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Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Hues

Missguided UK mirror print sweatshirt | House Of Jeffers |

Spring can't get here quick enough. I'm over wearing long sleeves. I'm tired of being cold. And I'm definitely sick of the snow. Winter can be pretty... but when it's snowed like it has in New Jersey for the last 3 weeks... I'd say that's enough.

ps1 inspired hangbags on Poshmark, as seen on House Of Jeffers |

ps1 inspired hangbags on Poshmark, as seen on House Of Jeffers |

How to style pink jeans | House Of Jeffers |
Mirror Print Sweatshirt - Missguided / Pink Jeans - Forever 21 / Purple Satchel - purchased on Poshmark / Black Metal Accent Sunglasses - c/o / Peep Toe Mary Janes - Steve Madden (circa 2002, I'm not kidding) / New York Color Cosmetics Blue Rose Lipstick #405

And with the weather being what it is, I try to cheer myself up by doning some of my bright colored clothes. Yes, I know it means I might look a little out of place being that pinks and florals are usually reserved for summer, but this mirror print sweatshirt from UK-based clothing store, Missguided, was just too... artsy, to keep locked away. If Mother Nature won't make this place colorful, I will.

Oh, and you still have time to enter the Swarovski Amorous Pendant contest

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Aztec Inspiration

Forever 21 Coat Coach Bag #ootd| House Of Jeffers fashion blog |

This is what happiness looks like after you've been snowed in at your house for the day. Yes, there was a foot of snow on the ground, but I had to get out of the house... Duty calls when it comes to blogging, and if that means I had to endure the snow drifts, so be it!

Plus, the snow is an excuse to wear this amazing Aztec print jacket I got for Christmas from Forever 21. The print is beautiful, and the oversized lapels leave me feeling cozy, and can be button-up into a shawl collar.

Forever 21 Coat Coach Bag #ootd| House Of Jeffers fashion blog |

sole society lion pendant necklace | House Of Jeffers fashion blog |

aztec print winter coats | House Of Jeffers fashion blog |

All this weather has me pining for a vacation. Although that's not in sight until the summer, I've been entertaining the idea of a quick weekend away in Florida... Oh, and England is hopefully (fingers crossed) on the horizon this year! Send me your good vibes that all goes as planned!

forever 21 coats| House Of Jeffers fashion blog |

forever 21 boots | House Of Jeffers fashion blog |
Aztec Print Parka - Forever 21 / Lion Pendant Necklace - c/o Sole Society / Peplum Sweater - ASOS / Black Skinny Pants - H&M / Buckle Up Boots - Forever 21 / Madison Leather Lindsay Satchel - Coach / Round Frame Sunnies - c/o

Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting Graphic with Fashion Slogan Tees and Accessories

Getting Graphic

Sometimes, you just need to let your clothes and accessories do all the talking for you.

Last summer saw the emergence of the ever-popular fashion slogan tee shirt. Some can be really cheesy, in my personal opinion, but others are just downright cheeky. I love a witty graphic tee, the funnier the better. Designers are getting in on the action, and are cranking out obnoxious, charming, blunt and chic apparel and accessories that speaks to our obsession with being a little graphic... without being lewd.

So even if you wouldn't consider yourself to be a regular Gilda Radner, now you can unleash your inner funny girl with tech accessories, jewelry, monogram nail art kits and of course, sweatshirts and tees that gets the laugh, while showing off your stellar style skills. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Heart-Filled Steps

Loly in the sky shoes on House Of Jeffers |

I like to keep things around me throughout my house that remind me of some of the things that inspire me. Among some of my favorite books (obviously, Alexa Chung is a huge icon to me), and all the glitter adorned knick-knacks, I like to display a pair of shoes on an end table. I always liked the look of shoes as an art piece, and these Loly in the sky Amy L. flats are absolutely something to admire.

Of course, I can't just keep these to myself. Shoes like this must be worn.

Loly In The Sky Amy L. Flats as worn by House Of Jeffers |

Valentines Day outfit ideas | what to wear on a date | House Of Jeffers blog

loly in the sky shoes as worn by House Of Jeffers fashion blog |
Knit Beret - H&M / Polka Dot Dress - Forever 21 / Knit Tights - H&M / Red Infinity Scarf - c/o / Amy L. Heart Flats - c/o Loly in the sky

Even though the snow is pelting New Jersey with snow as I type, and I need to keep these Lolies for safe keeping until the weather improves, I'm absolutely in love these flats. So feminine, so girly... and just so special. They're uber soft and I know they're going to look right at home on my feet this Spring. Plus, let me just say that these should be the official shoe of Valentine's Day! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Enter to Win an Amorous Pendant from Swarovski!

fashion bloggers from New Jersey House Of Jeffers |

I'm one of those people that absolutely gets swept up in Valentine's Day... The novelty of all things heart-related, an excuse to go a little overboard with heart-decorated anything and of course, showing lots of love! 

Valentine's Day also means a holiday where I can crank up my girly flair a bit. So when Swarovski asked me to style their newest Amorous Pendant from their 2014 Valentine's Day Collection in my best V-Day style, I was giddy with the thought of sparkle! Oh, and one of my readers can win this necklace, too (see below)!

