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Monday, March 31, 2014

#KeepDreaming: Things I Want, But Can't Afford

#KeepDreaming: Things I Want But Can't Afford

Everyone has an ultimate wish list of things they want. Those unobtainable things you know you'll never have... because they are so utterly, financially out of reach its not even funny. And all you can do about it is dream about it.

If I had a dime for how many times I've uttered the phrase, "I need to start playing the lottery", I'd probably won by now. A Chanel bag has always been on my list of things I'd love to own... So unless I happen to find a a couple thousands dollars inside a paper bag on the sidewalk... the only thing I'll be doing is dreaming of these things. FOR. EVER.

Until then, I'll keep dreaming of owning...

... a Mary Katrantzou dress. To describe what she does as "design beautiful clothes" would be criminal. Mary Katrantzou creates works of art that are so dreamy and indulgent, it blows my mind. But, since I don't have $1,200.. all I be doing is pinning a photo of this dress to my cubicle.

... a Chanel handbag. This dream will never end - or happen. And honestly, I think I'd be paranoid to carry around such an expensive bag, let alone place it any where potential cooties might thrive, that I'd place it in a glass vessel and admire it.

... Alaia shoes. "You don't understand - It's an Alaia." Oh, I get it, Cher Horowitz. I get it very much. But the closest I've gotten to an Alaia was holding a shoe in my hand. The craftsmanship was gorgeous. However, that $1,700 I was banking on winning at the slots in Atlantic City to buy a pair of these beauties never happened. <le sigh>

... a Dannijo necklace. Any will do, really. Just make the check out to Jen Jeffery.

... Adam Levine*. Could Adam Levine be bought? If I hit it big, I'll let you know.

*I apologize to my husband for this one. Sorry hun... you can still live in the guests house when Adam moves in, though. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fashion Rule Breaking

How to style a bodycon dress | House Of Jeffers |

Two things I currently need: A haircut and a vacation. While the vacation is so far from reach, the haircut is happening this Saturday. I hate this weather because what it does to my hair. So dry... time for a little snip. Nothing crazy though. 

Turquoise Jewelry and Accessories - House Of Jeffers

How to style a bodycon dress | House Of Jeffers |

I tend to go through these phases where I feel like I need to do something to my hair. I mean, the bangs - that will probably never change... so I'm limited to my options. And since my hair is brown, I very rarely wear that color. But this Charlotte Russe jacket is the exception. I love a slim fit moto jacket, and this one is an unexpected change of pace for me. 

It's been said that black and brown don't go together. Alright, who ever came up with that rule should have had their head checked. Sorry, but how can two dark colors, that in some instances could pass for one another, not go together? Weird. 

I guess I'll forever not follow the rules. Just call me a style outcast.

Charlotte Russe Bodycon Dresses | House Of Jeffers |

Charlotte Russe Blogger | House Of Jeffers |
Cropped Leather Moto Jacket - c/o Charlotte Russe / Chevron Printed Body Con Dress - c/o Charlotte  Russe  / Long Crescent Pendant Necklace - Forever 21 / Fleece Leggings - Francesca's / Black Ankle Booties  - Target / Studded Crossbody Bag - Forever 21

Monday, March 24, 2014

Stripes for Sunday

Henri Bendel Bag, Warehouse Blazer, Zara Pants, Neon Sweater

When the weather gets dreary, I get bright... and dressed up.

Sundays in my house do not mean sweats. It means lacing up my highest wedges, throwing on some neon pink lipstick and letting my bangs down.

How to Style a Striped Blazer | House Of Jeffers blog |

Henri Bendel Bag, Shoedazzle Wedges, Striped Blazer |

The phrase "Look good, feel good" really is true. Although my fashion choices for the day are influenced by Mother Nature, I don't let her win completely. As a fan of loud, obnoxious pairings in terms of prints and ensembles, this outfit is rather tame compared to some of my other posts. 

