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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Plaid: The Unapologetic Fall Uniform

I've pretty much been wearing plaid every day. And I should probably find something other than plaid to wear since it's not like I don't have other clothes in my closet to wear.

Never been one to fully master layering, I figured if was going to put on another button-up shirt, maybe I should break it up somehow. Instead of a chunky knit sweater, I tried out this sleeveless peplum shirt from H&M, and there you have it - the outfit I wore to take Nathan and Landon to visit Santa! Yes, I already took the boys for their first Christmas photo with Santa about a week ago. And yes, I am that mom. No way was I going to brave doing this on Black Friday, or really, any weekend after that considering the mob scene the mall turns into. Moms out there know what I'm talking about - I've got potential diaper changes in the mall and a feeding schedule to contend with. Early it is.

And since we're getting all festive, I'll be rocking this perfect Kate Spade New York Southport Avenue Handbag that I got for my birthday! It's actually called the Jenny (not the reason I wanted it), and if I do say so myself - it fits my style personality. It's bold, and different, yet can become a classic wardrobe piece with extreme versatility. Since I opt for darker colors to incorporate into my wardrobe, I've found having a red handbag to be extremely inspiring in terms of finding new things to pair it with.

Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving, and better yet, took advantage of those killer Black Friday sales! Onto Cyber Monday! If you need me, I'll be stalking Instagram and cleaning out my email from the 200 emails an hour I'm getting because of it.


Tommy Hilfiger Plaid Shirt - c/o / Peplum Sleeveless Top - H&M / Jenny Bag - Kate Spade New York / Jeans - Urban Outfitters / Patent Leather Boots - Modcloth

Monday, November 16, 2015

House Of Jeffers - 5 Year Later...

New Jersey Fashion Blogger Jen Jeffery of House Of Jeffers wearing a ASOS dress.

A very special dress deserves a very special post.

While a little behind since motherhood has taken over my life...

House Of Jeffers is 5 years old!

Unbelievable. Five years of fashion, style, adventures... and so many life experiences. I always look back on what's transpired in relation to the first year I started blogging, and this year really takes the cake. But before we get into all the milestones that happened this year, let's acknowledge the dress.

This dress.

It is stunning. I fell in love with it so quickly, I didn't care where I was going to wear it, if it was an impractical piece that would spend more time in my closet then on my body... All that I knew was that it was quintessentially Jen. The print is so intricate and vibrant, and uber boho gypsy. And no, it's not vintage. It's ASOS. But I will say that this is probably the most beautiful dress I've ever dared to wear. So, I knew I had to save it for my blogiversary photos, which my extremely talented, generous and supportive friend, Jody Gianni, captured for me. Please, do yourself a favor and check out her amazing photography here.

ASOS Maxi Dress, as worn by House Of Jeffers. #boho #gyspy #fashionblogger

Which brings me to today. House Of Jeffers has absolutely changed since 2009. My idea of what fashion was then was probably way off. I had different interests which influenced my style aesthetic, resulting in looks that were a bit more edgy and maybe a little immature youthful. [Insert embarrassing photos here.] I worked at Barneys New York at the time as a copywriter, so I just started to get exposed to designers and brands. I also married my husband that year, which brought a new-found inspiration from his home, England, to House Of Jeffers.

In 2010, I started to come into my own as far as being a blogger is concerned. I found my voice, and started to branch out and take more risks on House Of Jeffers. Inspired by England, bits and pieces of the UK found their way into outfit posts. Trips across the pond further motivated me to share how much I love England with you.

As years passed, so did my fashion sense. I stayed pretty much on par from 2012 to 2014. One of the best things to happen to me was the friendships I made. Oh, and that time I was to be in a Tresemme Hair video shot by Candice Lace during New York Fashion Week. Let's call them "the definitive House Of Jeffers style years." Being exposed to other bloggers, and getting into social media influenced me to really hone in on personal style and create a signature look. I'm sure people associate my bangs with me more than any other look I've showcased on the blog. 

Yet, even when I was pregnant, I felt like I did a pretty darn good job of putting an effort into looking like me. I navigated maternity clothes and found short cuts to dressing my bump without feeling dowdy. 

Of course, the biggest change to House Of Jeffers, and me, was becoming a new mom in April 2015. It is my biggest adventure yet, and my most favorite of all. I've only started to share some of who Landon and Nathan are becoming on the blog, and more is hopefully on the way. Another new change for me this year on top of the mom title was being a full-time working mom. Plus, I was promoted at work so that too made returning to work something more positive. Leaving my littles at home is something I still struggle with, but loving what I do makes going to my job easier.

Finally, I took a step away from blogging for better half of 2015 to focus on my sons. They are just about to turn 7 months this week, and as you can imagine, things are very hectic on the home front. Knowing that my life has evolved into what's beyond my closet, the decision was made to change the format of House Of Jeffers to focus on not just style, but lifestyle, #momlife and being a real person on a real budget. The new format has breathed new life into content that I hope resonates with you - whether you're single, married, have kids, have a cat, hate work pants [I loathe them]... whatever. The goal is still to make this little blog of mine better, and I'm hoping to find more time to do so in the future.... 

But if you find some time for me, or know where to get some, let me know.

As always, I need to acknowledge all the people, friends, family, brands and readers who still support me and House Of Jeffers. While this place might have some cobwebs on it occasionally, know that I am so grateful and humble to have a moment of your time. The kind words I receive here and on Instagram do not fall on deaf ears. Thank you for letting me entertain you... and indulging my narcissist ways  regarding my bangs. I mean, they are pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

So, again, thank you! Let's see where we are in 5
years when we come back to this place and look back!

New Jersey Fashion Blogger Jen Jeffery of House Of Jeffers wearing a ASOS dress.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Statements That Shine

Jen Jeffery of House Of Jeffers, wearing Shiny Mix's Dynasty Bib Necklace. |

The easiest way for me to up the ante with any outfit that I put together is with a statement necklace. And I must admit - lately, my necklace game has been on point! Stocking up on sparkling stunners in both gold and silver, I love having different styles of jewelry so I can play up outfits or push them over the edge with a simple statement piece. And since I'm on the budget side of things, that always helps.

Plaid is huge for fall! Style it with leather pants and a statement necklace for an edgy look! As worn by Jen of House Of Jeffers |

Investing in jewelry is something that you won't regret as you'll have the piece for years to come, and when just when you're feeling like your outfit is kind of "blah", wearing jewelry changes the look instantly. One of my favorite places to hunt down jewels is Shiny Mix. I was fortunate enough to meet gorgeous founder Kathy at the Lovely Happenings event, and I pretty much acted like a giddy child over our encounter since I obsess over her stunning assortment of jewelry! Case in point, you might have spied the Shiny Mix's Dynasty Bib - a mixture of uber sparkle in edgy shapes - on my Instagram. I paired it with a collared plaid shirt to give my two-tone top some sparkling contrast. It's gorgeous. It's serious. And it's completely swoonworthy!

Absolutely check out her site as you would be crazy not to find something that fits into your style aesthetic... and within your budget. She's on Instagram, too, so you can envy all the shiny things she's up to!

Jen Jeffery of House Of Jeffers, wearing Shiny Mix's Dynasty Bib Necklace. |

Plaid Crop Top - Forever 21 / Faux Leather Pants - Zara / Fringe Bag - Steve Madden / Suede Ankle Booties - Target /  Dynasty Bib Necklace - c/o Shiny Mix