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Monday, September 28, 2015

Mod Mom Style

NJ Fashion Blogger Jen Jeffery Of House Of Jeffers wearing a mod-inspired look. |

NJ Fashion Blogger Jen Jeffery Of House Of Jeffers wearing a mod-inspired look with a Tory Burch Fleming Bag. |

On the weekends, I like to get dressed up when I take the boys out. It's not much of a departure from what I do during the workweek, but since there haven't been nights out away from the boys, I try to always put my best stylish self together for days I spend taking the boys somewhere. And in this outfit, I really think I look like a vintage mom. Very Leave It To Beaver June Cleaver Style. 

NYC Fashion Bloggers | House Of Jeffers blog brings you relatable style on a budget that actually makes sense.

Which leads me to my first true relatable fashion post! Remember how I told you I was rebranding the blog, and would be sharing my style trials on pairing high-end with the economical? This outfit is a perfect example!

Since I was able to squeeze in another dress day, I wore this adorable Peter Pan collared dress I scored at Forever 21 for around $17. Some of my bangles are from Alex and Ani, and some, I found at a thrift store and paid no more than $5 for two vintage goldtone bracelets. And I ain't mad at it. Love a bargain.

I consider two of the other things I'm wearing high-end. 
First, my heels are from Banana Republic. No joke, I bought them during someone's wedding in New York. After the ceremony, my dogs were killing me and I had to get the shoes I add on off - immediately. Listen, a shopper is never not in shopping mode. Twenty minutes later, I scored these lovies. They have a gold bar on the inside of the heel, which gives the shoes a refined look. They were $110, and are about two years old.

Tory Burch Fleming Bag, as worn by fashion blogger House Of Jeffers. More of this look at

But the piece I spent the most on was this gorgeous Tory Burch Fleming Bag. When I went back to work last month, I was promoted, and to reward myself for my new position, I figured I'd buy the bag I'd been stalking on Instagram for, like, ever. Best of all - I didn't pay full retail price for this bag. In fact, I got it for 70% off, plus an extra 10% at Saks - which added up to at least $125 less than full price. My secret - sign up for the mailing list, then keep an eye on multiple websites for sales. For a Tory Burch bag that is relatively new, I think I seriously scored.

It's gorgeous. It's quilted. It's timeless. And it is THE bag. Like, the bag you buy that you won't take certain places because you don't want it to come in contact with other people... Yeah, that bag. 

Hard work pays off... especially when shopping for a bargain!

Mommy Blogger House Of Jeffers. Mother of fraternal twin boys!
Daisy Print Peter Pan Collar Dress - Forever 21 / Black Pumps - Banana Republic
 / Tory Burch Fleming Bag / Alex and Ani Bracelets /

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Tendency for Tulle

NY Fashion Blogs House Of Jeffers wearing a tulle skirt from Boohoo, Forever 21 crop top and a Henri Bendel Bag

Somewhere in between changing diapers and going to work, I managed to make it into NYC a few weeks ago for a dear friend's birthday celebration for a party cruise! The weather was perfect, and the sunset at the pier was even more gorgeous. With an opportunity to get dressed up not going to waste, I planned my outfit in anticipation for a night of sailing around New York City! The term "what to wear" was said about 50 times in my home... which I'm sure thrilled my husband. 

NY Fashion Blogs House Of Jeffers wearing a tulle skirt from Boohoo, Forever 21 crop top and a Henri Bendel Bag

I knew I wanted to wear something that would be ship-appropriate - aka not a skirt that would blow up - and a a pair of shoes to keep me in balance. The tulle skirt from Boohoo, which I wore a few weeks ago here, was a great option because it looked dolled up with my polka dot crop top and ballet-inspired wedges from Shoe Mint. Tulle skirts were huge last year, and when I looked for mine, I knew I didn't want to spend any more than $40 on. And I didn't. Mine cost around $28! The luxury item of my look comes from the Henri Bendel bag - gold hardware instantly dressed up any outfit.

A night out was definitely what we needed. Don't get me wrong - I cherish all my days and nights with my boys, but I think it's important for parents to maintain as much of the normalcy they had before to keep their own sense of self now that they're new parents. Since the babes were born, we've been out a handful of times, but nothing as fun as the boat ride. 

And even though I live so close to New York, I don't think I truly appreciate it. The trips I do make into the city I often find something new about New York that creates a new memory for me, and motivates me to do more of these fun things. Hopefully, we'll get to have more dressed up nights and fun-filled days that we can share with the twins as they get older!

The mister and I.

Polka Dot Crop Top - Forever 21 / Tulle Skirt - Boohoo / Lace Front Wedges - ShoeMint / Henri Bendel Bag

Friday, September 18, 2015

How to Wear NYFW Styles on a Budget

Now that New York Fashion Week has come to an end, it's time to take those outfits you can't get off your mind and wear them yourself. But, there's one problem - you can't afford the runway designs.

