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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jedi Mind Tricks: Getting Out Of Arguments Over Shopping With Men

When it comes to spending, my husband is so understanding. He knows that I know my own limits and stretching a dollar is an art form I've mastered.

But moments of weakness, online shopping, impulse shopping, hauls, killer sales - it happens. And when it does, sometimes your guy questions why you went overboard.

I've been there (not often), and had to get out of it. I resort to quick thinking and Jedi mind tricks to reason my purchases.

Next time your dude exhibits any signs of the following, try one of these nifty tricks:

Level 1: Minor Freak Out: Say it was $20. 
* Unless he follows fashion and pricing as closely as you do, you might be able to get away with sayin', "What, it was only $20?!" That is, if you can say it without laughing... and it doesn't have a Chanel label.

Level 2: Knows You Shop And Doesn't Mind: Bring home his favorite beer, food or even a new present to soften the blow. Think of it as a peace offering - beer for boots.

Level 3: The "Why'd You Have to Buy That?": When in doubt, blame it on stress or the new event you're going to that requires a new ensemble.
* This is a legit reason. Weddings, job interviews, special occasion... they count. He'll understand. 

Level 4: Somewhat Miffed: Blame it on your blog. You need clothes for outfit photos. No brainer.

Level 5: Break In Case of Emergency Total Meltdown Status: Say you have your period.
* No way is he going to attempt arguing if he thinks you could PMS on his a$% at any moment. Crisis averted.

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