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Monday, June 30, 2014

Psychedelic Soul

Shop Sosie Dress and Sole Society Shoes - House Of Jeffers |

Mirror Print Dresses on House Of Jeffers |

For me, summer is the perfect excuse to wear bright colors and loud prints. 

Since I've been on this geometric kick, there was no way I could pass up this amazing geo-print dress from Shop Sosie. It's got a smack of vibrant color and a whole lot of  trippy, psychedelic goodness. Plus, this was one way to absolutely break my habit of buying black dresses. Don't get me wrong - nothing looks as polished and edgy as black, but even for someone like me, who loves to wear black... I need to liven things up. The accessories are one thing, but black shoes absolutely did not work with this dress... and I'm glad since I could wear these Sole Society shoes with the dress!

House Of Jeffers, a fashion blogger from New Jersey, wears a Shop Sosie Dress and Sole Society Heels |

Later this week, I'll be taking a road trip down the Jersey Shore to Atlantic City for July 4th Weekend. And I can not wait! The slots, the beach, the people watching... I'm so excited for a mini summer getaway. 

Now, onto the planning of outfits for the weekend!

Seema Swing Dress - Shop Sosie (sold out) / Laser Cut Heels - c/o Sole Society / Alex and Ani Vintage 66 Gypsy Wrap / Black Studded Shoulder Bag - Forever 21 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stripes Week Part 2: How to Style Stripes with Prints

Fashion Bloggers from New Jersey | House Of Jeffers |

Part 2 of Stripes Week on House Of Jeffers is all about mixing stripes with prints. Personally, this one is my absolute favorite pairing to wear in the summer.

How to wear Stripes and Floral Prints | House Of Jeffers |

Although all stripe/print pairings are not a match made in heaven. The key to rocking stripes with your favorite pattern, whether its a pair of printed pants, a floral skirt, or reversing the combo with a striped skirt, lies is this: 

Size does matter.

*If the stripes are thin (seersucker or pinstripes), you can pair the piece with a larger floral print.

*wide, bold bar stripes should be worn with a smaller, abstract pattern that doesn't have too much space in between the actual print. Negative space on prints, when worn with stripes, tends to create an effect where the outfit looks uncoordinated and blocky.

However, you do want that mix-matched look - only the prints should complement, not overpower one another.

For my outfit, I'm sporting the wide stripe, small print duo with the latest additions to my growing Alex and Ani collection. I feel so naked without my bracelets. This trio of crystal bangles and my favorite Alex and Ani bracelet, the Plume Feather Wrap, gives me a little bit of sparkle.

Alex and Ani Vintage 66 Wrap Bracelets | House Of Jeffers |

How to style stripes and prints | House Of Jeffers |

Striped V-Neck Tee - Victoria's Secret / Floral Print Skirt - Forever 21 / Vintage 66 Blush Mirage Wrap Bracelet & Gleam Wrap Bracelet - c/o Alex and Ani / Plume Feather Wrap - Alex and Ani / Fringe Crossbody Bag - Brandy Melville (similar style) / Laser Cut Studded Lace-Up Peep Toe Wedge - Charlotte Russe

Monday, June 23, 2014

It's Stripes Week!

Striped Skirt and a Statement Tee, as worn by House Of Jeffers

It's Stripes Week on House Of Jeffers! I'll be featuring one of my favorite patterns to wear, stripes, two ways as a homage to this basic yet sassy combo. 

To kick things off, I'm starting with this oh-so-cute striped skirt from Francesca's. What I love about the skirt is that I can pair it with other prints, solid, tanks and of course, statement tees. I have to admit - I've been holding on to this Ashely Brooke Designs' "Everyday I'm Hustlin'!" t-shirt for a while since I wanted to wear it with something equally amazing. 

Rick Ross is my animal spirit. 

