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Friday, August 29, 2014

Brand Spotlight: ARK Clothing

Across The Pond: Ark Clothing

One trend that I think the Brits put on the map is playsuits. I, for one, didn't wear them until I visited England in person, and my perspective on this one-piece wonder absolutely changed. 

One UK brand giving jumpsuits and playsuits their day is ARK Clothing. From trippy hippie flower prints, to solid playsuits that make the seasonal transition effortlessly, their selection of jumpsuits and playsuits appeals to a variety of style aesthetics.

But don't limit these to just summer. A short playsuit can still make an appearance in the Fall.
Try these tips for styling playsuits and jumpsuits well into October:

 - A short jumpsuit looks just as formal as a dress for a night out. Pair it with a kimono cardigan and simple stilettos for a night-out look.

- Throw a blazer over it, accessorize with jewelry and it's the perfect dressed-up Fall look.

- When it gets a little colder outside, put on a pair of opaque leggings underneath to keep warm. The contrast of the leggings against the shorts looks a little boho, but cute!

- When it's cold outside, wear a knit sweater over a sleeveless pants jumpsuit. The pants will look like joggers!

Check out ARK Clothing's selection of jumpsuits and playsuits here!

*Compensation was received for this post.The opinions herein are soley my own.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gypsy Spirit of Summer

My obsession with Betsey Johnson started in my early teens, and even today, I get as giddy about her designs as I did in the 90s.

A couple of months ago, Betsey did a vintage collaboration with Urban Outfitters that drew inspiration from her 90s roots, and of course, appealed to the inner tomboy in me that loved wearing dresses. Her nostalgic prints reminded me of her carefree aura, and this lovely Juliana Rose Maxi Dress, to me, epitomizes, the gypsy spirit of the summer. The flutter sleeves are a chic complement to the dainty floral print, and I can see myself wearing this dress to a bridal shower, or perhaps even a formal event.

Oh, Betsey, you sure do you know how to make a girl feel pretty.

Outfit details:
Betsey Johnson Vintage for Urban Outfitters Juliana Rose Maxi Dress / Etienne Aigner Coral Wedges / Brandy Melville Faux Suede Fringe Bag / Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Rimmel London Lipstick in No. 30

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Haute Hippie

Haute Hippie

Since preppy really isn't my thing, I opt to wear blazers in lieu of cardigans. That's not to say that I don't love the geeky nature a cardigan can bring, but kimonos have a way go being uber feminine yet downright sassy. I have to give credit where credit is due - Stevie Nicks was rocking em way before they became this summer's must-have outerwear. Hello, gypsy chic!

From fringe and florals, to basic solids, kimonos have a place at work, and up at the bar served with your favorite martini... And black pumps. A pair of semi-distressed jeans, paired with a fringe kimono and thin heels looks so dressed up. Yet, put on a pair of leather shorts, a crop top and a cropped kimono to match, and you're ready for a concert!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Girl in the Eiffel Tower Dress

Vintage Handbags, Modcloth Dress | House Of Jeffers, a fashion blog from NJ |

Eiffel Tower Dress from Modcloth, as worn by Jen of House Of Jeffers |

Although I do have a tendency to wear loud prints, I've felt a need to turn my choices toward ones that are a bit subdued. Don't get me wrong - I'm not turning my back on mirror prints, polka dots and most certainly stripes... But I wanted to try out a print that was really more flirty in terms of its femininity. I think I've found my favorite summer dress of 2014 when I bought this Eiffel Tower Dress from ModCloth. Rach Martino, I hope you approve! Oui?

The plunging neckline had me nervous, yet it doesn't reveal too much as far as cleavage is concerned. Regardless, the print is just too charming. I've never been to Paris, but I think I'd love it.

 A security guard at my job said, "Cute dress!" as I walked in to work, and another called me "The Girl in the Eiffel Tower Dress." And both were men!

Tower Favorite Things Dress from Modcloth | House Of Jeffers |

Vintage Dresses Modcloth | House Of Jeffers |

But the hidden gem of this outfit was found in my mother's closet. She lent me this iridescent pearl bag for a wedding I was in over the weekend, and I refuse to give it back. I first thought it was vintage, but it turns out she bought it in the late 1990s! I am not a fan of wearing white in any capacity, but the bag matches the Eiffels precisely, so I'll let it slide.

N'aves vouz aimez juste il?!

