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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Art of Mixing Prints

how to mix prints fashion |
how to mix prints fashion |
shoemint adrienne | house of jeffers

I'd like to thank nature for being beautiful enough to wear. Myself, I'm a loyal supporter of floral and leopard prints since 1993, when I donned an animal print dress under my cap and gown. Today, when I mix patterns, I go for more abstract nature-inspired prints such as this watercolor rose print skirt from Urban Outfitters. 

When it comes to how to mix prints fashionably, there are 3 simple rules:
  • Contrast prints works, as long as each print is of similar size. One huge print will dominate the look, not compliment it.
  • Stripes go with anything. Yes, everything. 
  • Choose colors that are in the same wheel house. Too stark of a color contrast can turn your prints from flattering to funky.

Easy peasy. 
best drugstore lipsticks 2013 |

Speaking of nature, check out homeboy trying to get some camera time. Cheeky little guy.

There's a lot of these little dudes where I live which is making me think the term "f*&$ like bunnies" really is true.

lucky contributor house of jeffers

arty ring | house of jeffers

shoemint adrienne | house of jeffers
Outfit Details:
Crewneck Tee - Gap (similar style) / Abstract Floral Print Tulup Hem Skirt - Urban Outfitters / Shoemint Adrienne Pump / Leopard Print Satchel - Forever 21 / Arty Ring / Duel Tone Spike Bracelet - c/o Part of the House Of Jeffers x Ettika stack bracelet set / Leather Stud Bracelet - Gap

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Look Mom, I'm in Redbook Magazine!

redbook june 2013 |

I'm so excited to share that I'm featured in Redbook Magazine's June 2013 issue, for a feature on neon style trends! I've known about this for about two months, when Redbook approach me in March, and am uber giddy to finally share this with my readers! It is such an honor to be featured with other lovely bloggers for this fun feature. You can find it on Page 72, to be exact.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Keep Calm And...

Today I'm headed to Exton, Pennsylvania with my husband for a soccer tournament. While I'm not too jazzed on the soccer part, I am excited as the prospect of possibly hitting up the King Of Prussia mall.

And in my haste to pack and run my errands, I didn't have time to write a new post. Sorry!

Hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! Be back on Tuesday with a brand new post!

Until then, feel free to check out the House Of Jeffers Pinterest account, or follow me on Instagram over the weekend!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Basics On A Budget: Styling A Basic Tee with Statement Necklaces

Basics On A Budget - One T-Shirt 5 Statement Necklaces | house of jeffers

J.Crew vintage t shirt / Mango leather necklace / Accessorize neon statement necklace / Wallis triangle necklace / ModCloth Bead chain necklace  / River Island gemstone jewelry

While I wouldn't say I'm a simple girl, I find versatility in simple style. In the summer, I live for a comfortable tee to pair with skirts, shorts and jeans. Of course, investing in key summer wardrobe staples like t-shirts in every color can be done on a budget. I like to shop at J Crew and Gap outlet stores, where I normally find t-shirts for $9.99.

However, you can take a plain t-shirt and play it up with the any extravagant statement necklace no matter what the occasion. I like to pair a black v-neck tee with an over-the-top necklace for nights out and dinner dates... or even to work. Sure, you're spending a little more on jewelry, but for sparklers like this, they're worth it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

In The Secret Garden

graphic print tights

how to wear peplum top |

Yes, I realize these tights are a little loud... which is why it's taken me so long to finally wear them. But that's not to say that I don't like them.  Plus, you know I love a fashion challenge.

Orange and blue roses isn't a print you see everyday, either. I bought these floral print leggings from Threadsense without a specific shirt to wear with them in mind, but coincidentally, this blue peplum top (the same one I wore to Lucky FABB in September) manages to tone them down a bit.

I like to think that if I was a character in the book "Secret Garden" 2013 edition, I'd fit right in.

how to wear peplum top |

how to style nude heels |

Besides, spring is the season for color!

