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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Camouflage Chic

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You gotta love having a fashion revelation. 

For me, it was slipping on these skinny camo cargo pants from Who.A.U. I've long considered the words "skinny camos" to be an oxymoron. Plus, considering their masculine roots, I thought they might look too... gritty... even for me.

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But after standing in front of mirror, and uncontrollably doing the "Happy Dance", I'm a believer. I absolutely LOVE this pants! They look awesome with my many black combat wedge boots, and with this uber warm knit sweater (also from Who.A.U), how could this not be meant to be?

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And if I'm gearing up for some holiday madness wearing these pants, I need to have some heavy artillery a la this beyond stunning Shielded Crystal Necklace from Sorrelli. Seriously, I can't handle how beautiful this stunner is.

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what to wear with camouflage pants |

Plus, since I'm on this new kick, I'm venturing into animal print sunnies. This lightweight frames from Fantas-Eyes felt right at home under my bangs. 

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