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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wrapped Up

Pregnancy Style featuring Destination Maternity, Old Navy maternity |

This winter is making it brutal to dress my bump in things other than cardigans. While I can still squeeze myself into some of my pre-maternity clothing, at 7 months pregnant, I've reached the point where being creative with outfits is getting harder. The shirts I wore for the past 4 months are starting to rise up higher and higher, and the bottom of my belly goes uncovered. Thank God for my collection of wrap sweaters like this gold Aztec print number. It's got enough going on to be interesting and make me feel like I'm putting an effort into my outfit. 

But I really miss wearing skirts.

And ladies, catching a gust of wind up your belly when it's literally 4 degrees out - it's torturous. 

Pregnancy Style featuring Destination Maternity, Old Navy maternity |

While a view of me from the front definately reveals I'm pregnant, I often hear from people that from the back, I look like my normal, pre-pregnancy self. 

What do you think?

How to dress your bump on a budget | House Of Jeffers |

As for an update on the babies - they are both doing extremely well. I have been very blessed that my pregnancy has gone smooth. But when you're pregnant, you worry a lot about what you eat, how much sleep your getting and if you're doing everything in your power to take care of yourself so it doesn't affect your baby, or, in my case, babies. I try to watch what I eat, but my sweet tooth gets the best of me at times. I've now limited myself to letting myself have one dessert/sweet treat every other day so I don't overdo it. 

I guess the worrying I'm doing now is practice for when the twins are here. Practice makes perfect!

Gold Aztec Cardigan - Forever 21 / Black Tee - Old Navy Maternity / Jeans - Destination Maternity / Quilted Shoulder Bag - Forever 21 / Gold Lurex Hat - Zara / Shoes - Chinese Laundry

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