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Friday, December 30, 2011

So long, 2011...

The end of the one year always brings reflections upon the next. And I have to say... 2011 couldn't be gone soon enough. While there were many things that were positive for me, there was one major occurrence that I never saw coming... being laid off from a job three weeks after being hired.

Who does that? 

It threw me for a loop and put me in a situation I never thought I'd be in. I'd searched for a new job and wanted to settle in to a new career, and when I did, they decided to lay people off 3 weeks after I was hired.

I never talked about it on my blog because it was something that hit me hard. I was shocked. You never plan for something like this. I figured I'd just have to move along and try to find the up-side of the situation. And I did. It was my blog.

Blogging keep me busy. It gave me a reason to force myself to be creative...

... and also allowed me to become more involved in a community of other people who love fashion and blogging.

Like the IFB Evolving Influence Conference and Lucky FABB...

Plus, it gave me an excuse to shop, (which in all honesty, I never need an excuse to do), and take up photography again...

So, in the end, it all worked out for the best. I've gotten back to work, and have a lot to look forward to in 2012. And I have my blog to thank for a lot of it - and for all of you for reading House Of Jeffers!

Hope you have great New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dancing Machine

Greetings! I hope ya'll had an awesome holiday, ate till you felt sick and found lots of pressies waiting for you on Christmas morning! Santa was very good to me this year!

Although you run the risk of looking like an obligatory Santa stand-in when wearing red for the holidays, I did it anyway. I've been staring at my Josephine Ruffle Dress that I bought from Urban 1972 for a month now hanging behind my door... knowing that Christmas would be the best time to break it out. 

Josephine Ruffle Dress -
Black tights - Target
Rhinestone Fringe Necklace - ideeli
Houndstooth Pea Coat - Express

And you know how I hate winter coats? Well, I still do, but at least my houndstooth jacket made me feel a little more dressed up than wearing a parka. Someone asked me why women don't wear jackets in the winter that are practical. My only answer is that they probably like what they're wearing underneath the coat. And yes, I am that dummy person who sacrifices comfort for fashion. HEY, at least I'm not wearing pajamas to the mall.... 

And if I look cold, that's because I made my husband take these photos... fast. Don't let the dancing fool you - that was just a tactic to keep warm.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Pics & Flicks

One last day of work, and then I'm finally off for the holidays! I'll be spending it with Mike and my parents... very low key. I have some cooking and baking to do in preparation for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner... I should probably get to that sooner than later.

This little dude was my creation during a night of drinks and Xmas crafting. I'll call him Paco.

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and great holiday season! Hope it's every thing you wish it to be and more!

And a big thank you for visiting House Of Jeffers and taking the time to read my posts, comment, or just take a look around! 

Here's some photos I've been snapping throughout December in the holiday spirit. You can find more of em on Instagram at HouseOfJeffers. Come find me! And Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sabre Dance


It's obscure movie reference time!

So, if you've seen Pee Wee's Big Adventure, you may remember the most famous scene of all: him, doing a dance on the bar, to the song "Tequila". Well, fun fact No. 1:  the song is by The Champs. Fun fact No. 2: that's what I hear in my head when I put on these shoes. My best attempt at the "Tequila" dance can be seen above.

And, fun fact No. 3: Google the "Sabre Dance." That's also in the movie.

Abstract print top - Forever21
Pinstripe vest - Mandee
Black pants - H&M
C Label Patent Leather Wedge Booties -

Yes, these boots are rather Frankenstein-ish, but when I saw em on, I knew I'd wear the heck out of em. Basic black goes with EVERYTHING... and these puppies have made the rounds in my closet many times. They're my first purchase from the site - and I couldn't be happier.

However, I don't think I'll be wearing them for any holiday celebrations as I've caught so much slack from my family about em'. Then again, maybe I should wear them on purpose to all my family functions!?

Rings: J Initial Ring - gift from when I turned 12 / Diamond cluster ring - Vintage from my mother's personal collection
Bracelets: Spiked bracelet - Forever 21 / Bow Bracelet - Henry Bendel

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tighten Up

Holy s!*%, it was cold on Sunday! Definitely the first true day of December weather... I'm not that jazzed about it, but it had to happen at some point.

And sorry folks, but you probably won't see too many dress posts if it's this cold out. 

Usually Sundays are reserved for laid back style, but for me, it means getting to dress up a pair of jeans. The occasion: a drive down to New Brunswick with Mike to watch him coach a soccer game at Rutgers, and grab a Fat Darrell at the grease trucks. Confused? Click the link.... 

Blazer with contrast black lapels - H&M (bought last year - similar style here)
Black knit sweater - Express
Red marble raceback tank - Urban Outfitters
Skinny cigarette jeans - Urban Outfitters
Black and white saddle shoes/flats - Zara
Black studded bag - Primark UK
Gold padlock necklace - Juicy Couture

I left my heels at home and traded em in for a these saddle-esque shoes Mike bought me last Christmas. They're so different from many of the other shoes I own, and they added a little punch to my blazer. I was layered up like a mother, too - racerback tank, black knit sweater AND a blazer. And I was still freezing.

