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Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Stylist For a Day - David Yurman Trunkshow

So, you might have seen a photo I posted on Facebook featuring my name on a sign reading "Guest Stylist."

That's because Neiman Marcus invited me to be a Guest Stylist along with fellow NJ bloggers Jennifer Rocha of, Lillie of JerseyFashionista and Jess from StylebookApp to hand pick gorgeous jewelry from David Yurman's collection, and create a look representing our personalities.

Lillie of
Jennifer of
While Yurman's jewelry is known for it's timeless elegance and chic sensibility, I figured I'd have my look pop with a bright color to match my personal taste. Usually, I'd go with something black... but I had an idea to pick a bold color for winter that would compliment the jewels I picked.

I went with a David Meister stunner in a rich fuchsia. From glancing at the showcases filled with dazzling baubles, a purple amethyst surrounded by pave diamonds caught my eye. How beautiful is this Albion Necklace!? I paired it with another piece with similar stature - the Renaissance Hinged Bangle featuring the classic twist David Yurman's bangles and bracelets are known for.

Queen of Hearts blouse -
Pleather leggings - Zara
Pleather ankle boots -
Juicy Couture Padlock Necklace

It just goes to show that even if your style isn't classic chic, you can still wear anything and make it all your own. I'm sure you don't think of me as a David Yurman gal, but I appreciate beauty in all it's sparkly forms... and believe me, I'd love to own one of his pieces someday. 

It was really exciting to be able to create a look that represents my style aesthetic. But I'll be totally honest: Having my name on a sign got me giddy, too.

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