Enter to win a Swarovski Necklace Amorous Pendant on House Of Jeffers |

While I love wearing traditional colors of red and pink for a V-Day dinner date with my husband, I always like to have that element of rocker style. To match the metallic shine from the pendant, I paired these silver shoes with black peplum pants and a totally appropriate top which I "love". My bold, pink lipstick, NARS Satin Lip Pencil in YU. gives the outfit a dash of color... Then again, the balloons are really the brightest display of my love for Valentine's Day. 

Lulus Peplum Pants, American Eagle Love Tee, Silver Forever 21 as worn by fashion blogger House Of Jeffers |

Fashion Blog House Of Jeffers |

And, to help spread some love for Valentine's Day, Swarovski is giving away an Amorous Pendant to one lucky House Of Jeffers reader! Enter to win below!

House Of Jeffers, a New Jersey Fashion Blog |

Contest runs from January 20, 2014 to February 4, 2014. Winner will be announced on February 10.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Note To Self: Wear More Hats

As of late, I feel a real sense of urgency to follow my heart, try new things, to not stand in my own way of achieving personal goals... And to wear more hats. I must admit, I'm digging this new-found feeling... and the fedora. I scored it over the weekend at where else, Forever 21 during a 50% off sale. Oh, and the flannel is from there, too.

But in all seriousness, I've got some pretty fun things coming up on House Of Jeffers that I'm really excited to share with you. A couple of contests (including one on Monday), new spotlights on brands that I've been an admirer of, and of course, new outfits. Plus, I'm going to try my darndest to give you a different glimpse into me... not just me standing in front of outdoor backgrounds (because let's face it, that is a give in with fashion blogs), but to show you some of the things I love beyond fashion. 

But let's get one thing straight: Fashion will never take a backseat here. This is a fashion blog at the core... I'm just dipping my clothes hanger in the water... 

As always, any and all readers of House Of Jeffers motivate me to keep being me... and not conform to what the blogger standard has become. I can only be me, and while that might not make me the most popular girl on the block, it has to mean something. People change, they grow up... and I'm adult. I can't like unicorns forever.... or can I?

Hopefully, as more changes come, the more inspired I'll be to write about them. And it's only just begun...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sealed With A Kiss

 pink lips sweatshirt, banana republic heels, henri bendel bracelets #ootd by House Of Jeffers |

Given my penchant for pink lipstick, there was no doubt in my mind I needed this sparkly sequin lips sweatshirt from Forever 21. I first saw it in November, but it was sold out. I gave up that it would hit the store again...but right before Christmas, it popped up again. Besides for it being doused in sequins, I like the fact that while it's a sweatshirt, it can go casual for dressy. A shirt this sparkly deserved to be paired with other bold, bright and ridiculously pink accessories. 

By the way, it was so stupidly, obnoxiously cold when I took these photos. Well, it's been this way in New Jersey for two weeks. We hit 9 degrees the other day... so yeah, I'd say that puts a damper on taking photos outside.

pink lips sequin sweatshirt from forever 21, as worn by fashion blogger, Jen, of House Of Jeffers |

ps1 proenza schouler inspired satchel |

It would appear that I'm on some type of a shopping roll, since I also scored this purple satchel from Poshmark! This was another one of those blink and you missed it styles that I held out hope on finding.  Reunited... and it feels so good.

poshmark poshparty host | house of jeffers |

how to style a sweatshirt for the winter | House Of Jeffers |

Don't forget to check out the Indie and Rocker Chic Posh Party I'm hosting on Poshmark this Tuesday!

Friday, January 10, 2014

You're Invited: Indie and Rocker Chic Posh Party on Poshmark, Jan. 14!

Join me on Tuesday, January 14 at 10 p.m. as me and Suma from The Fashion Beauty Junkie co-host an Indie and Rocker Chic Posh Party on Poshmark! This is my second time hosting a Posh Party, and I'm so flattered that the fashionable people at Poshmark invited me to return again!

Come shop the closets of fashionistas from across the country as they sell their most stylish clothes, sassy accessories, sick stems and other goodies from their closets! Or, post some items of your own! I can't wait to dive in and get my shop on!

You can find me on Poshmark at @HouseOfJeffers! See you then!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stay Cool In the Cold: Winter Accessories

Winter Accessories

I can't think of a witty thing to say about how ridiculously cold it is outside... because I'm too cold to think straight.

One thing I do know is that you don't have to look like an Eskimo (unless that's your thing) just because it's colder than the North Pole.

Even if you have a badass winter coat that is stylish and warm, it doesn't have to stop there. Piling on a hat, scarf and gloves adds cold weather flair to any look!

Headphones double as earmuffs, while knit turbans help keep static in your hair under control and can even be worn for an night out once you're indoors.

I'm a fan of both bright accessories and all black accouterments. The majority of my coats are black, so pairing them with brights keeps it fun, but staying with one color palette makes me feel put together.

Stay cool, but warm, my friends!