But, I have to say the highlight of my weekend was this festive mani I got on Saturday. Obsessed is an understatement. Super DIY. All you need is a base color and a bottle of Milani Jewel FX glitter nail polish in Gems. And bam! Festive holidays nails on the cheap!

Two-finger Love ring - Topshop
Bangles - Forever 21 (similar style here)

Friday, December 16, 2011

An Open Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

I know you're in the middle of this whole Christmas thing, which I totally get, but I felt the need to reach out to regarding something that is really pertinent to my holiday celebrations this year.

As you know (since you've been watching), I have a blog called House Of Jeffers, where I talk about all the things in fashion that I love. And with that comes of course, clothes, shoes, accessories, bags... pretty much everything.

But, I implore you to hear me out. You see, there's one thing I want so very much for Christmas. While I'm very thankful for the many things I have, I feel as though clothes are an investment in your happiness. As such, I was hoping you could make this girl very happy by delivering these under my tree on Christmas morn:

I've even gone as far as planning potential outfits a head of time in anticipation of wearing these beauties. 

Santa, Please Bring These on Xmas

Santa, Please Bring These on Xmas by houseofjeffers featuring high heels

Hence, a size 7 would be fab. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my letter. And if the cookies aren't doing the trick, I can happily replace them... how bout a 6-pack and some White Castle burgers?

See you soon!


P.S. And if you'd like to throw in some picks from above feel free. You can find them at:
1. Black Blazer -
2. Embellished Collar Dress -
3. Alexander McQueen Studded Heraldry Punk Skull Clutch -
4. Lillie Cherry Pumps -
5. Pink Lace Dress -
6. Black Perlina Necklace -
7. Oval Swarovski Crystal Cocktail ring -
8. Cuckoo For This Color Nail Polish -
9. Gladiator Bracelet -

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Hipster Elf

Growing up, I always wanted curly hair. I even went as far as getting a perm when I was 12. But, since my hair is so straight, the next morning, it was already out. I tried again, but they never really took... and when they did, I missed my straight locks. Fickle much?

I figured I'd give curls another go, and while it takes me over an hour to achieve the look, I like the results. It's a nice change... a little festive, if you will, for the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, if I had to pick a Christmas character to dress like, it'd be an elf. I mean, they really are the brains behind the whole operation.

Plus, there's all types of em. Me? I'm hipster elf. My talent in Santa's Workshop would be packing outgoing iPods with playlists and stuffing stockings with thick, black-rimmed glasses.

Plaid button front tunic - Forever 21
Black studded tights - Tarte via
Black ankle boots - DSW(similiar style here)
Rhinestone statement necklace - Forever 21 (similar style here)
Jade bangle - bought in Chinatown / Rhinestone bracelet - Laila Rowe

Hipster elves dwell in suburban areas and shop at Urban Outfitters. They also like indi-rock, tight pants and often reside in Brooklyn. While I live in New Jersey, I am a fan of the later three. 

And they like jumping in photos, too.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Stylist For a Day - David Yurman Trunkshow

So, you might have seen a photo I posted on Facebook featuring my name on a sign reading "Guest Stylist."

That's because Neiman Marcus invited me to be a Guest Stylist along with fellow NJ bloggers Jennifer Rocha of, Lillie of JerseyFashionista and Jess from StylebookApp to hand pick gorgeous jewelry from David Yurman's collection, and create a look representing our personalities.

Lillie of
Jennifer of
While Yurman's jewelry is known for it's timeless elegance and chic sensibility, I figured I'd have my look pop with a bright color to match my personal taste. Usually, I'd go with something black... but I had an idea to pick a bold color for winter that would compliment the jewels I picked.

I went with a David Meister stunner in a rich fuchsia. From glancing at the showcases filled with dazzling baubles, a purple amethyst surrounded by pave diamonds caught my eye. How beautiful is this Albion Necklace!? I paired it with another piece with similar stature - the Renaissance Hinged Bangle featuring the classic twist David Yurman's bangles and bracelets are known for.

Queen of Hearts blouse -
Pleather leggings - Zara
Pleather ankle boots -
Juicy Couture Padlock Necklace

It just goes to show that even if your style isn't classic chic, you can still wear anything and make it all your own. I'm sure you don't think of me as a David Yurman gal, but I appreciate beauty in all it's sparkly forms... and believe me, I'd love to own one of his pieces someday. 

It was really exciting to be able to create a look that represents my style aesthetic. But I'll be totally honest: Having my name on a sign got me giddy, too.

Friday, December 9, 2011

House Of Jeffers Holiday Wish List

Usually for Christmas, I have a plethora of things I'd love to have on my wish list. But, to be honest, I already own many of things I wanted... My birthday took care of that. 

However, I have a few stragglers that I wouldn't mind finding under my Christmas tree. And although it's short, it's plentiful indeed.

My top two picks: The faux fur vest and the Kindle Fire. I figure the vest would keep me warm while using my Kindle Fire...

Hopefully, my husband is paying attention... 

House Of Jeffers Holiday Wish List

Equipment silk top
$394 -

TopShop knit vest
$120 -

Jeffrey Campbell color block shoes
$180 -

Kate Spade pocket bag
$171 -