Ashley Brooke Designs Everyday I'm Hustlin T-Shirts | House Of Jeffers |

What to wear with a striped skirt outfit idea | House Of Jeffers |

Ashley Brooke Designs Everyday I'm Hustlin Tee as worn by House Of Jeffers |

If you're going to wear stripes, black and white gets the most longevity in my book. Since the color combination is timeless, you can pair black and white stripes with any color and it works every time. Yet, throw on a striped skirt with a pair of sneakers, and it's still feminine, but playful. For me, I love a really girly look, so I opted for heels and a quilted bag to play up the gold lettering in the shirt, and, to match the skirt.

Stripes one way. Stay tuned for my second striped look of the week!

Black Quilted Handbag, Hermes Stud Cuff | House Of Jeffers |

Coach Shoes | House Of Jeffers |

Friday, June 20, 2014

British Bits: Nail Polish Brands from the UK

Some of my favorite nail polish brands are stationed across the pond in the UK. Yup, add that to one of the many things I love about England - kick ass nail varnish.

Perhaps you're already painting your digits with lovely colours based out of England, you didn't even know it! 

If you're on the market for some cheeky new shades for summer, dabble in these brands for a true London girl experience.


Created by London artist Charlotte Knight, Ciate gets all cutesy on you by not calling their bottles polishes... but paint pots. The brand prides itself on producing inspiring colors that align with today's latest fashion trends.

A favorite at Sephora, some of Ciate's most popular kits include Chalkboard Nails and Caviar Nails. I received an adorable kit during Christmas featuring 6 glitter polishes and I can say that they are honestly the best glitter polishes I've used. The polishes are just the right consistency, needing just 2 coats each, and when it's time to remove, I didn't struggle cleaning my nails.

My pick: Ciate Beach House Collection - 5 shades of beach-worthy colors that will make your digits ready for summer! Available here! 

Wah Nails

Wah Nails Founder Sharmadean Reid is my nail art savior. This sassy lass put nail art on the map way before it comes a household trend. 

It's on my bucket list to have my nails done at the Wah Nails Topshop location in London someday. In the meantime, I've turned the pages of her book, The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art, over and over again as a reference for inspiration and tutorials. Another version in the series was released featuring Downtown Girls nail art. If you are serious about learning how to trick out your nails with no-ordinary designs, you need this book.

Nail Rock

More of a nail wrap gal? Nail Rock wraps from Rock Beauty London, come straight from across the pond to your neighborhood drugstore and stores like Urban Outfitters. From simple metallic solids to abstract prints and feminine flourishes, these nail wraps are oh-so-perfect for those who don't have a steady hand (or patience) to paint your own designs, but love the look perfectly primed nails. I've used a bunch of their wraps and would highly recommend hunting them down, too!

Other UK nail polish brands:

Butter London
Nails, Inc.
Barry M.
Liz Earle

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Shine

Fashion Bloggers with Ombre Hair | House Of Jeffers |

I feel like I've finally graduated from Big Girl Shoes School. Remember when I told you that I was going to try and wear heels more often than wedges this summer? I think I've done a good job so far, and now that I have these metallic heels from Call It Spring, I think I've earned my Bachelors in Square-Heeled Pumps.

These ankle strap pumps are the perfect balance of simple black shoes with some extra BAM! Serious metallic heel action... I wasn't even looking for a pair of shoes like this, but after trying them on on a whim... You know the rest.

Metallic Sandals worn by House Of Jeffers |

Metallic Pumps, worn by House Of Jeffers |

I have to say that I needed this weekend... bad. I had a... trying week a work. It was me being tired and just kind of bummed out that I'm indoors now that the weather is warmer. But don't get me wrong - I absolutely love my job; it's the best I've ever had. But, I needed a weekend of warm weather so I can wear outfits like this... Metallic shoes and all!

Hope you're enjoying the sun, too!

