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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#momlife: Style for You and Your Little

#momlife: Style for the Mom on the go

Even though I am a mother to twins, I am not really a fan of dressing my sons alike. I think it's important for them to have their own personality. And besides, being as obsessed as I am about my own clothes, do you think I would miss an opportunity to style my boys individually?

However, my stance on this does have a loophole. While I wouldn't dress Landon and Nathan alike, I WOULD rock a t-shirt that matches theirs. The #momlife movement is huge right now, and it's made its way into fashion. Moms want to show off their proud mommy pride, and while their children represent that love, some are taking it a step further by opting for slogan tees that put that sentiment in writing. I love that I can dress the boys in something fun that makes me feel a part of their twin vibe. And even if you are a mother to one, it's equally adorable!

I have started to grow my mommy t-shirt collection already. Plus, my kids get to play dress up with me as I dress them in bodysuits that mimic my quirky sense of pride. The best place I've found mom slogan tees - Instagram! Some of my favorite shops include: - ADORABLE Mama Bear tees! - "We Never Sleep" tee - "I'm not tired" and "I'm so tired" tee. - Cute slogan tees for littles!
leethreeembroidery on Etsy - A family of bear tees including mom, baby, papa, auntie and more!

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