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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Edgy and Eccentric statement necklace, Gap Tee, Forever21 Skirt, Kate Spade New York Jenny Bag, as featured on House Of Jeffers |

Although I wouldn't describe my style as traditional in any sense, I do love classic elements in fashion that are timeless pieces a part of many women's wardrobes. Stripes are probably high up on the list, and of course,  a black and white combo is traditional as it get. But since my edgier and eccentric side always makes their way it an outfit, I do see myself trying to experiment with pieces that appeal to other women... but perhaps, I really did not want to wear.

Hey, I'm being honest.

Kate Spade New York Jenny Bag, as worn by fashion blogger Jen Jeffery of House Of Jeffers |

Stiletto nails

So, in an attempt to think outside of the box, I figured it was time for me to buy a pair of heels.

No, I do not wear simple heels.

I always felt like I looked like the Kebler Elf in them, and besides for the obvious factors of the shoes probably being uncomfortable to walk in and even more terrible to wear all day, I figured "not for me". However, when I bought this amazing ball-gown inspired skirt, it was meant for something different. Normally, wedges would be a go-to (which I still fully support wearing), but the uber feminine aspect of the skirt, and the gorgeous Kate Spade Jenny Bag, needed a shoe with an Audrey Hepburn-esque nod to it. 

Hence, a simple and classic pointed heel.

Not bad for a pair of $24 shoes bought at Forever 21. Honestly, they did not kill my feet, were comfortable and not too high - which I think is what was turning me away from heels in the first place. I have no desire to be one of those girls who can't walk in their shoes. But, for my first pair of "big girl" shoes, surprisingly, they grew on me.

Pointed Shoes and Ball-Gown Inspired Skirt | House Of Jeffers |


Striped Long Sleeve Tee - Gap / Black Mesh Skirt - Forever 21 / Blue Heels - Forever 21 / Kate Spade New York Jenny Bag / Ring - Sorrelli Jewelry / Dynasty Necklace - c/o

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