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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fear and Loathing in Dress Pants

Dress pants. UGH.

My hatred for em runs deep. The pleats. The bagginess. The way they make your legs look like toilet paper rolls from the waist down.

I'm not having it.

Even though I'm required to wear dress attire for my job, you won't catch me in anything other than skinny pants (in black),  knit pants like riding pants from Zara (I happen to own 5 pairs) or thick tights.

Like these... this is more my speed.

This...  just ain't right.

Where's the flood?

Shamefully, this happened back when I was 19... before I knew better. I needed pants for my new job.  Keep in mind this was 1997, before skinny jeans were invented. The results? Swishy, bagging trousers that eventually lead to another bad offense - tucking in your shirt.

But, dress pants have come a long way. Erin Fetherson does a skinny pant amazingly.

A look from Erin Fetherson's Fall 2012 collection. Photo via

And lookie here.. a pant with a bit of pizazz. Thank you, Tory Burch!

Photo via
But this still happen:

Plus, there's always one thing that can ALWAYS jack up a good pair of dress pants: Bad shoes.

Flats - way to let your pants drag on the floor. Pointy heels - the Keebler elf called... his mother wants his shoes back.

I cringe at the idea that when I'm in my 60s, I'll someday be faced with this conundrum of needing work wear...

And I get that not everyone likes wearing skinny jeans or slim fit pants. I dig... But whatever you do, don't let bad dress pants happen to you.

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