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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Awakening: Trends To Wear in 2014

Spring Awaking

Seriously, you guys, I am utterly, completely, totally over winter. I just refuse to acknowledge its blistering existence. In my mind, I'm already walking around bare legs exposed, pastels ablaze.

With my mind racing with all the things I'd love to wear this Spring, I'm looking to the future weather of warmer days. And while everyone has their own predictions as to what's going to be "it" this year, I have my own style inclinations. Check out my thoughts on what trends, and styles, you should try on for size this Spring...

The color: While I think orange is going to be the new black this year (bad pun intended), pastels will make the rounds again. Neon will still be here, but are going to take a vacation. Don't believe me? Check out Pantone's Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014.

The shoes: At the top of my must-have is Sole Society's cut-out Liesey oxford. It reeks of British flair while also speaking to my inner hipster. However, the resurgence of the printed heel is one trend I can't wait to wear, and is perfect for women of all ages!

The bag: The satchel is getting a makeover, and the brick red Kate Spade Saturday Assembly Satchel is everything. I love the play on a traditional satchel styling, but crafted in waxed cotton and accented with complementary leather handles. All over this bag. Plus, I'm loving the Danielle Nicole cobalt bag from Piperlime.

The prints: Stripes and florals - Do I even need to boast how much I love these prints? Florals aren't anything particularly new, but I sense there's going to be a lot more 70s inspired prints. From tops to pants, you won't go wrong wearing either print.

The accessories: The bolder, the better. The statement necklace will never ever not be a factor. As for sunglasses, the mod-style of plain and simple rounds will become Spring's accessory to have. Think John Lennon's iconic shades in a thicker frame.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Chelsea Hall Girl

Rivet & Sway Chelsea Hall Collection | House Of Jeffers |

When I was a child, I used to pretend I had to wear glasses. Poking the tinted lenses out of sunglasses, I'd put them on and imagine I had an alter ego. Hey, if Clark Kent could do it, so could I.

As an adult, I still love the idea of wearing glasses, even though I'm fortunate to have good vision. Glasses are just as much an accessory as jewelry, and for me, they let me have fun with my look.

Rivet & Sway Chelsea Hall Collection | House Of Jeffers |

Lucky for me, Rivet & Sway asked if I would show off my Chelsea Hall style inspired by their new Chelsea Hall Collection. Giving a nod to the 70s vibe of androgynous style and the fearless women who defined this decade, a #ChelseaHallGirl is all about being daring, edgy and breaking the rules when it comes to style.

Thanks to Rivet & Sway's try at home program, they whisked 5 frames, a combination of optical and sunglass styles, to me to test drive for 5 days. The frames come equipped with clear lenses - perfect for accessorizing and experimenting - but you can purchase prescription and non-prescription frames. 

I immediately loved this purple frame called Pantsuit. Its interior is lined with a lighter purple. Sold!

Chelsea Hall Girl Rivet & Sway Glasses | House Of Jeffers |

 I could see myself rocking these on a daily basis because the frame fits in well paired next to my bangs, and the I love how they have a stylishly-smart feel. Plus, I needed a sunnie, and the oversized round-frame Superfly in True Blood was perfect for a bright and sunny Sunday. 

Rivet & Sway Glasses | House Of Jeffers |

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes on House Of Jeffers |

New Jersey Fashion Blogs House Of Jeffers |
Medallion Print Swing Dress, worn as a top - / Leather Skater Skirt - Forever 21 / Colorblock Tote - c/o Sole Society / Jeffrey Campbell Evade Oxfords / Black Tights - H&M / Chelsea Hall Pantsuit Glasses in Purple Haze - c/o Rivet & Sway / Black and White Crystal Statement Necklace - Francesca's

But, I've still got a couple more frames to go!
I'll be featuring more Chelsea Hall styles this week, so stay tuned!

To learn more about Rivet & Sway, including their prescription and non-prescription selection of glasses and frames, visit their website! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Design the Handbag of Your Dreams with Wink & Winn!

As someone who can be rather picky about the handbags I arm myself with, I have often dreamed of being able to design my own handbag. To be able to put my own touch on something that truly represents my style would be amazing...

