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Friday, August 31, 2012

Candy Striper

What I'm Wearing:
Red Luxetouch Piped Tee - Banana Republic (buy it here)
Striped BDG Cropped Skinny Jean - Urban Outfitters (similar style here)
Dany Platforms - Jessica Simpson (buy em here!)
Black Satchel - Zara
Silver Braided Cuff - Macys

I know everyone wants to jump on the Fall bandwagon, but I'm not letting go of summer anytime soon. Sure, I might break out jeans on an occasion now that it's not 100 degrees in New Jersey every day... but I just love my summer wardrobe.

Looking back on what was in my closet last summer, and what I've built up this year, I can say that my where I spend my money in terms of clothing has absolutely changed. I really do take time to think over my purchases before checking out... Less impulse buying, more long term investment. Fashion broker, perhaps?

Then again, when you find striped pink jeans for $9 at Urban Outfitters, there really isn't much to think about. Case in point - these cropped skinnies that were originally $58 smackers. Plus, you're gunna gasp out loud when you hear I shopped at Banana Republic's Outlet, where I paid about $21 for this red tee. So comfy. Should have stocked up for Fall... or Summer. Whichever comes first.

Oh, and see you at LuckyFABB, soon!

My beaded friendship bracelet is from Antigua, which I bought on my honeymoon! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Road Trippin': East Coast Style

I'm back from my mini-getaway to Pennsylvania and Atlantic City! Sun, shopping and a little bit of Lady Luck was just what I needed. 

While I might complain that Mike's job consumes so much of his time, it does have its perks. I don't think I'd see some of these places we've been to if it wasn't for his job taking him all over the place. It's fun, and gives us time to explore towns we'd otherwise not know existed.

Here's a look at some photos I snapped on my iPhone. You might have seen some on Instagram on my House Of Jeffers account.  Feel free to follow me to see more!

 1. This is Mike's brick, I mean, lasagna from Buca di Beppo. It's a family-style Italian restaurant,
where a small portion (above) normally serves 2 -3 people. In this case, he finished it the entire thing!

2. Fashion bloggers never really take a vacation. What I wore to a soccer game. 
Mint V-Neck Tee - Gap
Pink Shorts - New York & Co.
Gladiator Sandals - Nine West
Fedora - Charlotte Russe

3. Milky Way Farms in Chester Springs, Pa. So beautiful.

4. The ice cream at Milky Way Farms is named after their cows. How cute! I had Trudy's Raspberry Truffle, and Mike ordered Molly's Mint Chocolate Chip.

5. At one of the soccer tournaments, there was a stand for The Pulsera Project. While I though it was just an ordinary booth selling friendship bracelets, I found out that the Pulsera Project is a non-profit organization that educates and connects Nicaraguan youth with students in more than 200 students in schools across the U.S through the sale of these hand-made bracelets. Each comes with a personalized name tag and a photo of the person who made the bracelet. Such a personal touch, and it really makes an impact on you... knowing that you could possibly help someone. They're typically sold for $5, and I ended up buying three. The cause is truly amazing, and I'd encourage you to check it out by visiting The Pulsera Project website. This is a great project for teachers and students!

6. Swooning over Gucci in the King Of Prussia mall.

8. Revel in Atlantic City was a pit stop on our getaway. It's absolutely ridiculous! 
Next time, I'm staying here!

9. Geeking out inside Revel.

10. Yes, there are Sex And The City slot machines in Atlantic City. No trip to A.C. is complete without blowing your money on these slots!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Totally Crushed Out

What I'm Wearing:
Pink Cold Shoulder Top - Forever 21
Heart Print Skirt - H&M
New Bond Street Florence Bag - Kate Spade
Peep Toe Leather Wedges - Nine West
Violet Princesse Bib Necklace - Bauble Bar

Finally, I'll be taking a mini vacation! So there'll be no update for Monday. I'm sure you're asking yourself "What am I gunna do without a sarcastic House Of Jeffers post on Monday?" My answer - check my archives! 

This vacation isn't too crazy - just a short trip to Philadelphia and then to Atlantic City for a night of wasting my money on the slot machines... Wish me luck!

This outfit pulls together casual elements but with major details that make it not just a regular tee. I loved this cold shoulder top so much, I bought it in grey. And for $9 EACH, I'd be kicking myself if I didn't.

Alright lovelies, have a fantastically fun weekend. See you next Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Not To Wear to New York Fashion Week

I think in another life, I was a cop. I love catching people red handed in the act of committing crimes... fashion crimes, that is.