This is absolutely the story of my life - I fall in love with a head-to-toe outfit on the runway, and then take a moment of silence to mourn the outfit I'll never own... And then, I get over it and find the relatable alternative according to my budget. Since my style aesthetic is a little frenetic, I find that recreating looks on the cheap and cheerful isn't that hard. And if you love to save your pennies for handbags or that one killer accessory to take your outfit over the top, then you'll want to save where you can.

Check out these looks that killed it on the runway... and get the looks for yourself without breaking the bank!

LC Lauren Conrad

You watched her on The Hills, and pretty much still obsess her style and signature beach waves. OC darling Lauren Conrad's collaboration with Kohl's is a playful collection of ethereal pieces that range from whimsical floral prints, to high-waisted pants and lace crop tops. It's adorable, it's versatile... and best of all, it is ridiculously economical as you can purchase everything at Kohl's (which has sales frequently).

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's NYFW September 2015 | Steal Her Style - how to shop this look on a dime! More on

To create this look:

Lauren's outfit is part of her LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's collection, and was worn on the runway by a model, too, in grey. You can purchase the entire look, head to toe, for $96. I love it because it's work appropriate, and wide pants are THE item to own this fall. To shop all of Look 9 on Kohl's, follow this link. And, you're welcome.


The Mulleavy sisters did not disappoint delivering their Spring/Summer 2016 presentation. Some are calling it pirate inspired, others see a Victorian goddess, and I see 70s gypsy chic. Regardless of your view, all of it was gorgeous. 

Rodarte NYFW Spring/Summer 2016 - How to shop this look on a dime! More on

To recreate the look, the brown leather pants from Ann Taylor cost $98, but you can use the code YESPLEASE for 40% off! Next, a white dress shirt or even a cream colored one to layer under the yellow plaid blazer completes the look. I found one that looks just like the model's plaid blazer on TheRealReal for $98. Finally, the black open toe booties from Missguided are a steal at $58!

Betsey Johnson

A New York Fashion Week icon, Betsey Johnson delivered her signature eccentricity with sequins, tutus, houndstooth and of course, a little bit of punk rock thrown in to represent her 50 years of fashion. Representing numerous decades, Betsey paid homage to NYC landmarks and her years of putting out style her way.  

How to recreate runway fashions from NYFW on a budget! See more on!

To create the look:

This mod outfit is super easy to recreate: Rock a Peter Pan collar dress with silver flats! The two I choose range in price from $58 to $98! This is the perfect look to try a winged eye look, too! And if you truly love Betsey, you can purchase the silver flats which are part of her line of shoes and accessories!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Change You Can Relate To

Sometimes, you have to face the fact that things change... and it's really an awkward feeling. In my case, House Of Jeffers has strayed away from my original plan when I started blogging almost 5 years ago.

When I created the blog, I was working as a copywriter for Barneys New York. My day in and day out was consumed by fashion, which motivated me to create my own space on the Internet where I could share my personal style. Also a major factor in my life, and still to this day, is/was my love for England. I owe it to my husband for bringing this influence into my life - bringing his culture in to my life. I was so in awe with the UK and the stylish women of London who wore heavy black eyeliner and a nude lip like no other. They still look gorgeous, and I'm still jealous that I haven't nailed down the look. The name "House Of Jeffers" was truly inspired by royal houses of England - taking part of my last name and using it to create my own royal "house" filled with a fabulous wardrobe that I loved.

Fast forward 4 years later, and much has changed in my life. Focuses have shifted beyond the blog. Obviously, the biggest of which was the birth of my sons. Before them, my blog was the thing I nurtured in my spare time. And England was the place I turned to for motivation in my blog. It was the niche I created for myself. It was my thing as a blogger... or so I thought.

But it seems as though the part of me that loves England didn't fully translate well with my audience. And I've kind of had a good idea that that was the case for at least a year now. I was holding on to this idea of being a NJ blogger with a UK point of view because honestly, I was scared that I wouldn't know what to do with my blog. Being from New Jersey, I thought that wasn't interesting enough because let's face it - the state gets a bad reputation. I was worried that I would just be a blogger with nothing to contribute. But let's face it: When do I really talk about England? When was the last time I incorporated a hint of UK-inspired anything in to my outfits or let alone, my blog content? It's probably been at least 2 years...

About two weeks ago, I joined Periscope on a whim (you can find me at House Of Jeffers). I didn't know what I was going to do being on it, but the first day I signed up, I did my first awkward broadcast of talking to random strangers who were watching. One of which was Mister Newton (hey buddy!). While I might have stumbled over my words, and didn't have much to say in the 10 minutes I scoped, I managed to find other people on the platform offering invaluable information on growing a business, connecting with your audience, and being more business-oriented when it comes to my reach as a blog. I've know since started scoping on a daily basis about blogging, fashion and being a mom.

As a result of joining Periscope, I basically had my ass kicked by Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society, Zach Spuckler and Nicole "Soprah" Walters. Watching their scopes on various topics relating to entrepreneurship and expanding my reach, I started to put things in perspective with my blog and what I was actually doing on it. The reality is: I am doing some things wrong. I was complacent with my blog. And I was scared out of my mind because this meant I had to change House Of Jeffers.

