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Friday, April 27, 2012

Cobalt Casual

Casual to you and casual to me can mean two completely different things. For me, this is casual, believe it or not.

Leopard Print Top - Old Navy
April Skinny Jeans - Blue - c/o
Luscious 32 Glitter Bow Pumps -
Kristen Round Satchel - Coach

Jeans really don't get as much recognition as they should. Hence, when the rainbow jean trend came along, I swear I heard angels singing.... These are from Urban 1972, my lovely sponsor. If you haven't checked out their site, then please do so. 

While I know us bloggers love our dresses, I'm gunna be 100% honest with you - those things called legs... they get cold. Yes, I know those shots of you wearing that billowy dress on a bridge in the middle of a poppy field look good (and I'm willing to suffer for fashion, occasionally) but let's not pull all our cards out too soon, ladies. 

Square Topaz Ring - Local NJ artist
Thin Gold Bangle - C Wonder
Black Rhinestone Bracelet - Charming Charlie
Crystal Blue Bracelet - Vintage find from Philadelphia - I was told it's from the 60s.
Manicure - DIY!

I wore this outfit out to dinner with my hubby to an Irish pub, where the patrons played a game of "Which one of these doesn't belong" when I walked in. A bit loud - um, yeah. But, at least I can say I was the only one wearing glittery heels and bright blue denim. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Brights Are Alright

To think that this dress kick started my blog a year ago. Yeah, that's right... this dress is a year old... and I love it.

Before I really figured out what I was doing as far as my blog, I used to take photos in my kitchen against a white wall. Nothing jazzy. But, I liked how the photo turned out, so I entered it into a Refinery 29 contest where reader's had to vote on the most "lady-like" outfit. And I won a $500 gift card, wearing this dress.

Dress - Forever 21
Neon Pink Kara Sandals - Delia*s $19.50!!! 
Chain Link Necklace - Charming Charlie
Chunky Block Ring - Forever 21

From that point on, my interest for blogging grew. I was already working in fashion, too, so why not? And that's how my blog came to be!

Oh, but back to the present. I'm glad fashion is getting their stuff together and putting color first this year. Between the rainbow denim and loud color wheel that's been popping up - I'm one happy hipster.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Putting Your Best Face Forward with Tim Quinn

Upon meeting Giorgio Armani National Director of Creative Artistry and makeup guru Tim Quinn at the Giorgio Armani counter at Saks Fifth Avenue at Short Hills Mall on Saturday, and scoping out his shoes (chic smoker's flats reminiscent of Stubbs & Wootton), I could tell our conversation was going to be fun. 

Tim Quinn working his makeup magic skills.

His warm and ridiculously friendly personality made talking makeup with him effortless. And since he's known as a Celebrity Face Designer, I knew I'd be getting great tips and advice.

For Spring, Armani released their Luce collection, which features more ethereal colors in lighter shades inspired by Mr. Armani's love of light and it's effects on color. I personally love this palette (below) as it features shimmering grays and golds that leave a subtle, yet noticeable sheen. 

I asked him about red lipstick specifically - being that us bloggers love our red lipstick - and if women really still use lip liner. The jury is out on that, but if you feel like your lip color is bleeding, Tim said you can use concealer or foundation around your lips.

And what should every woman  have in their makeup kit? "The right foundation changes the look, and should perfect any imperfection you may want to hide," Tim reveals. 

When giving tips to women on makeup, there's never one rule that's universal. Instead, he likes to refer to it as "'Wardrobing your foundation', much like your clothing. On the weekend, you might go casual and wear jeans, and just might want tinted moisturizer. But when you're getting ready to go out, you want to really up the ante; you need a light reflecting foundation." 

And a big myth: Foundation can be matched by testing it on your hand or neck. Not so much. For an accurate match, Tim recommends letting a professional help you find your perfect tone. "You want to have an accurate look," he explains. "Buying makeup at a drugstore can be difficult because you can't test the products. Don't be afraid to ask for a trial. Take advantage of the makeup counters, and ask for samples." 

"Even when I get someone ready for the red carpet, I do their makeup at 10 in the morning, and the red carpet isn't till 3, because by the time your makeup is done, it hasn't soaked into your skin. Put it on. Do your hair. Get dressed. Let it become part of you." Tim Quinn
A big thanks to Tim for gabbing with me! If you have the chance to meet him, jump at the chance!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'd Wear To: Coachella

Music culture is the biggest influence on my style. At the age of 13, I fell in love with music - hard, and soon found myself going to shoes and eventually, getting into freelance writing for music magazines throughout the U.S. There wasn't much to be desired back then in terms of stylish girls at shows - you were left with lots of t-shirts and baggy jeans - but we d id our best. 