Now, Wink & Winn are making those handbag dreams of mine, and yours, a reality! You customize it your way - from picking the style, to choosing the colors, hardware, leather texture - everything! Wink & Winn's user-friendly site is uber easy to use, and it's absolutely addictive to conjure up the combinations of colors you can put together on up to 10 different handbag styles.

Check out my video on how to create your very own bag on Wink & Winn! Then, keep checking back to see what kind of bag I created!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm Completely Over This Snow

This is my official "I'm completely over this snow" post. I'm not kidding.

In February alone, it has snow almost every 4 days in New Jersey. Sure, it looks pretty when it's falling, but after it's over... it just hangs out like an unwanted house guest. Is this what people in Alaska feel like? Maybe I should learn how to live in an igloo?

Gap sweater, Purple pants, Express Shoes on House Of Jeffers |

Knit beanies for winter | hipster style |

House Of Jeffers fashion blogs from New Jersey |

While I'm happy in this outfit, considering it has a pop of color,  I'm rocking a beanie, and this Gap sweater is unbelievably warm and snugly, I just miss feeling a bit more girly in my skirts and dresses. And it's hard to be creative in this weather as far as outfit photos go. New Jersey is covered in dirty snow, or what clean snow is left, you can't do anything fun on it.

I attempted to stand on top of the snow, which worked for a hot minute, but then fell through it... Knee deep snow, people. Knee deep.

House Of Jeffers fashion blogs from New Jersey |
  Knit Gold Lurex Beanie - Zara / Black and Gold Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters /  Knit Black and White Sweater - Gap / Purple Pants - Candies / Wedge Sneakers - Express / Bib Necklace - c/o Sorrelli

Oh well, while it's snowy here, I can at least admire all the fashionable ladies attending London Fashion Week at the moment. Have you seen Sophia Webster's collection? My God... I now know why I go to work... To afford shoes like hers. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Bold and Bright-Lipped

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm sorry, but I can't get enough of the holiday. Some people hate it, say it's a commercialized holiday - which, in some ways, it is. But, if that means I get chocolate, can wear more red, and can make a mess with some heart confetti - then I love it!

Fashion Bloggers Boohoo US | House Of Jeffers |

Sunglass Warehouse | House Of Jeffers |

Fashion Bloggers that wear Lulus | House Of Jeffers

Typically for V-Day, I'd be decked out in a skirt or dress that reaks of blatantly holiday machismo. But, Mother Nature hates New Jersey this year, and on top of the cold weather, the snow that's been dropped on us is really killing my style vibe. I noticed I've been wearing a lot more black in my outfit posts... Subconsiously, I'm in mourning for the day that I can wear proper tights and frilly skirts.

However, the prism-print dress from honestly lights up my day. To keep with this love-themed day, I'm finally going to rock my Pixie Market Lips Purse (which was featured in my DIY heart mani post). It was a Christmas gift from my present... Isn't it divine?

Pixie Market Lips Purse on House Of Jeffers |

ModCloth Boots on Sale | House Of Jeffers Fashion Blog |

Have a fab Valentine's Day!
Show some love, and wear what you love on this most mushy of days!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Valentine's Day Manicure

Valentine's Day nail art is one of the easiest to pull off... even if you don't have steady hand. And boy, do I have an easy one for you today!

This Valentine's Day Heart DIY mani requires no Scotch Tape, and no special brushes. Just polish.

What you need:
  • 1 bottle of red nail polish (I used Mint Polish in Sweet Liberty)
  • 1 bottle of neon pink nail polish (I used Illamasqua in Collide)
  • 1 bottle of clear polish with hearts (I used a polish from Forever 21 by ncLA's Heart Attack looks just like it)
  • 1 wooden orange stick
  • Optional: 1 bottle of nail striping polish in a light pink

1. Paint 3 of your nails red. 

2. Paint 2 of your nails neon pink - I went with my thumb and ring finger.

3. On the neon pink nails: Use your orange stick grab a single heart decal from the heart polish. Arrange a few hearts (up to 4) on your nail, and allow to dry. 
This method avoids layering coats of polish on your nail, which will make the heart decals slide around, and not cling to your base coat like you want.