Floral Print Dress from Forever 21, as worn by Jen of House Of Jeffers |

Fashion Bloggers from New Jersey House Of Jeffers |
Floral Print Spaghetti Strap Dress - Forever 21 (sold out, but this Macys dress looks just like it) / L.O.V.E. Belt - Forever 21 / EOWADODE Ankle Strap Heels - Call It Spring / Kate Spade New York Lilac Road Bag / Vintage Heart Necklace 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Color Me Unique - My Julep Dream Nail Polish Color

Have nail polish. Will paint.

That pretty describes my obsession with nail art and colors. The colors, the glitters, the decals... I can get lost in my nail polish collection for hours. And often spend 2 nights of the week changing my manicure.

So, when Julep, (yes, that Julep) asked me what my custom color would be, I became giddy with excitement! Having my own nail polish color has been an absolute dream of mine, and for years I've been lusting over the perfect purple that represents me.

One of the things that I love about Julep is how they name their nail polish colors after women who inspire them (check out Julep's latest assortment of colors here).  Plus, the fact that you sign up to get new nail polish sent to you every month is genius.

Since the color would be true to my style, and to me, I'd call it Color Me Unique.

The name: Color Me Unique

The color: A wild purple with a hint of fuchsia. The best of both worlds if you ask me.

The inspiration: Mother Nature and a stunning fringe leather bag from Gucci. Both are a play on pink and purple, but on the darker, edgier side.


Plus, how could I not call upon my penchant for British royal jewels and lush lace that's fit for a queen as part of my inspiration? Talk about queen jewels....

The quote: Carolina Herrera's quote absolutely defines how I view personal style. Everyone can be a part of fashion, but if you can't put it together in a way that represents you, then it's just a bunch of clothes. 

I know I don't fit in with fashion blogger norms - and fought for years with myself about weather I should change who I am and what I do on House Of Jeffers to give myself better opportunities like other bloggers.

In the end, I said screw it. I actually like being different from the crowd. It's the way I put my style together that makes me, me. And this quote reminds me to stay true to what I feel.

For more photo inspiration behind Color Me Unique, check out my Pinterest board!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wearable Art

Anthropologie Dress, Coach Shoes, Sole Society Bag, as worn by House Of Jeffers |

Most days, I'm dressing for work or the weekends. But I do own formal dresses that I guess you could say I collect since I might not have too many occasions to wear them. Although I have tomboy tendencies, I really do love getting dressed up for special occasions.

I've been holding on to this gorgeous dress from Anthropologie that I purchased two months ago... off the sale rack. I could not believe this dress was marked down since to me, it is so beautiful. I fell in love with the layered, black netting over the pink and green floral print. I finally got the chance to wear it over the weekend to my dear friend's bridal shower.

The way the black hangs past the hem is what makes this dress so artful and lovely. This is absolutely a wearable art piece that I'm looking forward to breaking out for my next special event!

Coach Shoes | House Of Jeffers fashion blog |

Anthropologie Dress, Coach Shoes, Sole Society Bag, as worn by House Of Jeffers |

Floral Print Dress - Anthropologie / Coach Shoes / Laser Cut Bag c/o Sole Society /
Love Bracelet / Alex and Ani Bracelet / Nameplate Ring 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Down By The Boardwalk

New Jersey Fashion Bloggers House Of Jeffers |

There is no getting around it. If you live in New Jersey, going down "the shore" is a way of life. Summer is the the best time to take in what New Jersey has to offer, since you can spend a day on the boardwalk eating pizza, enjoying the sun and pretending to be a kid again.

Last weekend, my husband and I took a trip to Point Pleasant, NJ to take advantage of the perfect spring day which called for playing some games, grab some food and just get out and enjoy walking the boards.

Boardwalks in New Jersey, Point Pleasant NJ, House Of Jeffers Fashion Blogger |

Although I love the scenery at the boardwalk, I never go on the rides. This swing is probably the prettiest one I've ever seen through all my boardwalk, county fair travels. I'm glad that Hurricane Sandy didn't take this one out because to me, it represents everything I remember as a child going down the shore. Maybe one day, I'll get the courage to actually go on it. The guy behind me probably shares my sentiments on riding it as well. 