So with New York Fashion Week coming up, a lot of crazy comes out. Some good and some bad. Since personal style comes in all colors and fads, it's inevitable that in an attempt to impress others during New York Fashion Week, bad fashion happens.

Don't let bad fashion happen to you... or your fellow blogging buddy.

Here's my list of of 3 things you shouldn't wear during New York Fashion Week.

1. Shoes you can't walk in. 
I know, I know, you LOVE these shoes. They make your feet look cute... or so you think.
Honestly, if you think know you can't walk in them, then I promise you, EVERYONE ELSE SEES THAT, TOO.

"If the shoe fits, wear it." Hell no. 

2.  Anything that references the things you read about in 50 Shades of Grey
The lines of sexy versus slutty can be crossed in an instant. Call me crazy, but there's something classy about going to the tents to see a runway show. You want to see the show, not give people a free one. So please, cover your nipples.

3. Your bar clothes.
You couldn't save those dirty shorts for another day, could you?
Nothing makes me more perturbed than seeing someone roll up to Lincoln Center, and then be seated in the front row of a show wearing the dirtiest duds they could find. And last September during NYFW, I saw this happen a lot. 

If you have to be "that girl" who turns up wearing the most beat up outfit you own, can you at least make an effort to iron your shirt? Dirty chic is not cool.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Favorite British Bits - Q&A with The Cambridge Satchel Company: Julie Deane

No other accessory epitomizes British fashion and serves as a fashion blogger badge of honor than the Cambridge Satchel. The charming leather satchels you've seen worn by your favorite celebs and fashion bloggers has taken over as the official "it" bag to have - And I want in!

And since I love anything related to British culture, I jumped at the chance to interview the woman who kick started the hottest handbag revolution - Julie Deane. The story of how the Cambridge Satchel Company came to be is truly inspiring. Check out how Julie started the business, and what's to come from this amazing company!

House Of Jeffers: I love how the company is located in the UK, and keeping with the tradition, is manufactured there, too. What is it about the satchel that makes it so British?
Julie Deane: The style of the Cambridge Satchel is based on the traditional British schoolbag, worn by UK schoolchildren throughout the 60s and 70s, Cambridge Satchel builds on that tradition by manufacturing the satchels in an equally traditional way - we employ British craftsmen and women whose skills are now being passed along as we expand our workforce. The team here has a real passion for our product, when we are featured in articles and blogs we share the news with everyone and the sense of pride is tremendous.

HOJ: To me, the Cambridge Satchel represents a rich British heritage - something that's important to me as my extended family lives in Poole. What does the Cambridge Satchel represent to you?
JD: The business was started from my kitchen table just four years ago - to me it is the embodiment of a dream - the dream to create a business that would allow me to send my children to a school where they could thrive, then it became more than that - a place where people could work and enjoy a happy environment filled with excitement and the passion that comes from building a brand based on an ethical approach. No taking the easy route of manufacturing overseas, no stealing of other peoples ideas, treating the team and our suppliers fairly and listening to the customers who have formed such a strong fan base, listening to what new colours they would like, new styles, causes to support. This isn't a corporate atmosphere - my mother is here working with me every day, the children often drop in (as do those of others here), my dog Rupert saunters around the office being fussed over.

HOJ: Where there any other types of bags/designs that you almost went with instead of a satchel?
JD: No, I couldn't find a satchel for my children and thought it was ridiculous that they had fallen from grace - it's Britain, if you can't find a leather school satchel here then things have gone to the dogs!

Cambridge Satchel Co's Julie Deane, and her mother, Freda.
HOJ: Being a company based out of the UK, did you have aspirations to venture in the U.S. when you first started out?
JD: The U.S. has been a natural progression - my husband is American and the children have dual nationality. Kevin and I were married in the States and lived there for the first five years of our marriage (just about to celebrate our 21st anniversary…) Having lived there I felt I understood the market better and we are delighted that the reaction has been so enthusiastic.

HOJ: About how long, from start to finish, does it take to make each satchel?
JD: We can make one in about half an hour - each stage has a different skill attached - from the inspection of the leather when it first arrives, through the cutting of the pieces, the marking, the embossing, the sewing and the rivets - it's an involved process and there are lots of quality checks along the way.

HOJ: The satchel has become a staple among fashion bloggers and celebs across the globe. What are you thoughts on the Cambridge Satchel becoming an "icon" in the fashion industry?
JD: Everyone at The Cambridge Satchel Company feels a real thrill when we hear of a celebrity or a blogger carrying one of our bags - it's amazing how we have been noticed by fashion houses like Comme des Garcons, editors from Vogue and Teen Vogue... There has been such a warm embracing of our brand. I think the story behind the brand has captured the imagination of everyone and that's very important to us as the message is such a positive one and hopefully an inspirational one, too.