But boy, do I love stripes. This blazer from Warehouse - so me. And the grommet-adorned bag from Henri Bendel - I could just dance I love it so much. It is so beautiful and sassy... and mine. Get ready, people, because this bag will on this blog A LOT the next couple of months. #sorrynotsorry

Henri Bendel Bags | House Of
Stripe Cropped Ponte Jacket - c/o Warehouse / Neon Sweater - Forever 21 / Black Stretch Ponte Leggings - Zara / Faux Croc Print Lace-Up Wedges - Shoedazzle / A-List Grommet Satchel - c/o Henri Bendel  / Be Brave Necklace - gift from a friend / Gold Buckle Bracelet - thrift store find

Friday, March 21, 2014

Color Club's Safari Garden Preview

If there's one thing that is a constant, it is my love for nail art... and with that comes a healthy obsession over nail polish colors. It's a constant, as each season brings new shades to douse my digits with. Color Club has been cranking out colors for years, and helping me keep my nails in check.
Can you believe they've been around since 1979!? To celebrate 35 colorful years, Color Club has revamped their branding - a chic black and white block letter logo that is just as stylish as their shades.

Birchbox is helping to relaunch Color Club's all new look, and was kind enough to let me preview the newly-designed bottles... and shades from their Safari Garden Collection!

Color Club Safari Garden Collection Review on House Of Jeffers |

From succulent pastels to vibrant floral-inspired shades, 
the Safari Garden includes:

From left to right:
In De-Nile (pastel blue)
Look, Don't Tusk (pastel yellow)
Lion's Den (iridescent gold)
Tribe and True (military green)
Nail Robi (dark violet)
Safari Sunset (light orange)

The collection is the perfect balance between light and dark colors to suit my moods, and to let me get creative with my designs. Plus, because of the bottle's square design, it made it easy to store the colors compactly on my nail polish rack.

Color Club Ombre Mani Tutorial | House Of Jeffers |

Since I couldn't decide on one color to paint my nails, I decided to create an ombre look using In De-Nile and Nail-Robi. To create this look, I used a triangle makeup sponge, layered with each color. The results - a dark to light mani perfect for spring!

Color Club Birchbox Review | House Of Jeffers |

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Leather Haze

Darling Clothes Accessories | House Of Jeffers |

As much as I love an all-black ensemble, I need the weather to change. Immediately.
I miss my bright dresses and loud prints.

There's been moments of warmer days, but not enough to be able to stop wearing layers. The day I took these photos, the wind was ridiculously wicked. It left no opportunity to get creative with photos... My husband snapped as fast as he could, and I stood there... freezing. 

Darling Clothes Accessories | House Of Jeffers |

Basic jeans and a leather jacket | House of Jeffers |

But, all was not lost. This outfit is full of new-ness. First, this lovely quilted handbag comes courtesy of UK's Darling Clothes. The photos don't do it justice - it's absolutely chic and the nail head details give it just enough rock n' roll character while retaining its femininity. 

And remember those pink acid wash Zara jeans I blogged about 2 weeks ago? I gave the grey pair I purchased at the same time a spin, pairing it with this Vince Camuto jewel-print button up that was a steal at Lord and Taylor - $23 on the sale rack! Crazytown! 

House Of Jeffers New Jersey Fashion Blogger |

House Of Jeffers New Jersey Fashion Blogger |
Blank NYC Leather Moto Jacket - purchased at South Moon Under / Vince Camuto Jewel Print Button Up - Lord & Taylor / Acid Wash Jeans - Zara / Adrianne Quilted Handbag - c/o Darling Clothes / Black Ankle Booties - Forever 21 / Alex and Ani Bracelets

Here's hoping for warmer days, brighter manis and lots of opportunity to wear pink lipstick!

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Bendel Girl Fashionista Style

Henri Bendel Short Hills Mall feature on House Of Jeffers |

As you know, one of my favorite stores that truly captures the spirit of being a fashionista is Henri Bendel. Every time I step inside, which happens to be at the Short Hills Mall where I hosted a VIP Shopping event during Christmas in 2012, a sense of euphoria rushes over me as I look at all the sparkling, dazzling and just straight up fabulous jewelry and accessories they offer.