Optional: Paint one nail on each hand with hearts, and paint the other neon nail with pink stripes for contrast!

4. After hearts have been set, you can accent with red glitter (optional), or apply a top coat of your choice. 

5. Snap a nail #selfie and post on Instagram.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts To Buy For... Yourself

Valentine's Day is about showing the love... And that includes to yourself, too. It is one of my mantra's that all good things start with yourself, and that could mean allowing yourself that extra slice of chocolate cake, cutting short the early morning workout at the gym... or for me, indulging in some occasional retail therapy. I agree with RuPaul's words of wisdom: "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you supposed to love somebody else?" Easy! By yourself something.

So go on, give yourself some love for Valentine's Day by buying that red tulle skirt from ASOS you've been daydreaming outfits about, or upgrading your camera... or just stopping at the store for a box of chocolates.

Yes, I am encouraging you to show yourself some love all in the name of Cupid's naked bum. He wants you to buy yourself something nice. Just consider it a "happiness investment" on the most appropriate day to be happy in love... with that new handbag you just bought.

The Chira Ferragni flats are absolutely, a drool-worthy gift I have no problem giving myself. I do admit - I get really swept up in the whole red and pink color scheme of this holiday. The NARS Yu lipstick is my favorite (which I wear), and I'll take jewelry any day.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

British Bits: River Island's Ankle Boot Collection

Ankle boots have become a style staple that's sticking around well past the winter. Once I find a pair I love, I find myself not wanting to put them away when the warmer weather kicks in... And now, I don't have to.

So when River Island, (yes, the River Island that is across the pond, and is now, making their way to the U.S.) challenged me to pair some of their ankle boot styles from their latest collection, I couldn't wait! Since ankle boots are completely appropriate this time of year, why not work them into your wardrobe for the Spring, too? 

Check out my stylish options for making the transition from season to season with ankle boots - to Valentine's Days and beyond!  


A chunky ankle boot is so versatile. Tuck your pants in, or leave em out when you strut it out in these rocker-inspired shoes. I personally love wearing a high platform ankle boot with uber girly dresses in the winter for a bit of cheeky style.


Ah, the pointed ankle boot. It really doesn't get any more feminine than a black shoe... These River Island shoes feature a peek-a-boo, cut-out vamp that makes this stunner look sassy and sleek. And, they really do go well with everything in your closet. Skirts, pants, dresses, casual looks, night-out ensembles... I'd slip these killers on on Valentine's Day for a sultry vibe paired with all of the above (which you find all on the River Island site)!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Heavy Metal

Leather and Wool Moto Jacket - Forever 21 / Leopard Print Shirt - Forever 21 (similar style) / Catrin Thick Leather Look Inset Leggings - c/o / Just Fab Arrival Bag /  Gold Buckle Ankle Booties - c/o LuLu*s / Hermes-Inspired Cuff - Poshmark find / J&M Initial Necklace - Etsy

I used to hate gold jewelry - especially yellow gold that looked straight out of the 80s. For years, I wore silver, and still do. But, I avoided gold outright - hardware, touches of it on shoes, gold accents - hated it all. But, maybe as I get older (and, as they say,  hopefully wiser), my opinion of gold has changed completely.  While it still has that old school feel to it, I think its all in the pieces you choose that make it modern.

But can we talk about my bag? When I saw this Just Fab Arrival bag, I nearly lost it. The shape of the bag is just beautiful. But what wins me over is it's chunky chain hardware. My new official "it" bag...

boohoo #ownit style -Catrin Leggings on House Of Jeffers |

And yes, I'm living the cliche - red lipstick with leopard print... and a whole lotta black. My Boohoo Leggings with leather inserts are beyond comfortable, and I know I'll be rocking them with so many tops and sweaters this winter. I definitely feel like myself in this outfit - a little a dark, with some feminine touches... and some overindulgence with leather and gold.

boohoo #ownit style -Catrin Leggings on House Of Jeffers |

Just Fab Arrival bag on House Of Jeffers |