HOJ: You continue to evolve with fashion trends and times - including neon, pastels and with your collaborations. What can we expect for Fall?
JD: There are some very exciting new projects - three new collaborations, a new bag and some new colour collections - and just watch our website - something special on the way on that front, too.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fashion Fix: Galaxy Chic

As you read this, a pair of limited edition galaxy print leggings I ordered from are on their way to me. I can't WAIT to slap em on!

And with fall coming up, you'll find me rocking pants  - a lot. Listen, as someone who shakes like a chihuahua when it's cold out, I'll take as many pants options as I can get. I was on the fence about buying the leggings, being that trends come and go, but I'm willing to take the risk for the $24 bucks I paid for em.

The one's below look similar, but you'll see... In the meantime, I'll have to create of outfits to wear em with... like the ones below.

Galaxy Prints

Embellished tank top / Rick Owens jacket / River Island pink blazer, $63 / Patterned legging / Lanvin lace up booties / Platform shoes / Leather shoulder bag / DANNIJO jewelry / Necklace / H&M metal ring, $4.69 / Yves Saint Laurent matte eyeshadow / NARS Cosmetics summer nail polish, $21

And don't forget to enter my Giveaway with Jux! You have until the 29th to enter!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Wears: Tourist History

What I'm Wearing:
Striped Maxi Dress - Urban Outfitters
Bombay Satchel - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Gold Buckle Bracelet and Square Bangle - vintage finds at Unique Thrift
Rhinestone Sandals - Target (2 seasons ago)

Ever since I moved further central in New Jersey, I've been driving further south towards the shore on the weekends to spend time in some of the state's noteworthy towns. This weekend, Mike and I spent the afternoon in Red Bank, known for it's art and culture.

The town's shops and restaurants on Broad Street are unique in every way, giving shoppers a mixture of everything, from chic boutiques, pet stores, odds and ends, awesome eateries and most popular, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash (a comic book store). Yes, it's named after the Mallrats characters and owned by director Kevin Smith.

Window display at Urban Outfitters in Red Bank

View of some of the adorable shops on Broad Street in Red Bank.

Red Bank is literally one of those towns with cobblestone sidewalks and a slue of funky shops. These kind of towns are my favorite because there's always something new to discover, and they're awesome for getting lost in. Dublin House is another favorite of mine, both for the food and because of it's gorgeous exterior.

See, New Jersey isn't so bad after all. Just gotta avoid the areas where Snooki hangs out... and you'll be alright.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bright Inclinations

What I'm Wearing:
Abstract Floral Print Dress - Forever 21
Green Kitten Heels - Jeffrey Campbell
Perfect Pair Necklace in Summer Peach  - c/o Sorrelli
Riveting Romance Cuff in Concrete Jungle - c/o Sorrelli
Sparrow Ring - Forever 21
Katherine Kwei handbag, Autumn 2012 Collection - c/o

My first entry into bold colors happened about 4 years ago when I bought a pair green kitten heel shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.

I wasn't taking too many fashion risks back then, but for about $38 bucks, I figured the risk would be worth it. Either people would think the shoes were too flashy or daring. I'd like to think the second option is what most leaned toward.

And while they're a little beat up, I still love them. They don't typically look like "Jen shoes" but thats why they're among my favorite pairs of shoes. Slightly obnoxious and not too crazy  - but perfectly me. 

I believe in fashion, you should always strive to be your own person. Sure, taking inspiration is natural, and I do my fair share of admiration for other bloggers. But I think you should ALWAYS strive to be the most unique you. Get a little weird. Be a little bold. And don't worry about what everyone else is doing...  

As for my outfit... Between the sparkly Sorrelli jewelry, the floral print dress and the chic Katherine Kwei handbag - I definitely feel like a girl girl!

*Huge thanks to Sorrelli and Katherine Kwei for the lovely items they gifted me! Be sure to stop by their sites!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Q&A with South Moon Under

I absolutely love finding new stores to shop at.

While I was walking around Montclair, in New Jersey, I was excited to find an adorable new store called South Moon Under. I'd never seen or heard of the store, which automatically peaked my interested - and once I stepped inside, I couldn't stop ogling at all the cutes dresses, chic jewelry and adorable housewares.

Check out my Q&A with South Moon Under's Marketing Coordinator Taylor Schlette!