Out of all their iconic Bendel Girl illustrations, drawn by Izak Zenou, the Fashionista is undoubtedly me. Their latest Spring catalog celebrates all the vibrancy of color - filled with dreamy blues, signature Henri Bendel stripes and of course, stunning jewelry decked out in sparkle. Henri Bendel is never at a loss for details, and this spring, I am following their lead and rocking some serious color, and style!

My Bendel Girl Fashionista Style wish list includes
(from left to right):

Have a Henri Bendel wish list of your own? Well, starting Friday, March 20 and ending Wednesday, April 2, with a purchase of $150 or more (in store or online), you'll receive this cheeky, limited edition canvas Henri Bendel tote! 

Henri Bendel Gift with Purchase Tote

Stop by your local Henri Bendel store, or ,if you're in New Jersey at the Short Hills Mall, and get Bendel Girl ready for Spring! 

*Henri Bendel has asked me to creature an original post featuring my personal selections of their offerings. I have received a gift as compensation. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Currently Coveting

While fashion does consume most of my thoughts, I have interests outside what you see on House Of Jeffers. I don't talk about them too often, but I was thinking of ways to change it up on the blog, and thought it might be fun to share some of the other things, articles, music, books, etc., that I'm currently coveting! Hopefully, you'll find these things interesting... and will want to check them out!

This week I'm currently coveting...

... the Sophia Webster Kimini. Talk about lovely, these little killers ooze feminity, and need to be mine.

... to start a fashion scrapbook, because the lost art of scrapbooking and ripping pages out of magazines and hanging them on your wall like you did in the 80s is just... cool. Stylecaster's Meghan Blalock wrote a nifty article on how to start your own fashion scrapbook. Sounds like fun to me!

... more sleep. 

... a Get Up Kids reunion. If you're not familiar with this band, than you probably weren't emo back in the 90s... or even know what I'm talking about. However, a reunion might not be in sight for the band, but if you like listening to musicians interview other musicians, you might like Matt Pryor's podcast sessions on Nothing To Write Home About ( He was the vocalist of The Get Up Kids, and is an amazing solo artist who records his conversations with artists like Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day and Perma.

... more books. I'm currently reading "An Abundance of Katherines" by John Green, author of "The Fault in our Stars." I'll be honest - the first few chapters in, I really did not like this book. But, as it develops, and the story gets more intricate, it's growing on me. I"m always looking for book suggestions so feel free! 

... all the sunglasses in this Refinery 29 best sunglass style article, hand-plucked by Lauren Conrad. Yes, ALL of them. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Loud Pairs

House Of Jeffers Fashion Blog |

We all have style comforts. For me, I can sometimes get so wrapped up in my own "creature of habit" ways that I have moments of feeling like my clothes look the same. It happens when you shop in the same stores over time, and get accustomed to wearing particular colors and specific cuts of pants, tops and shoes. 

But I'm a sucker for strong details. 

House Of Jeffers, A Fashion Blog from New Jersey |

Sole Society Bag on House Of Jeffers |

There's nothing I love more than pieces that are slightly loud, but yet, clash when paired together. But it has to be done with care. Over do it, and, well... you look like a hot mess. I had my doubts about wearing such a striking teal with an equally exuberant purple. But, leave it to my trusty arsenal of black tights, shoes and handbags to help tie it all together. 

Shop Prima Donna Necklace on House Of Jeffers |

How To Pair Bold Prints |
Olena Cable Knit Sweater - c/o Tommy Hilfiger / Lace Print Skirt - Forever 21 / Laser Cut Camille Satchel - c/o Sole Society / Black Fleece Tights - Francesca's (these are life savers!) / Ankle Boots - Target / Isla Bonita Necklace - c/o Shop Prima Donna / Assorted Alex and Ani Bracelets: Vintage 66 Heart Bangle, Gypsy 66 Wrap

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm a Rivet & Sway #ChelseaHallGirl

Rivet & Sway Belle frames on House Of Jeffers |

My inner art geek is finally complete, thanks to this amazing frames from Rivet & Sway! Wearing one of many chic styles from their 70s-inspired collection, Chelsea Hall, I stepped outside rocking my newest accessory, and as part of their #ChelseaHallGirl campaign, they challenged me to come up with a looks that represents my style aesthetic. Thanks to their clever try-at-home program, I had the chance to experiment with 5 different styles - for free!