But on this day, all I really wanted to do was have a fun day at the shore and win some cheesy prizes from the crane machines. Since the weather was perfect, I threw on this cut-out dress from Charlotte Russe, and pulled out my gladiator sandals from last summer. I figured I wanted to wear something that matched my mood and excitement of being back by the beach again after a year full of snow. I'm crossing my fingers that there will be more happy, sunny days like this to come in New Jersey!

Charlotte Russe Dress, Nine West Gladiator Sandals, Kate Spade New York Bag | House Of Jeffers |

Charlotte Russe Dress, Nine West Gladiator Sandals, Kate Spade New York Bag | House Of Jeffers |

Aztec Print Dress from Charlotte Russe #CRFashionista | House Of Jeffers |
Aztec Print Cut-Out Dress - c/o Charlotte Russe / Gladiator Sandals - Nine West / Kate Spade New York New Bond Street Florence Bag / Urban Outfitters Sunglasses / Friendship Bracelet

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

These Shoes Were Meant For... Talking

How to layer a crop top over a dress | House Of Jeffers |

Loly in the Sky Estelle Shoes, as worn by fashion blogger House Of Jeffers |

I love a good statement tee. But a quirky pair of statement shoes? Absolutely!

These ab fab Loly in the Sky Estelle Sneakers do all the talking for me. Since I do have a sweet tooth, the phrase, "OMG Cake" definitely applies. It's pretty much my birthday any time I wear them, and I love that they're just a cute reminder of how much fun being a girl can be.

Plus, what's great with shoes like this is that I can still dress them up with skirts, and get that girly vibe. Honestly, I don't live in heels every day. But at the same time, I don't want to lose that feminine appeal I look for when putting an outfit together.

Estelle is now my new best friend when it comes to comfort, style and getting a little cheeky!

Loly in the Sky Estelle Shoes, as worn by fashion blogger House Of Jeffers |

Sorrelli Jewelry Teardrop Crystal Ring on House Of Jeffers |

Polka Dot Crop Top - Forever 21 / Peach Dress - H&M (yes, the top is layered over the dress) / Kate Spade New York Lilac Road Bag - sold out, but here's another Kate Spade crossbody you might love / Estelle OMG Cake Shoes - Loly in the Sky  (gifted) / Sorrelli Teardrop Crystal Ring / Sorrelli Necklace - c/o

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Flower Power

Daisy Print Dresess | House Of Jeffers |

Sometimes when cleaning out your closet, you find things that perhaps have gone as far as you can take them. Or, that you forgot you had.

That's what happened with these yellow Gap shoes. I wasn't sure I'd be able to pair them with anything. But then, they got a revival thanks to this daisy print dress that I scored at Marshalls  for $15(#fabfound). So, as long as this dress is around, the shoes will have to stay.

Just Fab Bags Review | House Of Jeffers Fashion Blog |

I think so far this spring, I've made a conscious transition into style that's softer and a little more on the boho side. I've just had this feeling that I want my clothes to reflect a different side of my style that sometimes takes a backseat because I get caught up in the routine of shopping a certain way. Now, instead of looking in my closet and thinking, "Everything likes the same" it's now more of, "Hmm... I forgot I have this." 

I've been a little more girly, and a little less showy. So far, I'm going with it. That doesn't mean I'm turning my back on my old ways. After all, I will never say no to a studded accessory, black wedges and obnoxious pops of color. It's just done in a way that doesn't clash. 

Babydoll dress trend | House Of Jeffers, a fashion blogger from New Jersey |

House Of Jeffers, a fashion blogger from New Jersey
Daisy Print Dress - Marshall's  (here's another cute option from ASOS)/ Just Fab Arrival Bag (see how I styled this bag in February here) /  Yellow Braided Heels - Gap / Vintage Jewelry / Black Sunglasses - Forever 21