House Of Jeffers: The first South Moon Under store in New Jersey recently opened in Montclair! Give us a little background about how South Moon...
Taylor Schlette:  Our Montclair store is our 16th South Moon Under store location and it’sour first in New Jersey. It’s hard to believe that we started as a small surf shack in the summer of 1968 have since evolved into a sophisticated, upscale clothing retailer with 16 stores in VA, DC, MD, PA, NJ, NY.  Still privately owned, South Moon Under offers a unique mix of fashions while remaining true to its laid back and free spirited mindset instilled in the founding store over forty years ago.  The name was inspired by our owner, Frank Gunion’s favorite book by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings!

HOJ: You offer a stylish collection of clothing, jewelry, home decor and more! How do you narrow down what to carry in the stores?
TS: To narrow down what we carry in the stores we look at what is going to make our shoppers feel the most fabulous and totally confident in the place that they live. We really like to bring them something great and different from what they are used to seeing in every other store around!  By providing an ever-evolving, carefully hand picked collection of fashion presented in a fun, comfortable, high-service environment we give our customers the opportunity to experience the excitement of successfully and confidently expressing their individual style.

HOJ: I love how South Moon Under has a beach-chic theme to it, and things like books and gifts have a special place on shelving or displayed in such a cute way. What do you want customers to take away from the store's setting/vibe?
TS: The vibes of all of our stores stays consistent with that relaxed, cool and trendy feel that the very first South Moon Under had. We like our customers to have a unique and wonderful experience when they shop in our stores right down to the ever changing awesome visual decorations.  It’s pretty cool that as South Moon Under continues to grow we are mindful of the impact our business has on the environment!  To counter this impact we have built our stores from the floors to the bags with recycled and environmentally responsible materials so that is always something unique with our vibes!

HOJ: What trend to you think will be big for Fall 2012?
TS: A trend that I think will be HUGE in the fall is spikes.  We are already absolutely obsessed with them here at SMU and we cannot wait for them to be all over our trendy style in the fall.  Spikes on bracelets, shoes and pretty much anything else are definitely awesome!  If you’re a little weary of the look of them, you can tone down the spikes or completely embrace the trend, like we do!

HOJ: Where else can we expect to see more South Moon Under stores in the future?
TS: South Moon Under is growing fast and we are totally getting excited about it!  This year we will be opening up two new stores in Yonkers, NY and another in the DC area!  South Moon Under has so many fabulous things to offer and we couldn’t be more excited to have more fashionistas shopping SMU all over the coast!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Fashion Fix: Cheetah Print

My fashion obsessions change on a weekly basis. When I have an idea as to what piece I'm looking for, or a certain print I'd love to incorporate into my wardrobe, I fixate on it until I eventually find it. 

So... I've decided that some Friday posts will be devoted to the things I'm currently obsessed with each week. 

Here's the very first Friday Fashion Fix ever - cheetah print!

What I'm Wearing: 
Colorblock Blouse - Dor L Dor (in Summit, NJ)
Cheetah Print Shorts - Forever 21 (similar style - buy here)
Braided Wooden Heels - Gap (similar style - buy here)
Triangle Crystal Chain Necklace - Charming Charlie (similar style - buy here)
Stretch Crystal Bracelet - Charming Charlie
Black Leather Cord & Rhinestone Bracelet - Charlie Charlie

You know how I'm not really a gal who would say "loves" shorts? These were the first pair I purchased this summer... even though you're only seeing them for the first time. Cheetah print and animal prints are classic fashion staples with timeless appeal. I own shirts with plenty of cheetah on them, but didn't have any bottoms featuring this animal print.

I've worn these shorts with bright tees and casual sandals, and amped them up with charming accessories and heels. Bang for your buck, meet cheetah print shorts.

Not too shabby for $10!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weekend Wears

What does one wear to go furniture shopping? First, you start off with a mint green shirt, followed by purple jeans and then throw in a statement necklace for good measure. Because your outfit isn't obnoxious enough...

Although it is a good way to keep the sales people away.

What Jen's Wearing:
Mint Green V-Neck Tee - Gap (similar style here)
Purple Jeans- BDG - Urban Outfitters (similar style here)
Iris Patent Leather Wedges - Blowfish Shoes, purchased on
Violet Princesse Bib Necklace - Bauble Bar
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bombay Satchel

Hot times, ladies and gents. You too can look forward to spending Sunday afternoons looking at sofas with your spouse when you get married. While the sarcasm is all in good fun, and I love my husband dearly and would go toilet paper shopping if it meant spending any amount of time with him, it reminds of the quote in Old School that Frank the Tank says, 

"Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time."

This being my first Bauble Bar purchase, I am beyond happy. The Violet Princesse Bib necklace is gorgeous and adds so much impact to whatever I wear it with. Plus, for what I paid, compared to other sites with a similar style - it's was steal!