup! Since I was 9 weeks, actually. 
And ladies who have been pregnant, I feel your pain when it comes to finding jeans that actually look like normal jeans. Honestly, the maternity clothing industry is a big let down. I honestly don't know what some of these designers are thinking. The cut of the clothing is very unflattering at times. Thank God for button downs and sweaters.

There are lots of fugly prints and pants that claim to be "skinny", you question in what country do they mean skinny?

However, I have found ways to dress my bump, and I hope to share more maternity outfits and tricks I've been using to keep my style on game as my belly grows!

Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me as I enter this new chapter in my life. My husband and I over the moon about becoming parents, and as I prepare my home for our arrivals, I will do my best to fit in House Of Jeffers time since I really, really, really miss writing and posting. It's been hard to leave it behind me at times, and while I don't intend to stop blogging, I might have to alter my schedule to accommodate my life and needs. So all you mommy bloggers, please feel free to send me advice on how you do it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cold Weather Accessories with Major "Cool Factor"

Cold Weather Accessories with Major "Cool Factor"

The inevitable changing of the seasons is here... one that I'm typically not in favor of. While winter style has come a long way than just bulky sweaters and puffer jackets, I find that I feel buried among my winter clothes as I struggle to show off my style with outerwear and cold weather accessories that speak to my personality.

But, there are ways to beat the cold with style. 

Being the non-traditionalist that I am, accessories that up the ante with their quirky nature are the ones I'll be wearing this year.

* Instead of ear muffs, I'll rock my Frends headphones to and from work. 

* Shoes that are monogrammed, like these City Girl Loafers from C. Wonder pack an adorable punch. Plus, I can wear my disdain for the snow with the sarcastically truthful, "Stop Freezing" Beanie from Zara. 

* Of course, an infinity scarf is a must to keep that bitter chill away from my bones. But if I had to leave you with one motivating idea to get you out of your outerwear funk, it's the poncho. I love the layered look they bring to skinny jeans and ankle boots. And when paired with a beanie... Talk about cool factor. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Uniform: Plaid

I'm officially declaring that my fall uniform will be plaid. Afterall, there really is no better time to wear lumberjack prints and cozy button ups than now. Plus, it sorta of reminds me of my teens - growing up in the 90s when Nirvana pretty much made plaid the official uniform of grunge Seattle kids. 

My plaid shirt collection definitely spans the color wheel. Of course, red is in there, but I like to find plaid prints that let me girly them up with accessories. I've had this green shirt which I purchased from American Eagle last year, but then, I figured why not throw on a statement necklace? I pulled from the pink in the necklace to pair it against the green. 

Finally, no grunge-inspired outfit would be complete without a pair of patent leather boots. These Steve Madden stems are not only comfortable, but the chunky square heel is just too cool. 

Get used to it - I will be living in plaid well until next year. #sorrynotsorry

Outfit details:
Plaid Shirt - American Eagle / Black Pants - H&M / Patent Leather Chunky Heel Boots - Steve Madden (purchased at DSW) / Studded Crossbody - Forever 21 / Statement Necklace - BTB Jewelry