I'm really looking forward to getting through this week uber fast - I'm headed to King of Prussia at the end of the week with my husband for a soccer tournament  Not quite a vacation, but it's time a way from my usual surroundings... Gotta love a road trip!

new york fashion bloggers |

diy tribal nail art | house of jeffers blog
Blue Peplum Top - Forever 21 / Floral Print Leggings - / Nude T-Strap Mary Jane Iris Wedges - Blowfish Shoes (similar style) / Crystal Bib Necklace - Charlotte Russe / Aviator Sunglasses - Carrera Sunglasses / Snowflake Cocktail Ring - c/o Sorrelli /
Mod Style Satchel - Primark UK

Friday, May 17, 2013

British Invasion: UK Bands You Need To Know

My love for Brits isn't just limited to their tea, accents and style. Some of my favorite artists are from across the pond.

Music was always my first love way before fashion. In a former life, I was a freelance music journalist for magazines like Alternative Press, Outburn, Chord and Venus Zine, so my love affair with bands from the UK started years ago, and grew even more once I was bitten by the UK bug.

Here's some of my favorite British musicians and bands that you absolutely should check out if you haven't already.

Friendly Fires

friendly fires

From: St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England
Sounds like: Dance party meets disco/funk/indie rock.
Why I like them: Friendly Fires was a hidden gem that I discovered last year, and since, have become one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time. Their cross-genre sound experiments with huge drums, party anthem vibes and whoozy-like beats. Think of them as a band that people ask to do do remixes of other songs... But apply this to their music. 

Plus, let's face it - homeboy up front ain't too shabby, either. 

Favorite song and video: "Skeleton Boy"

Lily Allen 

lily allen

From: Hammersmith, West London
Sounds Like: Not Adele.
Why I like her: Lily Allen doesn't give a you-know-what about being prime and proper. She's the kind of English Rose that's blunt and cheeky, whether her lyrics are talking about her pothead brother, struggles with love or putting creepy dudes at pubs on blast. Ms. Allen also has an eccentric sense of style: She's been known to rock door-knocker earrings, oversized bows, an array of hair colors (pink and purple among them) and haute couture Chanel. My kinda gal. 

Fun fact: T-Pain sampled her song "Who'd Have Known" on his track "Five O'Clock In The Morning". Lily created this song first in 2009.

Favorite song: "Who'd Have Known"

From: England
Sounds Like: Blur (because the vocalist in Gorillaz is Damon Albarn, singer for Blur) and people who probably take drugs when they write music.
Why I like them: Who doesn't love cartoons?! And let's be honest... It's the Gorillaz.

Favorite song: "Feel Good Inc." 

The Kooks

Photo courtesy of Sentamentalist Magazine.

From: Brighton, East Sussex
Sounds Like: British indie rock
Why I like them: The Kooks are just a straight up, indie rock band void of any unnecessary bells and whistles that could potentially get in the way. They have a true British sound that fans of legit rock music will appreciate. 

Favorite song: "Naive"

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

LMD - Little Mint Dress

new jersey fashion blogs |

Somewhere in the midst of preparing for spring and summer, I ended up with a lot of mint green. And I mean a lot. Upon further inspection of my closet, turns out mint green is a close second to black in terms of colors of choice. As of this week, I've banned myself from buying any more black clothing.

And normally when I wear a dress with a definitive waistline, I belt it. But I wanted to go in a different direction with my LMD - Little Mint Dress. On my quest to stay away from buying another black belt, I figured I'd go for a versatile choice - a neon pink belt. 

My advice for pairing two bold brights:

Believe it or not, wearing two brights at once does work as long as you keep one part of your outfit a little more subdued. If the outfit is bright, keep the shoes neutral or go with a basic color.

charlotte russe shoes |

jen of house of jeffers blog |

Obviously, I'm breaking many fashion rules with this outfit, including mixing metals with silver jewelry and gold-accented ballet flats. Honestly, rules schmules. I wear what makes me feel good, and if that means being a fashion outcast... Oh well.

how to wear bright colors |

charlotte russe shoes |

charlotte russe dresses | house of jeffers blog

Thug life.                                                                 
 gypsy warrior ridgewood nj | house of jeffers fashion blog
Mint Green Lace Skater Dress - c/o Charlotte Russe / Neon Pink Belt - Forever 21
Metallic Cap Toe Ballet Flats - c/o Charlotte Russe  / 2 Bandits Naja Cuff /
Antique Mood Ring - my mother's / Bow Necklace - Gypsy Warrior

Monday, May 13, 2013

Putting Down Roots

ny fashion bloggers |
Tie Dye Print Dress - Missguided / Maroon Leggings - Zara
Cap Toe Flats - c/o Charlotte Russe / Black Satchel - Zara
 Round Frame Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

Even though I'm only a 45 minute train ride away from New York City, I rarely venture there. It can be a tad tedious to get there sometimes, especially after a full work day.