And shows really weren't about clothes, unlike Coachella, which celebrates both perfectly. Seeing the stylish concert-goers enjoying 2Pac's hologram made me think of what I'd wear... and yes, I'm DEAD serious about what I'd pack for Coachella.

The leather jacket - a must. Neon leggings? Dead serious.

House Of Jeffers: What I'd Wear To: Coachella

Colorblock Bright Choice Top  -Modcloth 
Striped Tank - Madewell
Daytrip Asymmetrical Jacket -
Skinny Leg Jeans - Pink - Topshop
Marni by Coconuts - Piperlime
Red Sandals - Asos
The Big Link Bracelet - Henri Bendel
Aztec Necklace -
Cross Over Block Tring - Topshop
A Sherbet Thing Dress - Modcloth
Your Tribe Has Spoken Leggings -

Monday, April 16, 2012

Kicks and Kimonos

Geisha Feather Jacket - c/o
Black Tank - Old Navy
BDG Cigarette Leg Skinny Jeans - Urban Outfitters
Michael Antonio Carina Wedge - c/o Michael Antonio
Gold Chain Link Turquoise Bracelet - Charming Charlie
Shell Dove Necklace - Urban Outfitters

Kimonos are some of the most beautiful garments made, I think. The detailing and tapestry of their colors is rich in culture and pride, and growing up, I was enthralled with Japan culture and the art of the geisha. I never made it to Japan or China (a life goal of mine), but I still admire their beauty from afar.

When I received this kimono-inspired cardigan, it's silky sheen reminded me of my times in Chinatown in New York, and how I always wanted a real kimono. I never got around to buying one, but I'd like to think that this is my modern take on a kimono. 

And my shoes - talk about shoe-gasm. I own nothing like these Michael Antonio shoes. Prints on shoes can be hard to pull off with other textiles in an outfit, but because of the contrast between the black and white mixed with orange flowers, these stems compliment my cardigan, and fit in perfectly with my spring wardrobe!

And yes, I absolutely used these for my Instagram #AprilWalkInMyShoes Challenge... which you can still participate in!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Guns N Roses

Want to talk about getting excited? Four words: Peter Pan collar necklace. Oh my word, I nearly lost my eggs over this necklace. I've been on the hunt for the perfect one for some time now, and hadn't had good luck online, but this beauty from Smak Parlour is it.

Guns N Roses Tee - H&M
Total Bloom Pleated Skirt - c/o
Peter Pan Collar Necklace - Smak Parlour
Caged Gladiator Wedges - Mandee
Solid Brass Bangle - J.Crew
Rhinestone Bangle - C. Wonder
Buckle Up Band Ring - Henri Bendel

I think as bloggers, we're always focused on being so polished, and well-kept. You don't have to be decked out to look stylish. Shoot, a t-shirt can look dressier with a blazer than a blouse on it's own at times. Hopefully, there's some other bloggers who feel the same way because let's face it: I can't be on 24/7.  I don't live in heels, nor do I dress it up every day. But as long as I stay true to the kind of style I like, and ya'll keep reading, then I'll keep at it.

I have to say, though, this outfit really is me. A little bit of rock 'n roll and a splash of color. It mixes the feminine and roughness of fashion that I always try to pull together. In this case, the vintage feel of the Guns N Roses tee and uber girlyness of the floral print skirt works together... at least I dig it.

What can I say, I have a soft spot for 80s hair metal bands and the tees that promote them. This one will go well with my Poison and Queen tees. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The End! The 30-Day Shopping Challenge is Over!

And I couldn't be happier! No joke. I'm browsing ASOS and Threadsense as you read this.

While I'd like to lie and say that the 30-Day No Shopping Challenge was fun, I can't. This was year two of the challenge, and I'm pretty sure I will not be putting myself (or you, my lovely readers) through this again. Lame-o. I've had more fun waiting for news of Adam Levine breaking up with his girlfriend (which actually happened) than doing this challenge.

I could barely wait for it over, and have been plotting Operation Shopping Rehab for days now.

Gunna look something like this when I hit the mall later:

So what did I learn from the challenge?

1. Saving money is good. It's nice to watch the numbers in your account actually go up. But where the savings that big? Not really. Since moving, I've had a lot of unexpected expenses.
2. I'll never do the challenge again. I'm an adult, and I know how to use self-control. I'll rely on that next time rather than taking an approaching where I'm forcing myself to come up with a time limit to slowly torture myself.
3. A little imagination goes a long way. Without shopping, I was able to look at the clothes in my closet in a different way, and come up with new looks.
4. Trying to bribe your husband into buying something for you really doesn't work. Shocker.
5. The time I would have spent shopping went towards other things, like crafting and sobbing alone  putting more effort into bettering my blog. Pluses all around!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Up Close in Philly with Van Gogh's Ear

Philadelphia is one of my favorite cities, and as close as I live to it, I don't visit as much I should. The arts, culture, history and overall atmosphere is something to experience. 