These frames, called Belle, inspired me to come up with this look which I like to call hipster librarian. Some retro flair thanks to the cardigan, a bold floral print and of course, the glasses, made me feel like I can get all Dewey Decimal System on ya'll. 

Rivet & Sway #ChelseaHallGirl | House Of Jeffers |

And since I was outdoors, I couldn't forget a killer pair of sunglasses to add to my outfit. Barracuda spoke to my penchant for metal accessories and aviator-style sunglasses.

Rivet & Sway #ChelseaHallGirl | House Of Jeffers |

The idea of glasses as a fashion accessory is truly underrated. I've always wanted to experiment with frames, but was afraid that perhaps I would look out of place because it's not something I wear everyday. Women like Lisa Loeb and Tina Fey have worn glasses at part of their signature style for years, and is a look I've always considered cool and quirky. So why can't I?

Rivet & Sway's styles truly helped me feel like glasses are right at home with my style, and bangs, thanks to the stylish options they offer. And best of all, should I ever need a pair of prescription glasses, I could use the same frames!

Rivet & Sway At Home Try On Review | House Of Jeffers |

Rivet & Sway At Home Try On Review | House Of Jeffers |
Pink Knit Cardigan - Forever 21 / Polka Dot and Floral Top - c/o LuLu*s (sold out, but there's another option that's just as adorable) / BDG Mid-Rise Ankle Length Skinny Jeans - Urban Outfitters / Triple Buckle Ankle Boots - c/o LuLu*s (sold out, but these look just like them!) Rivet & Sway Frames and Sunglasses / Just Fab Arrival Bag

To help you find the perfect pair of stylish specs, Rivet & Sway is offering House Of Jeffers readers 10% your order! Use coupon code houseofjeffers-10 for a discount!

Plus, check out their #ChelseaHallGirl interview they did with me on their blog! 

Big love to Emily and everyone at Rivet & Sway for letting me
be a part of their #ChelseaHallGirl campaign!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Acid Wash Revival

Acid Wash Jeans from Zara, Old Navy Top, Forever 21 Cardigan, Seychelles Shoes on House Of Jeffers |

Boy do I feel like a hipster in this outfit. The hat. The fringe. The acid wash jeans - my favorite part.
I was born in the 80s so acid wash denim is in my fashion DNA. Many a pairs did I wear - ripped, dark wash, light wash... Some good. Some terrible. But these pink acid wash jeans from Zara were so, so good that I had to buy a pair in gray, also!

Hipster status in the snow.

Acid Wash Jeans from Zara, Old Navy Top, Forever 21 Cardigan, Seychelles Shoes on House Of Jeffers |

Best Drugstore Lipsticks | House Of Jeffers |

Seychelles Best Laid Plans Shoes on House Of Jeffers |

I wore this outfit on Saturday, eager to try out a monotone look. Sure, the black sweater is rather predictable for me since the majority of my wardrobe is black. However, I decided to pair similar shades of pink and purple for a perky look. And to think I wore this to breakfast... and to pick up my dog from the vet. 

But a funny story about my lipstick. Although this shade is my favorite, and has become a signature for me, it sure does stain. Especially on my dogs. I give them kisses, only for pink splotches to be left behind on their fur. So, Saturday morning, I had to go to the vet to pick up Phoebe from her surgery, and I knew that I was going to smooch her up like crazy... but remembered to wipe my lipstick since I didn't want her looking like a furry pink. I must not have done a good job since regardless of my makeup removal, she was covered in fluorescent pink lipstick.At least she matched me!

Alex and Ani Bracelets on House Of Jeffers |

Hat - Forever 21 / Black Cardigan - Forever 21 /  Purple V-Neck Blouse - Old Navy /  Pink Acid Wash Jeans - Zara / Seychelles Best Laid Plans Wedges - (purchased at South Moon Under) / Black Fringe Bag - Brandy Melville / Alex and Ani Lotus Bracelet, Compass Bracelet, Gypsy 66 Wrap and Vintage 66 Love Bracelet