But when I do go into New York, I'm always discovering something new. In this case, my best friend took me to Dumbo for Craftacular. I have to admit, Dumbo wasn't what I expected. It's artsy, it's got so much character, and I think it'd be a place I'd live if I was younger. 

And while New Jersey doesn't have the best reputation, it's always been my home, and I can't imagine leaving it, or my family.

ny fashion bloggers |

ny fashion bloggers |

Friday, May 10, 2013

Beyond The Blog: Bust Craftacular 2013 Dumbo, BK

Beyond The Blog (I hope) is a new series on House Of Jeffers that lets me talk about things other than fashion. For the first installment: Bust Craftacular!

I love for a solid craft fair and a handmade anything, especially jewelry and prints, and I've found some of my most coveted treasures at them.

For years, I've been attending Bust Magazine's Craftacular held twice a year in Manhattan and often, Brooklyn. But don't think of this as your average congregation of arts and crafts. Craftacular captures the true spirit of the hand-mand movement with all types of wares - jewelry, pottery, clothing, metalwork, knit work, food, accessories and anything that welcomes imagination - food and even workshops.

Last week, Spring Craftacular 2013 hit up Dumbo, Brooklyn - a place where I hear my people (hipsters) thrive, and the art culture is booming.

the brooklyn bridge |

Ironically, I've only been to Brooklyn once, and never visited the Brooklyn Bridge. With the weather on point, and best friend in tow, we took the subway into Brooklyn, ready to get our crafts on.


Craftacular always has the most creative artists offering up some of the coolest stuff that you can't find just anywhere. But my bread and butter is jewelry. I managed to snag a personalized ID bracelet from Brooklyn Charm that you will definitely see on House Of Jeffers... A lot.


Shara Porter's printed leather goods were one of my favorites. I actually bought one of her hand-printed  wallets (below) at Craftacular in 2011, which I use to carry my business cards. 

shara porter handprinted leather

lab by laura busony |
L.A.B. by Laura Busony's copper Peter Pan collars featured tiny aluminum roses and hammered details. The black necklace (second from top) was actually featured in Lucky Magazine!

mamu thai noodle foodtruck |
The best Pad Thai I've ever had came courtesy of Mamu Thai Noodle. Amazing! 

Check back Monday to see what I wore!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Perils of Pink

Even though I do consider myself to be a girly girl, I think I still hold on to some tomboy tendencies. Don't get me wrong - on the outside, I'm a total pink-loving lady. But, that doesn't mean I don't know how to play with the boys... or curse like one. Sorry, mom.

nj fashion blogs | house of

gnome enterprises|
Gnome Enterprises Bunnie Tee / BDG Jeans - Urban Outfitters / Tassel Smoking Flats - Nine West / Urban Expressions Handbag (purchased at South Moon Under) / Gold Knuckle Ring - Urban Outfitters / Gold Studded Bangles - Forever 21 

I wasn't always this into pink and whatnot. As a kid, I played softball and used to watch wrestling with my dad (and still do with my husband). I was absolutely more athletic then than I am now. I blame my bangs... I don't like to sweat, and I certainly don't like to go camping or be outdoors unless its surrounded by sand.

But I think holding on to some tomboy tendencies toughened me up. In elementary school, I was the shortest, tiniest girl in the class, which opened the door to some kids picking on me. Would I call it bullying - sometimes. I definitely had days when I faked an illness so I didn't have to go to school. But, I think for all the times I was picked on, now, as an adult, I've got a much thicker, more opinionated, stronger skin. It just happens to be dressed up in a bunnie t-shirt.

nine west shoes handbags |

fashion bloggers nyc |