Outfit details:
Tower Favorite Things Dress - Modcloth / White Pillbox Purse - Vintage (but this white handbag looks just like it!) / Peep Toe Wedges - Nine West / LOVE Bracelet / Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick Color in No. 9

Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's Not Me, It's You: Style Trends I Might Be Too Old To Wear

I've come to the conclusion that I have a lot of clothing that I really don't like. I bought it at some point, thought I could wear it to "X" event or occasion, or perhaps I'd try something new, and now, I've got a lot of shit in my closet with tags on it that I've never worn.... and have no desire to whatsoever.

As I get older, I think I need to let go of some of my fashion shopping habits. This, is easier said than done.  So, you mean to tell me that I shouldn't wear neon at a certain age, or that I need use restraint when buying things that I'd typically jump at the chance to wear?

Am I too old to dress a certain way?

Gladiator Sandals

While I might love certain trends, they're not all for me, as much as I'd love to wear them. So, for now, the answer is a hesitant yes.

Case in point: Knee-high gladiator sandals.

I just purchased a pair after hunting them down for 5 months. All summer, I've perfected the art of double-tapping photos of girls wearing these chic stems. I've gone to numerous stores, tried on multiple pairs, and every time, my stick figure legs look uber small in them. My non-existent calves don't fill them out. Legit swimming in these shoes.

You would have thought I'd learn my lesson with my trial and epic failure escapades in finding the perfect tall gladiator sandal. But, after spotting a pair online for a bargain, and ones that had buckles on the calves making me think I'd be able to adjust them, I convinced myself they'd fit (knowing deep down, they probably won't).

Shocker: They don't fit.

After this delivery ruining my Friday night, I mulled it over. And I'm talking going through denial ("I can't believe I have to return these shoes."), anger, ("These don't fit, either!?") and disappointment ("It took me all f^%%$@*&* summer to find them, and now these don't fit?").

I was convinced I could make this work...

But then, I started thinking that perhaps I'm too old to wear this trend anyway. Maybe this trend wasn't meant for me? I still adore how they look on others, but maybe I should sit this one out? I don't have to take part in all the styles I admire. I'll find my own something special. Something a bit more age appropriate for me.

So, at this moment, I need to stop thinking with my, "I can't wait to wear this on my blog" mentality, and instead, go with buying things out of practicality with the goal of adapting to change as I get older. Oh, and shopping as an excuse to wear something on House Of Jeffers has been a HUGE dilemma of mine. The pressure I put on myself to challenge my style and show you my best me can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Trust me, I will never, EVER put up an outfit that I don't feel is a true representation of myself. But that doesn't meanthe pressure of fashion blogging hasn't gotten to me at times. I've compared myself to other bloggers (and their freedom to shop designer duds because of what appears to be their "non-existant budget") and cursed like a banshee while standing in my closet tortured over what to wear.  That's why I'm going to start thinking with my age, not with my credit card, when it comes to shopping. Mind over matter... because if I don't mind not buying that dress, it shouldn't matter.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Kimono Casual

Francesca's Kimono Cardigan, Kate Spade New York Bag, Target Gladiator Sandals, as worn by Jen of House Of Jeffers |

Even though its hot and humid outside, typically, I'm cold at the office or at home. Air conditioning, while a summer essential, is my worst enemy. That's why I keep cardigans within reach. But ever since kimono cardigans have popped up everywhere, I have a new reason to be chilly.

I purchased this floral print beauty during my staycation to Atlantic City a few weeks ago at Francesca's. So far, I've managed to pair it with dresses, jeans and now, shorts. I think it gives my look a festival vibe (since that seems to be the only occasion I've been dressing for lately as evidence by my last couple of blog posts), but adds some feminine sass to any outfit I pair it with. Plus, I'm impartial to the milkmaid braids... 

Kimonos lend themselves to offering the versatility of being great for formal looks - grab that little black dress and instant chic oozes from your arms - or throw it on with cut-off shorts and a favorite band tee for some serious flower power. 

Milkmaid Braids Tutorial | House Of Jeffers |

Festival Style: Milkmaid Braids and Kimonos |

I can't wait to see what it looks like with my fall wardrobe! 

Floral Print Kimono - Francesca's / Coral Tank Top - Forever 21 / Denim Shorts / Gladiator Sandals - Target /
Kate Spade New York Bag
/ LuLu*s Sunglasses