Hot off of attending Periscope Church, my newest social media place of worship, I asked one of my dearest and most honest friends:

Me: "What do think my blog is about? I know I have this whole UK thing, but I feel like I can't do anything with it."

Her: " I don't get England from your blog at all."

I was relieved. I needed someone else to confirm what I was thinking. She pressed on:

Her: "When I tell people about your blog, I tell them how you dress head to toe in clothing that looks expensive, but it's not. That you always have one thing on that is a little more high end than the rest, but your entire outfit looks like it cost more than what you spent."

Honestly, I never thought of my blog like this. But she was right. She works with me everyday, and sees what I wear to work, which isn't much different than my outfit posts on my blog. I started to get really excited about this because I felt like there was an opportunity to start over on House Of Jeffers - with real intent that is relatable to other people.

That's it! Relatable style. House Of Jeffers is about creating relatable style for women who don't have a loaded bank account with money to burn. Because I sure as hell don't. I just know how to fake it with my clothing.

So there it is. A new change:

House Of Jeffers is all about bringing relatable style to you. I will show you how you can be fashionable on a budget and still look like you spent $200 on your outfit, when I only spent $70. I'll mix the relatable, economical with the high-end obtainable bag you've been drooling over... then tell you how to get it on the cheap and cheerful. Oh, and I'm still talking about being a new mom on here - that will never change.

I am so happy to share my new direction with all of my readers. I truly feel like this is the direction I should have been taking a long time ago, but was too afraid to do so. I am so motivated to make House Of Jeffers my best ever, and I'm actively taking steps to improve as much as I can. A new design is on the horizon, too!

If you've been a longtime reader, or are new to my blog, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your patience with me as I get back into blogging. Being a mother is my number one priority, and that calls for me to put my family first. But, the free time I do get I cherish, and I still love House Of Jeffers. I'm doing my best to be the best blogger I can be, so I can bring you the best content. And so I thank you for all the support you've shown me. I hope you'll continue to stick around and see how it all pans out.

All my admiration,


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Jersey Shore Send-Off to Summer

The fact that Fall is on its way in really bums me out. Summer is my all-time favorite time of year - always has been ever since I was a little girl. The beach, the boardwalk, the warm summer nights... the crop tops. I'm going to miss summer especially since it was the first true season I got to spend with my sons.

So, to give summer a send off in our own little way, the Jeffery clan headed down to the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, New Jersey for a last hurrah if you will. We took the drive down the Garden State Parkway and planned to win the boys some stuffed animals from the arcades... And of course, grab a slice of pizza. It was definitely one of the best days of the summer, and I'm really going to miss the chance to take the twins down there again until next year.

The Jersey Shore - One list trip to the Jersey Shore for 2015. | House Of Jeffers, a fashion blog by hipster mom Jen Jeffery |

And it was only fitting that I squeeze in some photos in my favorite place. Hopefully, we can ride out the heat until late September so I have more time to wear all my summer brights.

Summer Style - Summer brights featuring Madewell, Kate Spade New York, Maybelline and Forever 21 |

#OOTD by mom blogger and fashion writer Jen Jeffery of House Of

Until next time, summer!

Kate Spade New York bag, as featured on the life and style blog, House Of Jeffers |
Purple Racerback Tank - Madwell / Skirt - Forever 21 / Kate Spade New York Bag / Gladiator Sandals - Target / Maybelline Lipstick 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blue Hues

Going back to work has given me the chance to dust off all the clothes I couldn't wear while pregnant, and to rip the tags off new ones I bought when I literally couldn't see my feet.

But now that I have a view of what's beneath me, I'm back in my heels and feeling like I'm regaining my pre-pregnancy appearance. It's been 4 months, and for the most part I think I look pretty much the same. Okay... I'm just going to say it: I look like I didn't have two babies. And I know how lucky I am to have good genes in the sense that I was able to bounce back to my pre-baby size. But, I do have some work to do and while it may not be visible to everyone, I know what I want to achieve and that I'm not 100% there yet. It is a struggle to come to terms that your body really isn't your body anymore after you have a baby, let a lone two. Yet, what it all comes down to is any woman who has had a child would probably say they would sacrfice the appearance of their body for the sake of their children. And I'm no exception. 

Dresses have always been a staple for me, and especially for summer. Expanding my color palette, this blue geo print dress in blue is one of my current favs. I've worn it both casual and dressy, as is evident by the heels in today's #ootd. I wore this outfit on a Sunday for lunch in my town with the boys, and for some mommy time getting my hair blown out in the morning. Simple pleasures, people. I'll take free time when I can get it... but I don't mind sacrificing my personal me time for the boys. 

Unless we're shopping (just kidding!).

Dress - Forever 21 / Ankle Strap Metallic Heel Heels - (shop a similar shoe style here) / Stitched Leather Camera Bag - Henri Bendel / Bracelets - Alex and Ani / Sunglasses / ZeroUV