I'd heard about the Van Gogh Up Close exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so my best friend, who happens to be an art teacher, and I decided to make a trip of it. 

Purple Leopard Print Sweater - Forever 21
I Heart 21Vibrant Skinny Fuschia Jeans - Forever 21
Pampa Wedge Booties - Mia Shoes
Leather Satchel - Zara
Jessica Jacket -
Pyramid Stud Stretch Bracelet - Forever 21
Nameplate Bracelet - Erica Weiner
Rhinestone Thread Bracelet - Laila Rowe (similar style)
Chandelier Crystal Necklace - Forever 21

Photos weren't allowed in the exhibit, but to see his paintings up close - some of which you can step right up to and really let your eye dissect - is amazing. For such a tortured soul, he created beauty, definitely an irony of his life. Oh, and his ear wasn't on display... would have been cool though. Just saying.

Of all the periods of art, I'd say modernist, impressionism and pop-art are my personal period favorites. I'd seen photos of Edgar Degas' Little Dancer, but luckily, the statue was on display. I stumbled upon oil paintings by Leon Frederic (second image below), entitled "Four Seasons", which depicts children painted in themes of the four seasons. My photo doesn't do it justice, but the detailing is ridiculously beautiful.

One of four pictures in Leon Frederic's "Four Seasons".
Creep eye jewelry. 

After the exhibit, we grabbed lunch, soaking up Rittenhouse Square and the plethora of shops along Walnut Street, and later hit up some bars at the Piazza and along Market Street. I'd love to live there... in fact, I think I like it better than New York. New York is great, but Philly's speed is more my pace. Looks like I'll have to make more day trips... 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 24: 30-Day No Shopping Challenge: Rebel Yell

I'm in the home stretch of the challenge... and I'm gunna be totally legit about it: I'm over it. 
While watching my pockets get fatter is great, not shopping has been boring. So yeah, let's speed this up a bit.

I love me a leather jacket. I have one (which actually isn't leather) from Zara, but I've been on the hunt for another one. Lucky for me, I won a gift card from Stylecaster for a Rachel Roy gift card back in December - super cool in my book as I've been a fan of her work for sometime now - and been watching  hawking the Jessica Jacket on her site for a couple of months, waiting for it to go on sale...

The Jessica Jacket -
Striped Crewneck Tee - Gap
Tulip Skirt - H&M
Purple Xhilaration Tights - Target
Grannie Shoes - Bakers

Oh yeah.

I'm all about this jacket - its got that rough look I love about a leather (without being leather), but with some sexy detailing via a raised hem and jersey inserts. And you know I can't resist neon. My Spike The Punch necklace has just enough "BAM!"

I'm rocking this jacket Joan Jet style until the weather forces me not to. 

Just a quick heads up: There won't be a post this Friday as I'm headed to Philadelphia to take in the sights and be up to no-good.

And a HUGE thank you to everyone who's taking part in the April Walk In My Shoes Challenge. It's been fun seeing your photos on Instagram. Keep em coming! #aprilwalkinmyshoes

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mani Monday: Freshly Intense

Day 23: 30-Day No Shopping Challenge
Since I didn't win the Mega Millions, it's back to blogging.
Oh, and...  I shopped this weekend. For Mike and Harley, that is.

I know how giddy I get when someone brings home a little somethin' somethin' for me, so why not share the love with the two fellas in my life who make me happy.

Mani Monday
Normally, I paint my ring finger a different color, but for this manicure, I figured I'd experiment a bit. Plus, I was itching to use Zoya's Heidi, a bold orangey coral!

Since I was short on time, I applied solid coats of Heidi and Julep's Helena, which I received in my February Maven box. I'm diggin' the purple and orange together. 

Julep's Helena
Zoya's Heidi

As for the glitter, it's Color Club's Backstage Pass - the chunkiest, biggest glitter nail polish I've found yet - stuffed with flecks of silver and purple with a clear topcoat. I wanted the color to stand out, so I applied glitter just along the sides. 

Color Club's Backstage Pass

Personally, this is my favorite mani yet. Neons and glitter - don't hate. Appreciate.

Oh, and are you taking part in my Instagram April Walk In My Shoes Challenge? #aprilwalkinmyshoes